Criminal Addiction

Flaky is trying hard to forget her friend who disappeared just as fast as he came back. Nutty, who is one of Flaky's few guy friends, has starting hanging out more with her much to her boyfriend Lifty's annoyance. Their friendship is soon put to the test as someone from Flaky's past returns once again. This time to take back what is rightfully his. And nothing will stop him.


8. EndIng It All With A Gunshot (FInal)

Lifty excepted to be dead from the bullet after hearing the BANG!!, but strangely he was still alive. He opened his eyes and looked at Fliqpy, who's eyes widen in shock as his army jacket began to turn red. Little did Lifty know, Fliqpy had another gun in the waistband of his pants, which Flaky sneaked over, grabbing the gun, aiming it at Fliqpy and pulled the trigger. Fliqpy still had that look of shock as he muttered, "Son of a bitch....." and fell over. Dead. Flaky was standing behind, shaking hands holding the gun, she dropped it and began to sob as she fell to her knees.


After Fliqpy was killed, Lifty and Flaky knew he would just come back the next day and try to kill him or her again, so while Flaky sat outside, trying to calm down, he called the police and had Fliqpy's body put inside a jail cell, where when he regenerated, he would spend the rest of his life in there.

The police chief, who of course was Lumpy, picked up the limp body of the solider and placed him on a gurney and began to wheel him away to the back of a police van to take him to the prison. Lifty smiled at Flaky as the body was taken away, looking out at the setting sun, he whispered to himself so quietly so she couldn't hear him, "This is where it ends".

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