Broken boy meets broken girl

Samina and Sofie are the two "emo freaks!" Of the school!
But when a certain galaxy haired boy and a blonde boy walk in do their lives change forever?


2. Chapter 1

Samina's P.O.V

The bell rang!

I walk in to my registration class and there she is Abigail I hate everything about her she calls me the emo freak and everyone likes her! 😖

I sit next to my best friend Sofie...

Sofie is like me we have our hair the same and we love to dye our hair!

"Hey!" She said

"Hi" I sighed

"Did you get your phone back off the head teacher" she asked

I nodded and whipped out my black and green phone...

"Yessss!" She gave me her earphones I plugged. Them in and we listened to universe by ghostown!

The bell rang and two boys walked into the had galaxy purple hair which I loved and the other boy had blonde hair he seemed chill...

Sofie choked on her monster....(it's a drink if you don't know see what I did there 😂)

"Woah! what happened to you"

"OMG that dude with the blonde hair!"

I laughed and someone tapped me on the shoulder..

"Hi" the said shyly

"Hey" I said

"I'm Michael and this is luke" he pointed to the blonde hair dude...

"Hi I'm Samina and this is Sofie" sofie was starin at luke...

I looked Michael in the eye they were green...they were...cute..

"Can we sit here?" Luke asked

Me and Sofie both nodded, luke as infront of Sofie and Michael sat infront of me...

"Um..Samina" Michael said

"Yeh?" I answered

"I love your hair!" My hair is black with my fringe bluish green...

"Aw thanks Michael I adore yours"

He smiled and Sofie gave me her juice and I choked on it....


Sofie laughed...and then Abigail came over..

"Uh..hey weirdos I came to see blondie right here"

Luke turned to look at her

"Hey cutie,why are you sitting here with the Emos? Why aren't you sitting with normal me?"

Luke looked at her,

"Probably because to me these people are normal and why would I want sit with a weird bitch like you get to fuck and leave my friends alone"

"Fine then" and she sat back down with her followers

I started clapping


"Thank you, thank you" he said while taking a weird bow!

"So I take it were friends" Sofie chuckled

"FUCK YEH!" Michael said and then we started listening to greenday!

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