The Abanan

Slan lives in a world where people are mutated to fit in, and the outcasts are disconnected from the rest of the world. She knows more than she is allowed to, and she soon discovers a secret that decides her future...and the future of the rest of the known world...


3. What is it?

“Mrs. Yehc, meet your Female!” said the Birther who had come to my house and knocked me out. His eyes met mine for a few seconds, and skipped away. “Sire, what is your name?” I asked the Birther, my voice sounding raw when, as if I had screamed for hours. “Faith Unduh,” he responded, laying the infant in open arms. “Here’s the child, Female Sanrah Yehc, and be careful, her skull’s not been mutated yet to have a strong wall.” The baby looked blankly up at me, then made the worst sound I had ever heard-the sound of pooping into a pink baby blanket. “Mrs. Yehc…I think that they should put a diaper on the baby before they put it on the blanket, huh?”

    “Please, Faith, call me Slan.” 

    “I am not permitted to, Mrs. Yehc.”

    I decided to change the subject, but abruptly stopped when I saw markings all over Faith, from the neck down…even though I wasn’t supposed to look under the neck at a stranger, I couldn’t help it. I decided to ask him why he had them. “What are those markings on your neck and on your arms?” 

    Faith looked up from his computer and at me for a minute, studying my face. “I guess I can trust you.”

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