The Abanan

Slan lives in a world where people are mutated to fit in, and the outcasts are disconnected from the rest of the world. She knows more than she is allowed to, and she soon discovers a secret that decides her future...and the future of the rest of the known world...


2. The Birth

“Chaplin, the Female is coming!” I called to my husband. Our first child, a Female, was definitely about to be born. “Call the Birthers!” I felt my muscles tense up yet again. “Dang it, Chap, get here now!” Chaplin ran up to me, smiling. I hated that my husband was a Reticent-he just loved to see me writhe in pain (well, he loved to see everyone writhe in pain, but he ESPECIALLY loved to see me), but he could be the sweetest guy around when he wanted to. 

    “I called them, Uslanrah, don’t worry…” he said, giggling as I squirmed. I guess he couldn’t help it-he HAD been genetically modified to have that personality; then again, he had to fill in some blanks in his personality…and he decided to be a sweet person that loves to see people in pain. What can I say, guys are strange, right?

    “Slan, it’s time to discuss something…after this child…will you want to stay together?” Chaplin said, suddenly becoming serious.

    “I wanna……what do you want to do?”

    “I don’t know…” he said, smiling and arcing his eyebrow the way that makes him look so mysterious, so Reticent. Ah, he was so cute when he did that!

    “I don’t know either!”

    “Well, I need to go check to see if the Birthers are here. I’ll be right back.” Chaplin said flatly as he grabbed his coat and put on his Himalaya boots.

    I waited until he left, then tried my best to focus on the answer to his question, but I couldn’t, my muscles were painfully tense, and getting even MORE tense, and I found myself complaining out loud to myself. Just my Feminine training kicking in, I thought. My 12 years of training, leading up to the pinnacle-my marriage-and I didn’t want to be remarried, I wanted to keep my husband…but I don’t know if he really liked me, much less LOVED me. I’m pretty one of the  side effects from our mutations was the feeling of betrayal whenever someone didn’t stick with you, even if you knew it was for the better…or maybe that was the typical 13-year-old’s thoughts. 

    I heard the Himalaya doorbell ring (almost everything that we owned was made by the famous Male Artisan named Himalaya Scoth). I looked in the mirror, and, despite my bulging belly, splitting headache, and every muscle in my body extremely tense, I felt beautiful for the first time in my life. My blonde hair was messed up, my makeup was messed up, and my blue eyes were bloodshot. I loved how everything was out of place, messed up, and imperfect. “Come i-“ I was stopped mid-sentence by the feeling of a needle going into my arm.

    A Birther came up to me. “Don’t worry, Female Sanrah Yehc, that is just to knock you out so you won’t have the pain of giving birth to the child. We have a machine that can extract the baby, so don’t worry. And, soon, you’ll have your very own young Female that you can give a nickname!” Wait, I thought they weren’t supposed to say anything about names, I thought. That was strange…

    I saw her wink down at me, and felt my eyes close. I couldn’t think any more and I blacked out.

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