The Abanan

Slan lives in a world where people are mutated to fit in, and the outcasts are disconnected from the rest of the world. She knows more than she is allowed to, and she soon discovers a secret that decides her future...and the future of the rest of the known world...


1. Introduction

    No normal girl had white irises and grey pupils as an infant. No normal girl was a Mutante as a Juvinile. No normal girl had grey hair as an infant. I guess no one is normal then, though. No one had just brown eyes and blondish-brown hair like I had seen on the walls on the Abanan. Everyone was separated. You had no name when you were born, just a gender. Your name was assigned when you went to your new parents in your new coterie. You were born, and, after you are three months old, your parents are allowed to mutate you to belong in any coterie that they believe that you should belong in. You had to have certain hair color, eye color, personality, and, well, pretty much a certain everything to belong in a coterie. They decide your future with one choice. Once you were mutated, if your parents decided to put you in a different coterie, the everyone in their coterie had their memory of you erased, including your parents. If your mutation is unsuccessful, you are put in the coterie for the outcasts, the failures. 

    You could never visit another coterie, first of all because it was illegal, even talk of other coteries was illegal. Another reason why was because every coterie had their own language, so even if you got there, you weren’t able to communicate. If you asked for a transfer to another coterie, you were injured so bad that you couldn’t move. In other words, other coteries were taboo subjects besides in the school teachings, which is the only place where you can even think about the other coteries.

    Before I begin to go in any further, I need you to know five things: First thing there were about 13 main coteries, all with main focuses; Astute (the antisocial brainiacs), Dour (the completely serious), Ditzy (the clumsy silent ones that are so vain), Mellifluous (the musical brats), Feminine (the all gossip girl group), Masculine (the all sport fanatic group), Reticent (the mysterious violent people), Aficionado (the people that obsess over something that they focus on until they die), Two (the couples from the coteries that decided to settle down), Flirt (the people that always flirt with everyone), Prolix (the boring, monotonous talkers), the Artisans (the people that make everything that we use), and the Essentials (the caretakers of the new additions to the coteries, and the doctors, the Birthers, the mutators, the scientists, the presidents, and things like that). The outcasts are not an official coterie, but their name in school are the Persona Non Grata. The second thing is that we are assigned an age where we have to get married and have children. The coterie dictators take a vote for that age. When you turn that age, you are mutated again in order to have children. Then, you do this long quiz in school and get married to a stranger from another coterie. After you get married, you have your first child, then you go through the choosing phase. The third thing is that you get to choose one of the annual 12 day week in your life to visit all of the other coterie, but you have to be brainwashed afterwards, and so will your spouse. The fourth thing is that the Persona Non Grata are never mentioned. We are only told their technical name, what their unofficial coterie values are, and that was it, no more, no less. The last thing, no one knows about the past-before the coteries, and what they do to the 3-month-olds (and pretty much everything important like that)-except the Astute…or at least they aren’t supposed to know.

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