Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


1. The Victoruzo Usual Routine...?

         Two years until we’re dead… Layla Victoruzo thought. That’s, what, 84 days? She turned to her brother. “Prich, how many days are in a year again?” “Are you talking about in 2992 or present, 3050, time?” Prichard Victoruzo asked. 

    “Present time.”

    “Oh, then it’s 42 days in a year.”

    Layla nodded. She thought so. She remembered a history lesson that she’d had in school last year. “As of 2993, everybody in the spaceship Gamma Mamma Blamma who’s birthday was not within 41 days of the new year’s start was exterminated so that they could shorten the years from 365 days to 42. Every month has 21 days now, and every week has 7 days. All of you in here are either born in the month Umumnber or Aadever. That was one of the rules for orbiting Ether.”

    Prichard went into one of his PseudoBulbar Affect-PBA- attacks. As tears ran down his face for the fifth time that morning, he screamed about earth. “THERE’S LIFE ON EARTH! WE COULD GO BACK! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! WE COULD! Theres…” His voice decreased as his spell ended. “We’ve GOT to talk to Demecer Frachuo,” Layla said, “The least he could do is give us food or medicine from his little pod. We have no hospitals or doctors offices up here in GMB, and not everyone meets the standards for going on to Ether, so that’s a lot of people dead. You ever wonder why you can’t go outside. Because there’s a lot of dead bodies floating around! HE’S GONNA MAKE US DIE WHILE HE’S LIVING IN LUXURY WITH HIS STUPID THIRD COUSIN. HE’S EATING THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF CRUMZAS WHILE WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOT ONE!” It was clear that Prichard would go and talk to him, due to his obsession with Earth, Crumza baking, and arguing, not to mention that he had no job whatsoever. 

    “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! CANDY CRUMZAS! SHoomP CRUMZAS! CRAYTO ZUETSA CRUMZAS! Ever since that recipe of that special, delicious cookie/pie/pizza/gummy/gruel/jackaloupe combo has been passed down from Mom to me, I LOVE IT!” he yelled as he ran off. He must’ve got dropped on his head when he was a baby- oh yeah, he was, Layla thought. That IS how he got PseudoBulbar Affect. Right before Prich got his memory enhancer implanted in his head, right after Layla had developed memory, Prich ran off of a table and into a the frozen lighting bolt, which gave him a jolt of energy that damaged his brain. That was right before the extermination Every now and then he’d break into random attacks of crying and laughing and he wouldn’t be able to stop. That was part of the reason why he couldn’t get a job, because he ended up laughing or crying in the middle of the interview. Even though he was 21 and his mom and dad were dead didn’t mean that he ever stopped getting babied. She, SHE, Layla, the 14 year old, 

had a job- as a engineer. “Oh, crap! I’m gonna be late for lunch,” she screamed, and, when the wall became clear) every single head outside had slowly turned her. The walls were so sensitive to meager snappers, as they called them, and the actual cusses that they became invisible, and, even somebody two miles away in the padded rooms, even if they were said in a teeny whisper, could hear how they used the fowl language. Layla had done this before, and she knew just what to do whenever they realized that it was Great Jauskau Namanbacku’s descendant. (Great Jauskau Namanbacku was the person who communicated with the predecessor of the current king, Juajde, and convinced him to let humans go onto Ether- IF they met the guidelines or were the descendants of him.) She quickly grabbed her 200, 939, 234 Zaffardo (that’s what they used for currency) holograph suit and the projector. She had just barely blended in by the time the morgue arrived. Oh, great, she thought. I forget. They think that when somebody cusses or snappers, they always think that someone was dead, dying, somebody is about to die, or someone’s going to kill someone. Now I’m gonna be late, end up with community service hours, AND have to throw dead bodies outside. Great, just perfect, Maclaraharylieghara Layalla Vicoruzo. Yeah, you, Layla. That’s your WHOLE name. In YOUR FACE. (She’d mastered the skill of arguing with herself.) She collapsed out of her position after about 5 more seconds and the morgue rolled her away, yet again thinking that she’d died from a heart attack or some type of skin-to-skin contact with an Etherian. Here we go… again… she thought just before she saw something that would change her life.



Waylon has said that on it’s screen. (Technically speaking, it would be his or her screen, because Way had died from an unknown cause and they put their brain inside it. Since everything BUT the way to tell that they were a he or a she had survived, they just put the organs into a body of a computer and Way had become a computer, neither human, alien, beast, or machine. Not to mention that Way was royal. Yep, it was the ruling king’s twin brother. Sargon, which was the name of the king, didn’t make a very delightful brother, but then again, Way didn’t have any choice.) “Undershoreuh bracket eight six eight bracket undershoreuh? Let me get out my translator quick, Way,” Layla said, reaching into her pocket, which always seemed endlessly stocked with gadgets. Waylon’s screen flashed, “222934182 57849 1372597 284793 641837 8397246.” Right when Layla found her translator, she asked Way to change to the last screen in Etherian computer chat (which was the only phrase she knew in computer chat), and then snapped a picture of the screen. “Processing….,” the translator said , “‘I know where your mother is,’ is what it says.” “2 3 5,” Layla commanded, and it obeyed, slowly changing from the past screen to the one that it had on while Layla was getting out her translator. She took another photograph of the screen. “Processing… ‘You know, Layla, she’s alive, and so are the others. If you’ll take my brain out of here and put me in your home computer, we can speak both speak in english. The only reason why I’m speaking in computer is because I can’t have privacy to say my thoughts here. I can understand you no matter what language you speak in. Okay, I get that you’ll take me home definitely.’” Layla thought for a second, and knew that this was a risk. If she was caught with Way’s brain, heaven only knew what would happen.Was it worth the risk?

    Swallowing her courage, she said, “Okay, let’s do this.” 


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