Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


3. The Travel

As they approach Ether, Elia and Layla thought about the rules and the human hating king. They thought about how they would explain cutting work to go on a stupid self assigned quest. They thought about Raseli and Clare. And before they could think anymore, they had arrived at Ether. 

    Frankly, Layla was surprised that Elia hadn’t said a single word about Earth on the way over to Ether. Not that she wanted to hear another fifty minute rant about how she believed they could get to Earth. Not time to think about that, Layla thought. Time to find Mom and find out how to get her back. After that, she didn’t know what to do.


    As Layla and Elia approached the castle, they wondered how to find Raseli and Clare. After three minutes of chatting, they decided to just go up to Sargon and ask. They walked right up to the finger scanner and scanned their fingers. They ran inside. And just before they rounded the corner, they overheard the king talking on a phone. “Yes, I’m only 14…but I’m the king! Yes! Yes! Please! WHAT?!?!? You don’t have the technology to build a forcefield around Ether that’d make any humans explode if they tried to cross? GRRR!” He hung up before the guy could finish. 

    Even though Layla only heard part of the conversation, she knew that King Sargon’s hatred for humans was getting stronger. But still, she would ask about Raseli and Clare and hope, just hope, that he didn’t have a ray gun nearby.

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