Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


2. The Secret


As she slowly lowered the brain into the tank in her laptop, Layla wondered what she would do when- IF- she found her mother. She thought about how she should act when she saw her for the first time, whether she should cry or just be dramatic, to stay strong or play weak. Before she could answer herself, Waylon power turned on and started speaking, wasting no time in saying anything gingerly or hidden. “Layla, your mother, Sarah, is the strongest of the slaves. No, she was not exterminated. NONE of the important people were…” “What do you mean ‘none of the important people were’? What about the people that were considered unimportant?” Layla asked indignantly. 

    “The people who weren’t important WERE exterminated.”
    “So what about Mom?”

    “Since she was Great Jauskau Namanbacku’s great-granddaughter, she was included in the rules of the Etherians.”

    “What rules?”
    “Are you sure you want to know, young Victor?”

    “Yes, and what do you mean by ‘Victor’?”

    Way sighed in it’s monotone voice. “That’s your nickname among the king. He calls you the harsh victors.”

    “Oh. But seriously, show me the rules.”
    Way’s screen flashed thousands of colors, then suddenly there was a bright light. It, to Layla’s astonishment, was a music video! The song went like this:

    Silent Yogurrrrrt Band in the house!

    Rolling down my windows?

    Naw, it’s against the law

    if I’m a human, which I am,

     man, gotta use the can!

    Oh, no that’s against the law for me do on Ether too!

    What are the other restrictions that I have to meet to freely pass on Ether?

    Well, I’mmma gonna zoink it to ya, brosetteszees and leathers


    Number one

    Never disrespect the King


    Number two

    Don’t think like a human


    Number three

    Don’t be dead

    Number four

    Be healthy


    Number five

    Be all human


    Number six

    Never lie


    Number seven

    Be born in the month  Umumnber or Aadever


    Number eight

    Don’t be needy


    Number nine

    Be prepared to die

    The singers sang all the wrong notes. But Layla got the message. Number nine was unnerving to her. Forget that, she told herself, you HAVE to figure out where your mom is and then GET TO WORK. “Where’s Mom?” “She’s a slave…in the kingdom…” Way said. “If you want to know more, ask for Raseli and Clare in the kingdom.” Right after way finished the sentence and turned itself off, Elia burst into the room. Elia was a extremely attractive female teenage Etherian. Her eyewhipes were curled and long naturally, and her hairnaiils were straight and golden. Her eye wipes were dyed a light blue, and her fair, peach skin was enough to make models envy her. Her irises in her eyes were both a light pink, and her fangs were a pale, perfect white. Her lips were full and pink, and her nose was a good size and shape. Her ears were pierced all over the top and had blue and pink rings in it. Her hair was short on one side and long on the other- flawlessly fashionable. Layla’s brother and her were obviously in love. Prichard would always feel the urge to kiss her, but then remember that to humans an Etherian’s touch is lethal.

    Elia ran beside Layla. “Lay, you’re gonna be late for work! And- 0033i4! You’re wearing the hologram shirt! I love it! But let’s go!” Layla attached her leash to Elia. “Okay, let’s go…but let me tell you something first…” Layla told everything to her fast and then tugged Elia out of the door, not even waiting for a response. Not that she needed to. She already knew that the answer was , “What have we got to do this time?”

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