Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


5. The Murder

As Sarah was about to say the first word to her child, a guard opened a door with her brother’s head under his foot. “Prich, NO!!!!!” Layla leapt as far as she possibly could and ran to her brother. But it was too late. As soon as the words left her mouth, her brother’s body went stiff, then his head dropped to one side, revealing a spot in his neck where he had been shot. He held a secret to a better life. And if she hadn’t’ve said those two words, she would’ve know. And if she hadn’t’ve said those words, she wouldn’t’ve started a war.

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