Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


4. The Discovery

“King Sargon, sir, I got orders from your twin to see Raseli,” Layla said nervously to Sargon. “Why? You are too stupid and naive and precocious to know about him,” he answered. He had been (thankfully) still looking at his phone, so he didn’t know that Layla was actually a human. Layla snorted. “Apparently you are. Precocious means grown up.”

    “I knew that.”

    “Okay, then. Call Raseli.”

    “I don’t HAVE to call him……he’s right here.” He pointed to the guard.

    “Yep. And his wife Clare’s over there….”

    “Okay, thanks.”

    She and Elia hurried over to Raseli, only to have him touch her arm. “I know who you are, and who you are looking for,” he said in a hushed tone, “ I know that most Etherians are poison to the touch for humans, but I have a genetic mutation. My wife is human (her name is Clare, and she’s at work now), and our kids are half human and half Etherian. Also your mom is over there cleaning, and your dad is dead.”

“DEAD?!?!?” Layla whisper-screamed. “Yeah,”he answered , “he kinda got killed because he smarted off to Sargon AND he was human.” “Okay, well… bye.” She and Elia, trying to avoid the King’s throne, ran over to the woman cleaning. 

    “Mom,” Layla said touching her. The woman zipped around. And there, in the living flesh, was Sahara Mutual, her mother.

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