Harsh Victors (V1 of the SP by the Yeti/Saffeine)

Layla is a genius girl with a bum of a brother. Their spaceship will explode and kill all of them...that is, if starvation doesn't kill them first...

Thank you, Rose of Monsoon Covers, for the wonderful cover!!!


7. The Aftermath

Her name was in the obituary the next morning as , “Layla, the hero.” She was a hero, but not as big of one as she thought. If only she would’ve heard, she could’ve saved herself and her mother. But she didn’t.  Her brother had just figured out that there were humans on earth coming to get the ones on GMB right before he’d died. That’s why the guard had killed him- because he knew a secret. If she would’ve waited… she would’ve been alive, and the king would still be dead. But let this be proof to you that hesitating is sometimes better than acting hastily.

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