That Midnight Edge

'Not everything is at it seemed. Tryxie knew that. And it still didn't stop her from doing something stupid, crazy, insane-and so completely brave.'


1. Run

Her breath was coming out in short, controlled bursts while her feet bounced on and off the track with a satisfying rhythmic sound that you only got from running. 

"Tryxie Valentine!  What do you think you're doing out here?" Tryxie groaned as old Mr Harper strode onto the track, face like thunder and fists swinging with all the memento of a windmill. "You need to leave. Now."

"Alright, alright, don't get your old man nappy in a twist." She muttered, shooting Harper a sweet smile, knowing it would piss him off even more. The already upturned wrinkles of his mouth seemed to positively droop off his sagging chin. Grinding his dentures, Harper shook his enclosed hand at her failed attempt to hide her smirk.

"Someone is going to teach you a lesson one day young lady, one you'll never forget and you'll be sorry. Very sorry. You need to leave the track now. Take your stuff and go." Tapping his foot on the rubber ground, he impatiently watched Tryxie across the field slowly exchange her running trainers for a pair of casual trainers, gather her sports bag, take out her blocky headphones and plug them into her phone.

Giving him a sarcastic little wave, Tryxie called out a "Goodbye Mr Harper. I'll get out of what little hair you have left now and I'll see you tomorrow this time tomorrow, yeah?" She rolled her eyes and adjusted her headphones around her ears. Flicking through the music on her phone, she decided on You Me At Six and hit shuffle. Once the piano intro to Fresh Start Fever started, Tryxie shoved the phone into her jacket pocket and started to cut through the trees on the edges of the track, breaking into a run. Feeling the crunch of the browning, dead leaves beneath her feet, and the wind pull and play at her hair, she wondered why every moment couldn't feel like this one; like freedom. 

She didn't stop running until the arrive at the front door of her home.


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