Together Forever

Charlie doesn't understand why these strange people keep visiting his mother and leaving her upset. He wants revenge. But is it really these people who are causing his mother to feel sad, or is it something bigger? [For 'The Light That Gets Lost' competition. It fits primarily into the 1st option- a story about revenge.]


4. Chapter 4

It is exactly midnight, and I have come up with a brand new plan. I creep into mummy's room because she is asleep and won't wake up easily because today has been a long day for her. I take my torch and shine it on the back of her head. I hold my scissors carefully and cut out a few strands of her hair. Next I clip off one of her fingernails. I put everything in a jar, with a lid on top to make sure nothing falls out.

Once I am back in my own room, I lay everything out on the floor. I am feeling a lot more scared. My heart is pounding beneath my chest (this means that it feels like there is a wild animal that wants to escape from inside my body). I take a match and drag it quickly across the side of the box. It lights up straight away, and I put the flames on mummy's hair and nails.

I hope that the fire will hurt and burn away all of mummy's illnessess, because I know that fire can do a lot of damage and it can even kill things. Hopefully it will kill everything that is hurting mummy.

Suddenly the flame jumps away from the match and lands on the floor. It gets bigger and bigger and I can feel the heat of it on my skin. When I look down, there is fire on my hands. I scream really really really loudly.

Mummy shouts something but I can't hear what she is saying. I am too scared to even think properly. Smoke gets into my mouth and it makes me cough loudly. It feels like the smoke is choking me from the inside, and I can't get rid of it no matter how hard I try.

I feel faint and dizzy. I can tell that I am going to close my eyes for a long time. The last thing I see is mummy's face in my doorway before the world turns fuzzy, and then everything goes black.

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