Together Forever

Charlie doesn't understand why these strange people keep visiting his mother and leaving her upset. He wants revenge. But is it really these people who are causing his mother to feel sad, or is it something bigger? [For 'The Light That Gets Lost' competition. It fits primarily into the 1st option- a story about revenge.]


3. Chapter 3

"What were you thinking, Charlie?"

I sit there in silence. I don't have anything to say. It turns out mummy and the stranger saw me outside when I was painting on the car window. 


I make a zipping motion across my mouth and look at the stranger. Eventually mummy understands and she takes the stranger to a side, talking to her for a few minutes. Then the stranger leaves, and it is just me and mummy left. 

I walk over and hug mummy. She hugs me back.

"Mummy . . ." I say, "I'm sorry."

I expect her to maybe get a little bit angry, but she just looks sad.

"I don't understand why you did it, Charlie. Is everything okay?"

I try to say nothing, but suddenly everything comes spilling out.

"I know that the strangers who visit you all the time are making you sad. You always play with me before they arrive, and then when they come you go all quiet and tell me to play by myself upstairs. And then even when they're gone it's like their spirits are still haunting you, because your eyes go all sad and they look empty and I hate it when you're sad, mummy. I really want you to be happy because you are the best and most kindest mummy ever. I know I shouldn't have painted on her car but I just wanted them to leave you alone. I'm sorry, mummy."

Mummy doesn't say anything for a while- she just looks shocked. I think she is speechless.

"Oh, Charlie," she says at last. There is a smile at her lips, "It's okay- they aren't hurting me, I promise. If anything, they're helping me."

This makes me feel very confused. "Then what is hurting you, mummy?"

Her face turns sad. "I don't know how to say this, Charlie. I've been hiding something very big from you for a long time now, and I think you should know." She pauses. "I have an illness that won't go away. That's what's making me sad."

"Where is the illness, mummy? I can't see it." I feel worried.

She laughs, but it seems like a sad laugh. "It's everywhere, Charlie. I am the illness."

"Don't say that mummy! You can't be an illness- you're too nice."

She smiles, pulling me in for a hug.

"You're squishing me, mummy."

She doesn't loosen her grip, and instead I can feel my hair becoming damp again.

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