Together Forever

Charlie doesn't understand why these strange people keep visiting his mother and leaving her upset. He wants revenge. But is it really these people who are causing his mother to feel sad, or is it something bigger? [For 'The Light That Gets Lost' competition. It fits primarily into the 1st option- a story about revenge.]


2. Chapter 2

As soon as dinner is finished, I begin planning my mission. I lock myself in my room and take a brand new notepad from the neat stack of notepads on my bookshelf. Mummy bought them for me last year, even though they were quite expensive for a stack of paper stuck to some coloured cardboard. She said she wanted me to the have the best.

I take one of my handwriting pens and open the first page of the notepad. I begin writing down descriptions of the different strangers who visit mummy. There are three that I can remember, and I think they all take turns to visit her. I number them one, two and three. Then I write down everything I can remember about them.

Stranger one is a woman. She has funny brown hair that curls around her face, and her lips always look like she is sucking something sour. She has crinkles by her eyes - mummy calls them laughter lines - but that confuses me because I have never seen her laugh. She always brings a big suitcase with her when she comes over. Once, I peeked through a crack in the door and saw her take a lot of strange things out of the suitcase, and use them on mummy. Maybe these things are what is hurting mummy. I write in my notebook: Suspect level: High.

Stranger two is an old man with whitish, greyish hair. His eyes look soft but I remember once mummy told me that looks can decieve. That means sometimes a person might seem to be friendly on the outside, but on the inside they are actually very evil and planning to hurt you. This man visits mummy less often than stranger one, but he still leaves her upset. I write in my notebook: Suspect level: Medium.

Stranger three is a lady who looks a little bit like my grandma. Except I'm not sure how I know that because my grandma died before I was born. But mummy says that she showed me photos of her when I was younger, and that I must have had a good memory to be able to remember them from such a long time ago. This lady talks to mummy all the time- in fact, whenever she's around, mummy hardly ever talks herself. This lady can go on and on and on. She carries a funny suitcase too, but she doesn't have any strange objects in them. Inside her suitcase there are lots of papers with tiny black squiggles on them- mummy calls it 'fine print', but I think they are too small to be words. She doesn't leave mummy as sad as stranger one and two do, so I write: Suspect level: Low.

I begin writing an extremely detailed plan about how I am going to get revenge on stranger one, because she seems to be the one causing mummy the most trouble. I don't like it when mummy gets upset, especially if it is because other people have hurt her. I write my plan in very small handwriting (like the 'fine print') just in case mummy sees it. I can barely read it myself so hopefully she can't read it either.

Once I have completed my plan, I begin gathering the equipment. This plan is going to have to be carried out very carefully.

* * *

On the Thursday morning stranger one visits mummy, I begin to feel a little bit anxious (this is where it feels like there are butterflies fluttering and dancing around in your tummy). I am worried that my plan won't work.

After mummy welcomes stranger one in, the two of them go into the living room, shutting the door behind them. This is my perfect chance.

I tiptoe down down the stairs, as quiet as the tiniest mouse. I open the front door very slowly so that it doesn't make a creaking sound. I hop through the front porch, missing the cracks in case it gives me bad luck. Today I need all the luck I can get. I use my binoculars to look around the cars parked on our road. I find the stranger's car almost straight away- it is only a few steps away from our house. 

I run up to the car and begin the main part of my plan. I take out my paintbrush and paint some words onto the window:

L E A V E  M Y  M U M M Y  A L O N E 

I look at the message. It is in red, which is a startling and bright colour. Hopefully it will catch the attention of the stranger as soon as she gets near her car.

Even though I have done exactly what I wrote in my plan, it feels like something is missing. I think for a moment, and then I remember. Manners. I add two more words to the message:


Mummy always told me to be polite, even with people who I don't like. She said it would make me a good person, even if they are not.

I walk back to the house. I feel very happy because I have done my mission and I didn't make any mistakes. I plan to go back into the house very quietly, so that nobody notices. But when I get to the front porch, I see mummy and stranger one both standing there.

They are staring at me.

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