Hanging Off A Cliff

Dark poetry targeting deep thoughts of suicidal depression. Each dark poetry represents different situations in which a person undergoes a heighten sense of suicidal thoughts or experience real life troubles. Each poem is passed off by my own imagination mixed in with feelings I have encountered in my horrific past. I can relate to many situations and I hope that my audience can relate with me as well and know that you are one that is not alone. It is a fight against time in which will surely pass.

Please leave a comment down below of what troubles you endure in your everyday life, only if you feel comfortable with sharing. Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. Feedback is always welcome.


3. You Can Cry If It Hurts

It doesn't take much effort to climb to insanity

To climb so high without the help of gravity.

It'll only hurt so much as a piercing needle

As much as a little, antagonizing tingle.


Your words mean absolutely nothing

And your cries are just songs that you sing.

For nothing, a life could mean so much more

But everyone thinks you're such a bore.


You can cry if it hurts,

You can lie if its worth

Living to die, or dying to live

You don't have much a choice according to this.


It's a decision that everyone makes,

Is this a chance that I should just take?

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