Hanging Off A Cliff

Dark poetry targeting deep thoughts of suicidal depression. Each dark poetry represents different situations in which a person undergoes a heighten sense of suicidal thoughts or experience real life troubles. Each poem is passed off by my own imagination mixed in with feelings I have encountered in my horrific past. I can relate to many situations and I hope that my audience can relate with me as well and know that you are one that is not alone. It is a fight against time in which will surely pass.

Please leave a comment down below of what troubles you endure in your everyday life, only if you feel comfortable with sharing. Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. Feedback is always welcome.


2. The Bystander

Every night it rains beyond rivers,

Yet the sounds never fail to make me shiver.

Like the footsteps of souls replaying their darkest memory

As their tears fell upon the rooftop, then ended their misery.


The only light that had shown through my room

Was when the door opened, but there I knew...

My face, painted in black and blue,

Hid, face down, within the shadows that grew.


I felt with every hit, my heart began to shatter

No matter what she said, it didn't seem to matter.

The questions, "Why was I born?", couldn't seem to leave me be,

But then the answer had shown upon me...


Withstanding the eyes and cries of a bystander,

I came to grow up with a strength much tougher than hers.

The souls that had followed me down

Will share the same memories with me, no doubt.


Fall with me mother, let's fall forever.

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