Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


6. part 6

In the bushes, The Major from the future was alerted by the commotion that would follow, seeing the barrel before any of the others would and he moved from his position.



     Meanwhile Seth stared at the barrel and back to Nova many times. The thought of the gun barrel finally registering and what it meant.



“Oh no you don't, I don't think so.” He thought, drawing his Astro-automatic pistol, leaping over the pillar and charged. Startled, the other stasis crew, and Yamato crew, looked up in astonishment at Seth charging toward them. Both groups noted his weapon was drawn. Quickly, they rose to their feet in confusion. Derick Wildstar's gaze went from him to Nova and back again. Seth seemed to be traveling in slow motion and Wildstar's gaze bounced between them, before he figured out what and why Seth was charging. He was heading right for Nova.



“Nova! GET DOWN!!!”' Seth was shouting, running full speed at young Nova Wildstar. Derick sprung instantly into action, moving toward the Major who charging toward his wife, not sure what was going on and trying to intercept him.



     “AHHHHHHHH!” Seth yelled as he charged, and he lunged across the path of Nova as shots rang out. Seth flew across the path of Nova as he knocked Nova clear. On the other side, Nova felt the push, hearing the shot, and see her husband just miss grabbing the young officer. Derick's had lanced out, just brushing his uniform as Seth crossed her path and saw the young man stiffen as he hit the ground. A ricochet had sounded, and another shot followed. There was a pause, as the moment was changed in the very stream of time. Heads turned as a Cybertron staggered from the bushes, making everyone duck down behind the tombstones. It fell to the ground smoking. An explosion thundered through the memorial as the mines exploded and decimated the Cybertron around them.



     “Success!” Seth thought as Nova yelped in alarm as he flew past, hitting the ground with a hard thud. He rolled twice and returned two shots. The shots had streaked across the memorial and hit their target in the bushes. Another robotic figure fell from the bushes. Everyone turned, seeing the two more robotic creatures fall from the bushes as smoke billowed over the memorial like a thick blanket.



     His action had been swift, and a few seconds had passed from when the shot rang out, to his now crouching on the ground. There was startled silence in regards to what had just gone down here. Several of those seconds had elapsed as Nova sat on the ground, looking up in fear at her husband who stood over her nearby.



     “Oh my god!” Nova gasped, and the others, especially her husband, turned horrified. He was confused what was happening.



     “Derick!” She stammered and fainted onto the ground.



     “What the hell?” Derick replied, turning to catch her as she fainted. He lowered her onto the ground.



     “Nova!” He said, “NOVA!” The young woman lay motionless, and he panicked when she did not respond.



     “Doctor Sane,” Wildstar exclaimed, “I think Nova has been hit!” Sane was beside her in a heartbeat.



     “What the...” Sane gasped, staring wide at the young woman. Laser fire erupted from all directions around them. Seth hunkered down behind a tombstone as he peered at a foreboding figure appear from the bushes and began shooting, cut off from the others.  



     “It’s an AMBUSH!” Wildstar shouted, as a cross fire appeared from all sides. The Yamato crew took cover, returning the fire and trying desperately to keep from being shot.



“Damn, pinned down in a cross fire.” Derick thought, watching as automatic laser fire lanced out. “This is not exactly what I had in mind.”



“How is she doctor Sane?” Wildstar asked, and he looked up as the young chief returned the fire.



     “She is just fine.” Sane reported, “She has only fainted. Your wife and child are still okay.” He pulled her unconscious body close to the tombstone.



     Nova opened her eyes, jolted by the smelling salts, and turned her head. She looked at the young Major nearby, as laser shots streaked across the wide expanse.



     Melinda and the others stared at the figure standing across from them, standing like he was the terminator, and he stood taking fire as shots struck him. He was shooting back, and picking off the robots from the future one by one.



     “Give him some cover!” Seth shouted, as he rose up and dropped several Cybertron, jumping a tombstone and running toward the figure. Manual was with him, at his side.



     Automatic laser fire ricochet across the memorial as the Major ran toward the memorial, dodging the fire and diving behind the tombstones to land beside Angie.



A cloud of thick smoke now masked the memorial as laser fire could be seen darting across the memorial. One by one the Major of the future fought, dropping the enemy. When it was all done, the young Major knelt on one knee in the now silent memorial. Thick smoke billowed around him and the only sounds were the sparking of the robot's components. He gathering himself again, the pain unbearable, as he staggered to his feet, and he staggered a couple more steps. The officer leaned against a nearby pillar lining the walkway as Astro-fighters rocketed overhead and troops came running toward the memorial.



     “It's over.” Wildstar said to his wife. “Nova, are you alright?” She slowly opened her eyes, meeting her husband's loving eyes.



     “I'm okay Derick.” She whispered, “I did not get hit. Find whoever it was that won this fight and Seth too… please find him… He saved my life.”



     “Don't worry we will.” Replied her husband, but he stayed beside her. “You just rest.” Sane instructed, and he was on his feet as a silent wind whipped across the memorial, clearing clear the smoke that covered it like a fog. He quickly moved about the memorial, finding the other Yamato members. He found Dash, Conroy, Eager and Homer. He found the chief and Thomas Orion. He then found each stasis member, with exception to Seth. After five minutes, the stasis volunteers stood up, rattled by the battle that had raged here. Sane went to work. The wounded were brought to one place. A couple of the Yamato crew had been unfortunately clipped by the gunfire. Manual had been shot in the shoulder. Amy, Melinda, Amanda had been fortunate to duck when the fire had started. Each one had returned fire too and the trio had at least over one kill to their credit.



     Melinda's eyes darted to the bushes, as did the others standing over Manual who lay on the ground as Amanda tended his wound. She put a pressure bandage on it, ripped from the bloody uniform sleeve. Her team mates knelt next beside them.



     “Holy cow, what the hell was that about?” asked Amanda and the two other young women only shrugged.



     “Who was that stranger?” gasped the dark haired woman, remembering it was he who had won this battle.



      “Where is Seth?” Melinda asked, and she turned to shout his name. She rose and started looking around the memorial. Amanda's eyes fell upon the tombstone where Seth had been ducking behind as the firefight was going on, and seeing the marks of shots streaking the cement tombstones.



     “Oh my god,” Amy stammered as she turned her head, scanning the memorial through the smoke that billowed upward into the sky. Melinda was already on her feet and Amy was too, moving out and around the memorial looking for their comrade. A landing craft ripped across the memorial and landed nearby. A platoon of marines appeared, followed by a young officer leading them, shouting orders.



     “A little late,” Derick muttered under his breath and he met a smile from Nova who giggled at the sentiment. He nodded as she lay back, relaxing from the meds Sane had given to settle her down.



     “Is everyone all right?” The officer asked, and Wildstar rose up as he approached.



     “We've got wounded, sir. We need a medic over here to assist Doctor Sane. We need to get them out of here, as soon as possible.” Derick told him, “We were ambushed by a new enemy. There might be more out there.”



    Wildstar slowly helped Nova to her feet, and Nova scanned the memorial. She silently nodded to Manual and Amanda, approaching them. Melinda had been shouting for Seth, walking to the far side of the memorial. Amy had taken the closer side, but there was no sign of him. They could barely see, with the thick smoke still clearing by the wind, and Melinda becoming more panicked as they continued their search.



     It was here that Nova realized what had happened, and what had been done. A strange officer had given himself to save her and the others. She watched as Melinda walked through the smoke that billowed across through the memorial and on the other side was Amy. The young women were getting frantic now as they called Seth's name and got no answer.



When Melinda finally saw the shadow of her friend, a second later through the smoke, a wave of relief fell upon her. The young dark-skinned woman's gaze fell upon the Major sitting on the ground. He was alive and well, seated next to the stranger that had saved Seth from certain death initially when he had saved Nova.



     “Seth!” She exclaimed, “Are you alright?”



     She ran toward him. He rose and she embraced him.



     “Oh my God!” The young woman said, staring at the face of the Major from the future, moving to his side, and kneeling beside him. She saw the blood that covered his uniform.



     “OVER HERE!” Melinda shouted, and Amy ran from the other side of the memorial, as did the medic. They both knelt beside the officer, looking horrified at the wounded man, who lay bleeding on the ground.



     “Doctor SANE!” The medic shouted, and a few moments later, the doctor was at his side with Nova. The good doctor had smiled at first, when seeing him, but it quickly faded becoming a grimace when the officer fell backward.



     “Oh my god,” He murmured quietly. Nova gasped.



     “Is he alive, Doctor Sane?” Nova asked. The officer opened his eyes slowly, and his absent stare met their faces, before it found the blue sky.



     “Fortunately for him, yes, but not for long Nova, we must get him to the hospital at once.” Sane replied, “He has already lost quite a bit of blood.” Sane said as he began to examine the young officer. Sane noted the hole in his chest, just below the breastbone of the ribcage.  



     “Give me your medical bag.” Sane told the medic and silently the medic handed him the bag. Sane pulled out the contents and began applying compress pressure bandages. Nova helped him.



     “What happened here, Chief?” asked the Marine Commander and Derick shrugged, stepping back as he pulled the officer aside.



     “It looks like we have a new enemy. We were here at the memorial paying our respects and were attacked.” He said, “As you can see, Lieutenant it is some sort of robot. We must inform the Earth Defense Commander at once.”



     The young officer nodded and he signaled to a young corporal who had a radio. Shouting orders, the marine platoon dispersed and took up flanking positions. A medic helped Manual and couple of Yamato crew to the rescue ship and it rocketed off into the sky. Marines scoured the memorial, taking up protecting positions, as a medical team arrived from another ship that landed. Doctor Sane sat over the officer as they came to his side.



     “What's going on Doctor Sane?” asked the young Medic and the doctor nodded toward the young officer.



     “This man needs immediate attention, and can be moved out of here!” Melinda, Amy, and the few remaining Yamato crew clustered around the stranger as he lay here bleeding profusely.



     Mitty turned, “Doctor Sane, will he make it?”



     “He's hit in the mid chest, and I think it has nicked the heart. Also he has several hits to the mid abdomen.” Sane said, cutting away the tunic, “I was trying to stabilize him. This does not look very promising but at the moment, until I can examine him more, I would make him as comfortable as we can.” Sane worked with the young medic. Melinda and Amy, with tears in their eyes, were weeping as they watched the hero of Earth dying. Sane glanced up from his work at the young women. He smiled.



     “Don't look so worried, he will be ok. I do not think he is in that bad in shape. I have seen much worse.” Sane grimaced as he cut away the tunic and saw the wound in his chest.  Nova continued to kneel beside the young man and the doctor, assisting him in field dressing the officer's wounds.



     “Oh, Dear God,” He murmured and Nova, with tears in her eyes turned to meet his stunned expression.



     “How can he be alright Doctor Sane?” Nova asked, fighting back the tears.



    Sane grimaced, as he set to work, working fast to patch him up quickly. “We'll suture him up… To at least stabilize him and keep him alive,” Sane murmured. Nova’s gaze showed question and the doctor shook his head slightly.



     “Don't tell them yet.” He instructed Nova, “I don't know how bad the damage is, it could be much worse.”



     Major Miller, from the future, lying on the ground, stared up absently at the blue sky above him, already knowing he was wounded badly. He had been shot in the abdomen and chest. The young officer knew it had done more damage than the Sane actually had found, and he already knew he did not have long to live. Strangely to the young Major, he was not afraid of dying and could almost see his friends who waited for him and family, wherever they are.



     “Doctor we've lost a pulse.” The medic cried out. Sane's head, as well as everyone who remained here, had turned in alarm. The doctor's resolve was immediate, and his fist struck the wounded officer of the future’s chest in frustration.



     “Come on Major.” He said, “We can't let you die like this.” The young man gasped a sharp breath in response.



     “No pulse Doctor…” The medic's heavy voice told him, as the future officer exhaled sharply again.



     “Come on, another one like that, Major.” Sane snapped, and again, his fist struck the Major of the future’s chest. The Doctor began doing CPR compressions on his chest, over his heart, just as another rescue craft landed at the memorial. It was the longest agonizing moment they had ever encountered when the medic had announced that the young officer's heart stopped. It was like standing in slow motion, and they clustered around him. A faint heartbeat thumped in the officer of the future’s chest, followed by a ragged breath.



     “Okay we have something.” He said, “His pulse is probably over two hundred beats a minute. We have to board that rescue craft as soon as possible and get him into surgery!”



A litter arrived, followed by yet another medical team. They lifted the Major gently onto the stretcher, and they quickly hauled him to the rescue craft's ramp that had lowered to allow Sane, the medic and others on the team to enter.



Angie followed, wanting to go with him like the others, but she was held back by a medical tech. She stood back and watched the craft take off, the wounded evacuated to the hospital. Turning, she heard the other's comments, as they walked to their craft for evacuation to the base with the Marines that had come.



“This is a hell of a way to start a mission.” Homer said.



     “Yeah, that's for sure.” Orion replied and Melinda nodded in silence, staring at the Rescue craft as it headed toward the city. On board the rescue craft is her friend, barely alive.



She ran to the waiting landing craft with the Yamato Crew, the remaining stasis crew, the Commander’s Aide and the Marines. They all were being taken back to the base for debriefing, despite the Yamato crew and stasis crew had technically been off-duty during this attack. On the transport, Melinda and Amy laughed and joked with Angie, catching up on old times, during those turbulent times of centuries past. They introduced her to Amanda and they sat around exchanging stories the whole time until they landed.  Seth sat with Angie and Mitty, patched up after taking a flesh wound, but surely alive after the sacrifice of his friend from the future.



Time had been restored and protected. Now the only thing to do was go out to Aquarius and destroy it, finishing the job again to win the battle and protect Earth from ambush of the Cybertron Empire. Lead by Seth himself, in which a team gathered, and would report at sixteen hundred hours tomorrow at the EDC Headquarters. Thanks to a Hero of the future who had risked the winds of time to be here.



     But the battle was only beginning.



To be continued. ---



Episode Seven: Repetitions of Time/Epilogue.

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