Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


4. part 4

The cab arrived with a whoosh and he stepped off of it on to the busy bridge, walking across to the empty seat where he took a seat. Pulling out his laptop he plugged in and he began typing out the two messages that would lure his past self, Angie and Mitty to the memorial before the ambush was to happen.



To Commander Miller, Star date 2383.3

Heavy Cruiser, U.S.S Kosheo.



Just a reminder, you are expected at Heroes Hill on the 6th for a reunion of your stasis personnel, I and Mitty will be on hand.





On the bridge, Major Miller grinned at the message that he had sent via subspace, and to the docks where he knew he was working at this very moment in time and space. He was sending a message to the docks where he was under orders to repair his ship by order of the Captain who had left on leave after docking. When he was done, he nodded to Hi’Mthsss who sent the message.



He typed another quick message which was a decoy for Angie and Mitty. When he was done, he nodded to Hi’Mthsss who was grinning, and chuckling as she sent the second pair of messages.



     “Messages sent, Captain T’Larra.” He told her and she turned to nod to him.



     “You think they’ll go for it?” Ihsss asked, and he shrugged.



    “We were not exactly chummy with the second team until Seth was killed, our orders were to stay clear of them that’s why thy assigned us space jobs or positions that would not be in a highly noticed capacity.” He replied, “But now that I sent those, we will have the reinforcements necessary to protect Seth, the stasis team and the Yamato team.



     “Sounds like you will have your hands full, saving a friend and the universe.” A beep sounded from the Helm console.



“Helm, Status report?” Ihsss asked sharply, “The Major has a date and is working against time here.”



     “ETA is one hour and twelve minutes.” Veloxa said, “We are at Warp five, a safe margin for the solar system, Captain.”  



     “Press her even harder.” Ihsss said, and Felonious looked up in surprise.



     “We should not exceed Warp five, or we might end up in planet, moon or a star, Captain.” He said, “We can try Warp six, but that’s cutting it close.”



     “Have you done a preliminary scan of each planet as we passed, of the stations?” She asked and Felonious nodded.



     “No change. Especially at Saturn and Pluto bases, this is great news.” He replied, “That means we have not shown up yet.”



     “I would stay cloaked as we get closer, Ihsss.” The Major suggested.



     “I agree, sir. Sensors indicate two ships in nearby section sixty for SOL.” Felonious reported, “They seem to be Interceptor Class ships.”



     “Stay cloaked, and on course…”



     “Take no action?” Kwai asked.



“You heard me, mind your console Kwai.” Ihsss replied. The humanoid woman nodded simply.



     “We are in range of Saturn Station, Captain.”  The Insect-like Navigator announced, “By the looks of the ships, they don’t know we are here.”



     “For precautions, are shields still up?” Ihsss asked



     “Yes, Captain.” Kwai replied with a nod.



     “Veloxa, turn to zero, seven three, mark two.” Ihsss said. Outside the ship banked, as it moved away from the EDC Ships as it continued to trek on its way to Earth. The ship continued to plow on ward through the stars. Even as the ship evaded the many patrols, there was still the chance of getting caught. Everyone on the Clouds knew and yet every procedure was being followed to avoid that.



     “Passing Saturn Station will be the hardest thing to do, as it has the most intruder webs.” The Major suggested, “If they do pick us up, it will take them time to get a beam on us, being cloaked, so we have an advantage. I would haul ass right to Earth and in a straight line if that happens.” 



Meanwhile, on the Saturn station, an operator named Sharon Patel sat at her console and she monitored the radar impulses that were being sent out across space around the station. As she sat there, she managed a yawn, reaching over for a cup of coffee as she with many other operators watched the several sectors that surrounded Saturn base. The did not notice anything unusual at this moment, other than a space transport or two headed to and from Titan, Saturn’s moon. They did not notice the Clouds from the future in which had successfully infiltrated the sector and SOL.



Commodore Russell Bates, the Commanding officer of Saturn base stood on the floor, gazing at the screen and the information that scrolled across it.



"Status report." He ordered. 



     “All systems are normal, Sir.” An operator said, “Nothing but two transports in the area of Titan, and a couple of Destroyers exiting out airspace for a patrol route of Sector five.”



     “Check all systems, including motion Sensors.” Bates ordered, and the Operator named Steven Charwolski frowned when he saw the blip there. He realized there was an intruder on the scopes and he let out a silent sigh.



     “Sir, we have another unknown contact, inbound out of and out at one-three, five degrees.” Chuck Connors said, hitting the console, as his dark eyes studied the screen.



     “Is there any identification on that contact?”



     “Negative, sir.” He replied, as he touched the buttons on his console. The Clouds had been discovered, but as the Major pointed out on board, they were only on the Motion Detection Sensors, in which they would be on unidentified contact.



     “Alright, keep me informed, and keep scanning for contact n that ship. We’ll dispatch U.S.S Sherwood and Bates for a closer look.” The Commodore said, and the console operator nodded.






On the bridge of the Clouds’ however, the Major stood up from his chair ready for what he must do, and what he would be facing ahead of him when it came to battle to protect Seth, his friend who died at the memorial and time itself.  



     Nathaniel headed toward the turbo-lift, at the nod of Ihsss, disappearing into it and saluting as the doors closed behind him. His destination is the hangar deck which he moved to the rear of the Star Cruiser Class Starship for the last time. He had a job to do, and he knew it. He headed to the airlock and the hangar deck where he would take a transport to the surface. The young officer had no idea how the hell he was going to pull this off either, other that he would take out the shooters one by one with a little luck and skill as he always he had learned in a new field of operations of being a sniper in this new century.  



He rounded the corner, stepping through the airlock hatch and he let out a silent gasp. Thysssta stood at the transport, his would be room-mate aboard the Clouds, had volunteered to take him to the surface. As she stood in her tight flight suit he walked purposely toward her, and she snapped to attention, saluting him hard.



“Before you say it, major…” She said, her voice almost musically accented, “I volunteered, you need a pilot.”



“No objection here.” He replied, as he stared at the young reptilian woman, at her brownish white skin, and her crystal blue eyes. She had a long neck and a long tail, reminding him of the lizards found in the Arizona deserts back home on Earth a long time ago. He grinned at her.



“We don’t have much time, shall we go?” She asked, and he nodded, stepping aboard the transport, taking a seat at the command chair, where during a similar mission he was in charge of twenty-four space Marines who took on the impossible to destroy a world.



 Thysss took up the pilot seat and she strapped in. She put on the headset, and the Major also took up headset, nodding to her.



     “Test, Teest.” She said, “Transport ready to depart, control.”



     “Copy.” Ihsss said, “Stand by to launch.”



     “Roger.” The Major replied, as he began power up systems on board the craft. The console blinked before him and he did a systems check. The officer nodded to Thysss who clicked switched on her console.



     “Alright, open the airlock.” The Major ordered, and punch it!”



     “Good Luck Major.” Ihsss said, “We’re routing for you and your mission.”



     “Thanks Ihsss.”



The engines roared and catapulted the transport out of the hangar into space. As it banked, and plummeted toward the blue planet of Earth, it headed down and through the atmosphere. The nose of the transport glowed as it heated up, passing through the atmosphere of Earth. When they entered the high altitude, they steered course toward Federal City, the ship streaking down low against the waves of the sea, moving back and forth.



     “We have radio contact, Federal City, Major.” She told him, “about thirty minutes…” He took his seat at the console, scanning the radar, the sensors, and other instruments as they approached, all directed at Federal City.



     “Doing a sensor sweep, and there looks we are still undetected.” He said, “Activating ECM Jammer. Adjust and bring us right, three degrees.”



     “Roger.” The reptilian pilot replied, the ship banking slightly as it stayed low and at slow speed.



     At Headquarters, inside the Radar station of Federal City, the operators watched for anything out of the ordinary, on duty against anything or anyone out of place. As they sat in their seats in the main operations room, their attention was glued to the monitors. Josh Steuts managed a yawn as he sat at his console and stood up to stretch, stretching his neck and back before he sat back down. A blip intermittently appeared on the screen.  



     “Ho! Contact established! We have something.” A voice said, “Get the Commander.”



     A harried young Lieutenant entered, followed by a grizzled Captain, in charge of operations here on Earth. Both had entered on the run, clad in the familiar uniforms found of the EDC forces. The Lieutenant Nick Rivera and the Captain Sal Fischer were on duty that night when the transport had entered Earth’s orbit and through the atmosphere.



“Alright, what do you have?” The Captain asked, and he glanced up at the observation windows where he knew he Aide to the Commander of EDC worked usually.



     “We had a blip on the motion sensors Sir.” The operator said, “It looked like a Meteor came in, it dropped straight down and went off scopes.”



     “Alright, keep your eyes open.” The Captain ordered, “If we have any more meteor strikes on planet, we might have an issue with protecting the base.”



     “Strangely this one didn’t seem to burn up in atmosphere.”



     “If it were a ship, was there any more motion after it dropped off scope?” The Captain asked and the operator shook his head.



“Negative sir.”



     “Let’s just keep our eyes out for anything unusual, please.” He ordered. On board the transport, there were all smiles by the Major and Thyssstha who had been piloting the ship, they had successfully entered orbit and the atmosphere successfully, and now they were on their way to their destination and destiny.



     “At least, I am.” The Major said with a sigh, and he glanced up at the reptilian pilot. She was studying him.



     “Keep her on course.”



The Major began gathering supplies from the transport stores, hauling out mines and grenades, a sniper rifle, an AF-2255, a few mini guns, hand pistols, a portable rocket launcher, and overt a thousand rounds in which he would place in a large bag. He then stripped to his uniform and he replaced it with body armor, leg armor and arm support, and a helmet with infrared and tracking sensing capability. It would be heavy fire power that he would be using to eliminate every Cybertron in the place, and as a one way ticket.



“We’re on course, at FL five hundred feet and maintaining.” Thyssstha reported and he looked up as he was going over his inventory stores.



“Very well, Major Miller replied returning to his post, and here he checked the scopes. They had thirty five miles to fly in, under cover of darkness, and have to avoid sensor webs of fighters if discovered.  Thankfully had had setup the transport to look like an EDC carrier, to disguise their presence against fighters who probably would not know the difference.



“Are you ready Major?” Thyssstha asked, and he looked up at her with a frown and a slow nod.



“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He replied. “Just get us there Thysss, and drop me on the other side of the memorial outside of town when we arrive on station. I’ll take it from there.”



“Copy that.” She replied and he sat at his scope, murmuring the plan that he was going over and had come up during their trip to Earth after jumping through time and space. The ship banked gently left and right, across the white capped waves of the ocean, masked by the waves in which would conceal its presence to any ship that flew nearby.



“Thyssstha, radar contact two bogies in a high course above us going zero–nine zero.” He reported, touching the screen to zoom in on the bogies.



“Are they intercepting us?” Thyssstha asked, and she glanced up to see them in as two dark blobs in the blue skies on Earth, traveling among the clouds overhead.



“Negative.” The Major replied replied, “Be careful, we are going to run into more patrols. Reduce speed and bank left three degrees. Avoid any sonic booms signatures here. We would be detected.”



“Aye, reducing speed and three degrees to port.” She replied, as he kept his eye on the scopes.



A few minutes later they approached the landmass ahead of them. On the far end of it was the Federal City that shone in the darkness like a candle.


“Feet dry, Major in five minutes.” She said, “Get ready.”



He was on his feet in a heartbeat and Major Miller strolled across the bay where he grabbed the bag, and the launcher, moving it to the front of the landing craft.



“Whisper mode engaged.” Thyssstha reported, “Coming in low and hot.”



The craft streaked from the sky, as it approached its destination, like an avenging angel.  As the ship wobbled its wings a couple of times, Thyssstha banked the ship’s nose upward on the control stick, landing it with a thud on the memorial grounds.



“It’s been a pleasure, Major.” Thyssstha told him, and here she smiled.



“For me too, Thyssstha.” He replied, and he nodded back to her.



“Don’t get yourself killed without doing the job first, and watch yourself out there, k?” She coached and he smiled nodding to her with a quirky smile on his face.



“Don’t worry Thyssstha, the plan is going to work and we’re going to win.” He said sharply, nodding and he motioned to the doors, “Out please.”



“Good luck Major.” She murmured, as the doors opened. He nodded as he exited the transport into the darkness, crouching near a bush nearby. The transport closed up its doors moments later, banking up its nose and peeled off as it disappeared into the darkness.  He was alone.



Major Miller quickly pained his face and exposed extremities with the dark paint marker, making his face the same color as the surrounding bushes. He then turned to scan the memorial.



“Good, Empty.” He thought, as he quickly crouched and moved throughout the memorial, where he mined the location heavily with the mines and claymores that he had brought with him.  He set them all for Cybernetic targets. He was ready when he finished mining the memorial, taking up a station crouched with a full field of view of the entire memorial. 



“They so much as twitch, their asses are going straight to robotic hell.” Major Miller murmured through gritted teeth and he used his helmet to scan the memorial multiple times, keeping a secure location at the memorial with a clear view of the entire main section of it where the chaos would go down.



Hours later, a lone figure approached with a young woman and together they walked up to the top of the memorial. As Major Miller turned his head, that he managed a curse.



“Damn, you’re too early Seth!” He said to himself, “You aren’t supposed to be here until sixteen hundred hours.



Major Aquilera and his intrepid guide Marla Mc Givers were the two people who had come to the memorial. They had come early, planning to meet the others for a celebration of life before they took on the new mission that would be to protect Earth from yet another foe, The Cybertron Empire, out and aimed to destroy Earth far before their time in this century.



As The Major of the future watched Seth standing watching the sunset, he remembered that he and Emily watched frequently the spectacular fiery red, burnt orange, and mauve colored sky, along with mixed lavenders and gold in the sunsets they watched from North Beach, two hundred years ago. The young man suddenly realized that this one sunset that Emily would not be sharing in, and inside, his stomach heaved as he thought of her. The pain of her death still haunted Seth like an open wound. Many things in the future still reminded him of her, making his existence harder and harder as the days progressed since their burial. The Major of the future watched Seth through the scope, grimacing at the face he made, knowing why he was here this evening, and what he must do to protect him.



“Over watch, guard and eliminate.” Nathaniel muttered to himself, “With extreme prejudice.” Here the Major of the future’s stomach heaved, as he wasn’t crazy about dying, but it must be done to save the day and put a stop to the carnage that was about to happen now in a few minutes. He had a job to do.



     Seth stood at the spectacular sight a few minutes more before he turned, and through the scope the officer of the future watched, listening in with a listening device that he brought with him from the Clouds.



“She's dead and that's a fact.” Seth had murmured, “I cannot undo what is. I thought it would not be so hard to get over, I guess not.”



     The Major of the future watched as Seth shook his head, remembering his lost love and as tears welled up. Major Aguilera stood with the young guide beside him at the memorial, staring at a gorgeous sunset, but in strange time and place. It is a place that had rescued them all from hell. Seth stood remembering that the young woman whom he had fallen in love with had come from the east, and never had dreamed of a city like San Francisco where they were all being trained. The young officer smiled, remembering the good times they shared together, memories that seemed to lessen the pain a bit.



     Major Miller watched as Seth looked passive and reminiscent, hearing his words in his mind from long ago. It was several minutes before Seth could force his gaze away from the scene, and turn to the memorial itself. He managed a few more steps up the path toward the center of it.



As it spread out before Seth, the young officer still found it an amazing sight every time he saw it.  It is huge memorial, built in a circular design and made of granite. Around the whole area is green and overgrown, with several trees, several thick shrubs under the trees and several grassy areas. A huge stone obelisk stands in the center of the memorial and a statue of Captain Abraham Avatar stands directly beside it, staring off out to the sea. Lining the grassy area, under the statue, are the many graves of Yamato's crew who were buried here after their missions to save Earth.



     Seth stared at the obelisk and panning from it, his gaze fell on the statue of Avatar. It then moved to the surroundings around the memorial itself. He walked with Marla toward the obelisk and toward the graves for the Yamato crew. The young officer did not stop as he walked right past the graves and only glanced up at the statue of Avatar. Here he exhaled sharply, before saluting the graves, statue and the flagpole bearing the EDC flag. Behind him, the Major of the future, kept his weapon trained on the memorial, keeping a close eye on his friend and for the Cybertron that was expected to be here soon.



Nathaniel watched as Sergeant Marla McGivers followed suit, gasping, as this would be the first time at the memorial and seeing the Yamato crew's graves. The young Major's path was only twenty-five feet past the Yamato graves, his destination, where a new section of the memorial was surrounded by short granite pillars and chain. He arrived at the graves of his friends, and here he stared at the familiar sight that he had seen many times through his recovery, with Doctor Sane. Exhaling sharply, his long stare panned across the section and to each tombstone where a familiar name and face were carved in the smooth granite surface.


     Seth was over watched by the officer of the future, looking and watching through the sniper scope as he casually glanced at the names, as he had several times before, carved in Old English Text, and inscribed on each tombstone as he was on station here. 'Emiline Montgomery', 'Denise Watson', 'Doug Woolard', 'Christina Cook', 'Sherry Carnelli', 'Edward McKee', and 'Katherine Lewis'. Seth's gaze stared at the faces carved on the tombstones as well, and he walked along the line of them. When he got to the end, the young officer stopped at the farthest one, at Emily Montgomery's grave. Nathaniel waited impassively through the scope and nodded his head respectfully.



     “Well Em, Here I am again. I thought I would stop by to say goodbye for a while.” Seth whispered and held his hand on her tombstone, as if he could gain strength from her. The young officer thought of the young woman, her long brown, curly hair, brown eyes, round face, and her sweet kisses.



     Major Miller knew that it was all a sham, a farce, that Emily and Denise were alive and well, and being treated in the ICU of the Federal Hospital, after mistakenly being thought to be dead. He led with his weapon, watching the memorial carefully, for any signs of the Cybertron. But alas he saw nothing yet.


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