Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


3. part 3

“Angie is drunk, Commander.” Denise said, “We’re trying to sober her up. Doctor Phillips and Nurse Proficient are on their way here. The EMT’s here are doing their best to patch her up just a little bit.”



“I can see that, as well as two security personnel outside our door.” Mitty told the group, and there was a grimace.



     “Where the hell did you find her?” Mitty asked, “Or do I want to know.”



     “No, we found her here, clearly intoxicated, on the floor passed out when we came over here. She was about to commit suicide, she had a pistol.” Melinda replied with a nod.



     “Dear Lord.” Mitty muttered, and walked into the room further.



     “Besides finding here, drunk and suicidal, what else did you come for?”  The message and question was clear. They were intruding in their quarters but the four had been tracking Angie per orders for the last three days. They had followed her, this far and found her in Mitty and hers quarters. 



“We bring a message to her, some great news to tell her that might have snapped her out of her funk, Commander, about the Clouds. We tried telling her but we can’t tell her while she’s like this.”



     “The Clouds!?” Mitty exclaimed, “What news is that Miss Montgomery? They found debris, bodies or what…?”



     “No actually, the Major and the ship are alive and well, and are cruising toward Solace. The Whirlwind received the message and forwarded it to Earth Headquarters.” She replied.



“Holy shit! T-there alive? Major Miller and the Clouds are not destroyed?” She stammered, and the group nodded.



“Alive, and well.” Emily said, “We will be glad to see them, but something was wrong they were way outward into space and not returning to Earth. I think the Major is going with them to their time for some reason.”



     “They mapped them at Sector one-eighty by two, zero, three. They are reporting at being at jump point, and computing time warp calculations at this time.” She replied, with a grin forming on her face. Mitty was stunned by the news. She gasped aloud, unable to believe her ears.



     “Does the Commander know?” Mitty asked, and then thought about it. Something didn’t make sense to her.



“Wait a second… if that’s true, then why didn’t they just jump from Sol Sector and why in god’s name is the Major going with them? Why must they do time calculations way out near Solace? Why doesn’t Major Miller come home? After all he’s got a kid on the way.” Mitty asked, her flurry of questions echoed the room.



     “We don’t have that information Commander.” Emily replied, “According to Sergeant Major Perry and the Whirlwind, they received the message, and it didn’t give details.”



     Emily handed Mitty the dispatch taken from and forwarded from the Whirlwind to Headquarters. She scanned the message several times and a frown appeared on her face.



     “This is damn peculiar.” Mitty said. She turned her head to the Doctor and his mechanical nurse beside him who stood in the doorway, Doctor Jeremiah Phillips and Nurse Perfection, who worked with Doctor Sane in his Earth bound office.



     “Come on in Doc.”



     “I hear you have a bit of a drunk… officer.” He said with an amused tone, “And a gunshot wound?”


     “So drunk she was passed out on the deck when we got here, after trying to shoot herself.” Melinda said looking disapprovingly at Angie who still on the floor a they force fed her coffee.



     Doctor Phillips examined her quickly, shaking his head. He nodded at the bandage wound for the gunshot wound.



     “She might miscarry with the amount of alcohol consumed or serious complications might set in.” He said, “An alcohol dependent child, or possible complications to cause her to have a deformed or handicapped child.”



     Phillips pulled off the bandage and saw the gunshot wound to her shoulder. He gritted his teeth. It oozed blood and mottled purple and black from cauterization around the edges.



     “Dear god.” Amy muttered, and held Angie firmly.



     “Don’t worry.” Phillips said with a smile. “It was a clean strike, there is no shell lodged in it. It went all the way through. I can sew it up and it should heal itself.”



     “Thanks doc.” Mitty said, smiling as he began to work. He motioned to the nurse for a sterilizer and she handed it to him. There was a low hum as he placed it over the wound.



     “Suturer.” The Doctor said, and the nurse placed it in his hand.  There was another hum as the wound was sutured shut, making for a thin line across where the wound had been,



     “Can I ask what and the hell is she drinking like this for anyway?” Mitty asked, and most of them shook their heads or shrugged, except for Emily who grimaced silently.



     “I think it was because of the initial dispatch declaring Major Miller dead at first.” Emily said, “It surely affected all of us when we learned of it. This makes up for that stunning news, her trying to rub herself out.”   



     “After I get done, we’ll work on the alcohol drunkenness. I brought B-Twelve with me and a couple of anti-hangover remedies to help too.” Phillips said, “We need her coherent for duty without issues, to explain herself.”



     “Agreed Doctor.” Colonel Reynolds said, as he took a determined sip of the coffee brought to him by Amy.



Doc Phillips walked toward Angie who was now seated upright and who was drinking black coffee. He pulled out his kit and he withdrew an injector. Phillips rolled back her sleeve and put the injector to her skin. He pushed it and it made a hiss as it injected the chemicals into her body.



     “Ow. What’s that?” Angie complained, flinching at the injection on her skin.



“It is just a little B-twelve, to counteract the alcohol.” Phillips said, with a smile. They poured her another cup of coffee.  



“I don’t want another cup of this stuff.” Angie complained and yet her friends shook their heads. They handed her another cup and they forced her to drink. The dispatch lie discarded on the table near her cup.



As Angie drank cup after cup of coffee the others stood around the living room and shot the bull. They could not believe the message they had received from the Major and the Clouds, who had survived the explosion of Aquarius, turning into a Tritium Black Hole, sucking everything in range into another dimension. They could not believe that he and the Clouds had survived with damage. All wondered where and why they were headed to deep space, let alone making time warp computations, probably already warped by then into another time.



An hour elapsed and after several trips to the head, Angie returned to drink some more. Phillips handed her some tablets which she took with a questioning frown. She started to show signs of sobering, starting with twinge in her head.



“What’s this doc?” She asked, blearily and he shook his head.



“It’s Aspirin.” He told her with a chuckle, “For when your hangover starts. I didn’t say you weren’t going to have one.”



“Oh.” Angie said sarcastically, “Is that what it is?” She felt the pain starting in her head, however, starting at the temples. Her eyes fell upon the dispatch, and she took it up holding it in her hand as the others looked over at her.



     “Feeling better?” Melinda asked and the young blond-haired woman merely groaned as she met the smile of her friend.



     “You should have left me alone.”



     “Sorry, we can’t do that.” Emily replied, “Not for a friend who needs us.”



     “That’s not going to help her for her going AWOL for three days.” The Colonel said, shaking her head, “Might as get a crack lawyer though and make a fight of it. You were out of your head. I think you can prove emotionally instability and stress.”



     “Yea Probably… Say what is this dispatch doing here?” Angie asked, and Denise and the others all stopped and they were smiling.



“Just read.” Denise said and the others murmured. Mitty was grinning. Angie took up the dispatch and read, almost dropping her coffee cup, as she fell back into her chair. She let out an excited gasp.



“Nathaniel! Alive? How can… Where is… He’s alive! I don’t believe it!” Angie shouted, extremely pleased by the news. Her mind began to whirl as she began thinking for a moment and frowned playfully. She realized what he was doing, and where he was going, and why he was still on board. Angie remembered the discussion that night aboard the Clouds about time travel. What he told her of his plan with the Clouds and realized he wasn’t kidding, and was now really going to do it.



     “Yes, and why is he on his way to a far off sector. Where is he going? Why is he going to that far off star cluster with that ship from the future?” Denise explained, “We don’t have a clue but we’re all glad to see he didn’t get wasted as it was first thought.”  



     Angie grimaced, suddenly remembering his words and wondered if she should tell them, that this timeline would cease to exist if he were successful in saving Seth and rigging Aquarius to explode. The whole mission they had been through, the hell of landing, loss of life during battle, all would never have happened the way it happened in these last weeks and lives that were lost would not be lost in this change. The Major even would be alive and well. They would win the war, but by rewriting a bloody soiled time already lived.



     “Well. I know what he’s up to. It’s pretty complicated and wild so hang in with me.” Angie said, sipping at the cup of coffee and nodding, “What the Major told me is he is going to change time and space, jumping backward through time…” She began, “His mission is to stabilize time, save Seth and rig Aquarius to blow before the EDC forces and Cybertron even get there…”



     Denise, Mitty, Emily, Amy, Melinda, and even Doctor Phillips, glanced at each other as she spoke. She filled them in on the entire conversation, the jam session between her, Kino, his Second in Command, Sergeant Major Perry, the Captain and first Officer of the Clouds. The plan they put together to win this war and save a hero at the same time.  When she was finished, there was silence in the room.  



     “That sounds very dangerous… and… uh… extraordinary…” Mitty said, breaking the silence. It is a mission that was hard to believe, also very dangerous, and if not taken up correctly could become a paradox and destroy time itself as they knew it.



     “But what happens if he doesn’t succeed, or there is the creation of a paradox?” Emily asked, “I know I want to see him succeed, but if he makes an error and this timeline is not changed in the manner he wants, won’t time totally be destroyed?”



     “That’s hard to say, unless you are into science fiction stories. I would speculate that time as we would know it would totally shatter.” Doctor Phillips answered, “But let’s not head there, and hope for success, even though this timeline in a sense will be eliminated in a way.”



     Smiles appeared on their faces as Angie joined the group and they clustered around her, and wild laughter and chatter rounded the room.  But the question hung there, and everyone remained silent about discussing it further.



“I hope the hell you are successful, Major.” Angie murmured, having a sinking feeling at the complexity of the time and the changes to come, unable to decipher what was what, out of the whole exercise to come that the Clouds was undertaking. All they could do is watch as time would change seamlessly as they knew it. Each one did not know of the stakes that were and had come into play, and the risk involved. The stakes were high, for time itself.  



They were about to find out but there was a lot of questions from each of them that remained unasked.






     Back on the Magellanic Clouds, the ship appeared from warp, and as everyone sat, quite disoriented from the longest trip through warp that was ever undertaken by any ship. As the Major opened his eyes first, he managed to stand up, stretching as he reached for the ceiling bulkhead. Ihsss and the others murmured as they too began to show signs of life on board the bridge of the ship. They had arrived at their destination a few months earlier than where they had come from, their mission to change time and restore time to the original flow that it once had been.



     “Felonious, status report,” Ihsss asked, “Where are we?”



     “Breaking thrusters have fired, Captain.” He told her.



     “Navigator, plot a course for Earth.” Ihsss said, “Maximum Impulse Speed.”



     “No need, Captain. Warp Engines are operational now.” Voloxa’s voice said as he stood on the bridge of the bridge. He moved to the nearby console, hitting a switch. “We have full warp capability, now.”



     “Voloxa, I thought you were down below.” Ihsss replied and he managed a buggish grin, shaking his head.



     “I thought to pass the message to the bridge, personally.” He joked.



     “With thanks Vol.” Felonious said, rising from his station to walk toward the engineer and placed a hand on his broad insectoid shoulder. He shook his claw-like hand.



     “Helm, Warp twenty-five.” Ihsss said, “Upon arrival, set us in a standard orbit with cloaking engaged.”



     “Aye, Captain.” Veloxa said with a smile, and Thyrac smiled too. Their hands danced across their consoles as the ship disappeared into warp space.



     Major Miller sat on the bridge as he watched this crew worked, totally amazed by the teamwork they displayed. They were almost as good as the stasis crew who he had been put in stasis with two hundred years ago. Even though it was not to do anything but ride out the cryogenic sleep for a long period of time of five years, ending out to be two hundred years too late from awakening. Now he, Angie, and the others were here.



     “At least I have people I know in this century.” He thought.  



     “ETA to Earth is two hours, forty five minutes.” Veloxa reported.



     “Alright… Voloxa…?” Ihsss asked, and he looked up nodding.



     “I’ve already talked to my engine room… we’ll try to get more speed out of her.” Voloxa replied, and the reptilian Captain nodded. She turned to the Major who sat watching the stars in silence, almost transfixed. It was the same way when he had been in space aboard his Heavy Cruiser which was docked back on Earth.



     “Are you alright, Major?” She asked, and he looked up, “You look like hell, you should get some sack time.”



     “I have heard a lot of that from your crew.” He said, “I’ll be alright.”



The Major grinned when she put out her hand and he took it, rising from his chair. He still didn’t complain about a certain nymphomaniac Thyrnn female who was bunking with him and who kept coming on to him. Who was madly in love with him and he knew it, but he knew he belonged to Angie so he kept himself distant.



“Well, how about a cup of coffee then?” She offered and he nodded and stood up.



“That sounds great, Ihsss.” He replied, as she led him to the nearby lift.



It arrived with a whoosh, and he grinned suddenly reminded of Star Trek™ a television show of the twentieth century and he stepped aboard. When the doors closed, he scanned the interior quickly. It was just like one would find on Earth, or even on the show he watched as a kid back living in the past. It had a map of the ship on a panel on direct back and the control panel dominated one side of the double doors. It hummed into life when Ihsss pushed the button and he closed his eyes, feeling suddenly like Captain Kirk aboard the Starship, Enterprise. The doors opened a few minutes later, and she led him to the nearby galley in which they sat drinking a form of coffee, staring at the stars of space that hurried on by in the observation port they sat next to.



     “So, how does it feel to be on board a ship, in space, when you were not even in space flight back in your century?” Ihsss asked suddenly. He turned to look at her with a frown.



     “I reviewed your file before leaving Earth and your team in route to Aquarius.” She told him, “I thought I would just get to maybe know you a bit better before you go be a hero. You are one hell of an Earth-man.” The Major grinned broadly and yet he nodded.



     “With thanks, Ihsss.” He replied, sipping the coffee, “You know I do appreciate the lift too Captain with the valorous crew of the Magellanic Clouds.” He told her.



     “It is our pleasure.” Ihsss replied grinning and here she paused, grinning sheepishly. “You name us well.”



     “It is my pleasure to do so. One hell of a crew you have Captain. I am glad we served together.”



     “So am I.” Captain T’Larra replied, “Even though you guys were a pain in the ass aboard my ship.”



     The Major laughed loudly.



     “Oh, well, when I awoke from stasis it was certainly different than now. I am a computer technical person, not an astronaut. I expected us only to be five years for stasis not two hundred years. We didn’t expect to be on a ship out in space.” He said, “Or shoved into two wars. We had to learn fast. Maybe I was a bit too rigid and I apologize for that.”



     “I understand, totally.” Ihsss replied, “You had to learn the ropes quickly and really learn your tasks quickly. I saw you were shot three times in the line of duty. You really took to space well and this world, you should be commended.”



     “Well least I could do, since I can’t go back to my own time.” He replied, “Might as well make the best of it.”



“Your world sound like it was something. What was Earth like in your century? Maybe I could visit it sometime.”



     “It was mostly war and battle against our own people, genocide among our own races.” He said, “And we ended up probably blowing ourselves up for racial intolerance, and fought because of racial intolerance, greed, political gain, and hatred. Not a century you would want to, Ihsss. They never saw extra-terrestrials before.”



She grinned, shaking her head, but her next statement was interrupted by the whistle sounding from the intercom.



“Bridge to Captain!” 



     Ihsss held up her hand and she rose, as he fell silent. The young reptilian officer walked toward the intercom, touching the button on it.



“Captain here.”



     “We are at Sol’s edge, Captain.” Felonious’ voice said over the intercom and she grinned as she turned. Ihsss noted the Major was grinning too.



     “Slow to Warp five, and engage cloaking device. Maintain course to Earth.” She ordered, and he rose after she nodded. She closed the channel on the intercom and returned to the table where he was standing.



     “Remember your ship is here too, probably close by near Pluto.” He said, “You were just arriving and found the Derelict of Yamato, so you have not made it to Earth quite yet. We don’t want to you to run into yourselves, have it be a paradox and destroy our efforts here.”



     “Yea, we’d better get to the bridge.” Ihsss suggested and he nodded, “If I suspect what is ahead, we were not cleared yet for this sector.”



     “One-stop, though, Captain.” He said as they left the galley. She paused to cast a questioning glance at him.


 “I need to head to my quarters for a moment.” He told her and she frowned, “Just for a moment, I will meet you on the bridge.”



“What do you need from your quarters?” Ihsss asked.



“Laptop, as we head to Earth, I can send those dummy messages to Angie, Mitty and myself, bringing them to the hill before the ambush happens.” He said, “If we can get them there, it’s more of us against the Cybertron at that time.”



     The Captain nodded her head.



     “Very wise.” She thought, impressed by his quick thinking.



     “Alright, I’ll meet you on the bridge, Major.” She told him and he nodded. They split up from here. She walked away to the bridge turbo-lift nearby. As Ihsss walked down the corridor, she nodded to her crew who worked nearby and had paused to shoot the breeze for a moment then disappeared into lift that opened for her with a whoosh.



     As for the Major, he walked/half ran down the corridor toward his quarters. When he arrived at quarters, he entered in a rush, and he turned his head to see his room-mate still in her bunk. She was still nude as she sat on the edge of the top bunk, smiling. Grabbing his laptop he nodded to her and she jumped down, running to embrace him.



     “Thank you.” Thyssstha told him lustily, managing to kiss him on the cheek. “And good luck Major.” She told him and he smiled, embracing the young reptilian back, winking at her as he held her.



“You are welcome, Thyssstha.” He replied, bowing slightly, to kiss her hand gently. Quickly, he exited the room, heading to the nearest turbo-lift to head to the bridge. She embraced him again.



     “Do you really need to go?” Thyssstha asked, and he glanced at the door. He considered what she meant but he nodded his head.



     “Sorry, I’m expected on the bridge, babe.” He replied, as he held her with one arm, “Maybe later.”



     He quickly walked down the corridor, with his pack in hand containing his laptop and other books, heading to the nearby turbo-lift that would take him to the bridge of the Star Cruiser Class Starship. As he waited for the lift, it arrived with a whoosh, and he stepped into it, closing his eyes as the doors closed and it quickly moved upward as he headed to the bridge of the Star Cruiser.


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