Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


2. part 2

He retook his seat and continuing to type on his laptop well into the night. He watched her as she got comfortable and soon she was asleep.



By the next morning Major Miller sat in the chair, still working on the laptop and writing out the plan that would be used for his landing on Earth of the past. It would be when he alone would change history and make it for the better by preventing Seth’s death at the memorial and balance time as they knew it.



He glanced over at the young Thyrnn officer who slept on the top bunk and he shook his head. He shifted uncomfortably at his desk, glancing at his laptop clock that read ‘08:00’. He realized it was time what he must do now and according to the mapping software, linked to the bridge systems, he knew that they were almost to their destination. He was on his way to die. The Major paused for a moment, grimacing as he had to force himself to remember how to click on the intercom and even speak into one of these things.



“Major Miller to Bridge!” He said sharply, but softly.



“Bridge, H’Mthsss T’Larra.” A musical voice replied.



“Hi, get your mother.” He said, “I have us almost at the jump point, according to my monitor.”



“Ihsss’ Here.” Another voice said, “We are on course, Major. We are almost there. We are standing by to jump on your order.”



“Okay, I’ll be right up.” The Major said, glancing at the nude form of the Thyrnn woman in the quarters with him, “Out.”



Without making noise, he walked to the privacy screen and he closed it. Adjusting himself, he moved toward the hatch that opened obediently for him and then closed. It allowed him to walk silently down the deserted corridors of the Star Cruiser Class Starship to the nearest lift. Here he took that lift, and yet he leaned to the one side, as pain throbbed in his side. Straightening, as the lift slowed, the doors opened allowing him to exit into the bridge.



“Major.” Ihsss said, greeting him with a smile, then a frown. “Forgive me for saying this, but you look like hell. You need to get some sleep.” 



     “Not until after the jump, and only then a few hours.” The Major said, “There is so much to do.” He did not mention a certain reptilian woman she had put in his quarters with him whose pheromones were causing him to have problems sleeping. It was her coming onto him and falling madly in love with him.   



     “So what are your chances of pulling this off?” Ihsss asked, and he regarded her for a moment, shaking his head.



     “Slim.” He replied, “But you guys will already be here in that time when we arrive, so we have to hurry, drop and you guys can skedaddle to your own time.”



     “This timeline though won’t exist though will it?” Ihsss asked.



     “No, it won’t so it’s imperative you guys get out of here. I don’t want to risk having your personnel helping chance the stream and change time when your ship is just arriving at Earth. It would really bring us too close to a Paradox.” He said, “Best you get your ship out of here after the drop. Don’t worry, if this works, you guys might get to go home a little earlier from the partial rewrite.” He smiled. “We all still have to go through the mission of course, but it will already be set. All they have to do is hit the destruct switch and poof! No more Aquarius.”





“We have to make one jump, where we went back before the Cybertron make it to Aquarius, and plant the explosives, and hide them.” The Major said, “From there, we head to Earth and carry out the rescue mission. All that needs to done, after that is a team needs to head out to Aquarius, and destroy the planet.”



     “The mission will be the same but it will be less bloody than it was.” The Major pointed out. 



     “It sounds really complicated, what happens if the Cybertron find the explosives?”  



     “Not likely, but if they do then it will be the same thing over again, the same bloody conflict for the EDC.”  He replied, “Seth will probably die again, and I will have to take charge, and go to Aquarius.”



     “Meaning nothing will change.” She said, “Why are you so bent on changing history that was already done? Why must Seth Aquilera live?”



     He did not answer as the conversation was interrupted, leaving him to his contemplated thoughts. Ones that he knew deep down were the right move, in which he could right a wrong that had been made. He would save a friend and the universe in one instant by his risk and actions through time and space. He was indeed the focal point to this mess that spurned this deadly war that started and forced Earth’s involvement on a deadly plot from the future.



     “It’s because of a promise, Ihsss, I made to a good friend.” He said solemnly, “If he survives, our chances of returning from this mission just doubled from the start of the stream of the mission.”    



“Excuse me, Captain, we are entering the sector.” Veloxa reported, half turning as he managed a nod.



“We have company it seems.” Felonious said, as he placed his head into the viewer of the sensor module. The scanners hummed and echoed across the bridge.



“Visual.” Ihsss turned, “Slow to fifteen space knots and activate cloaking.”



“Cloaking device engaged.” Kwai said, as outside, the ship disappeared, leaving silence and the stars of space behind. On the screen before them was a lone ship, and the crew grimaced when they recognized it as Cybertron. A low groan echoed across the bridge.



“Sir, there is no power emanations from it.” Felonious replied, “It’s drifting.”  



“Approach cautiously, it might be a trap.” The Captain ordered, “After what we have seen major, this would be a perfect ruse to lure us in.”



“Agreed.” He replied.



“Shields up, stand by weapons, target missiles for one barrage.” Ihsss replied, “Let’s eliminate it from being an issue.”



A moment later, Kwai turned to nod her head, as she pulled the handle of the handle with the trigger on it for the missiles. It beeped when she pulled it.



“Ready, Captain.” Kwai stated.






 Missiles erupted from the Cruiser, as the ship suddenly came to life and turned on them. Cybertron torpedoes struck their shields. They answered with missiles and their attack --struck the Cybertron many times. An explosion followed a moment later, the Cybertron ship disappearing as it left only the silent stars of space and debris behind.



     “Whoa!” Ihsss gasped, as she turned her head at the Major who was grimacing at the screen.



     “I knew it was a ruse.” He said with a smile, and she managed a toothy grin.



     “We’re clear Captain.” Felonious reported, checking the scanners, “There is nothing within three sectors in distance around us. We can make the jump anytime.”



     Ihsss glanced at Major Miller who nodded his head slowly.



     “Alright, make the computations, and power up, ready for time warp computations.”  The Captain ordered, “Engineering, ready your engines. Engage the computer systems.”



     The Major took the seat next to Felonious’ side of the bridge, as he pulled the two arms together, securing himself in the chair. On the bridge, there was a stream of busy activity on the bridge as the crew began to prepare the ship for the jump through space and time.



     "Computers are engaged, we have targeted the time as twenty-two oh eight, in February.” Felonious said, “All systems ready.”



     “Engineering to Bridge.” A voice said, Ihsss turned to the console when hearing Voloxa’s accented voice on the speakers.



     “Bridge.” Ihsss replied, hitting the button.



     “Full power is ready, Skipper.” He replied, “I don’t know how long I can give you the power though.”



     “Just do your best, Voloxa.” She replied, “Keep it coming as long as you can.” With that, she closed the channel, turning to the Helm and Navigation consoles.



     “All right, Thyrac, Plot course, for Aquarius upon arrival to new time.” She said, “Voloxa, Engage engines for jump.”



     On the bridge there was a hum as the engines began power up and a ticking, as the indicator began operating, the blip of the ship tracking among the indicator lines of the simulated waves that made up the invisible waves of time they were about to jump.



     “If we had our warp engines, this would be a hell of a lot easier.” Felonious grumbled, as Ihsss glanced at him, seated in her chair. She managed a toothy grin and a nod of agreement.



“Warp!” Ihsss commanded, and outside the ship glowed as it disappeared into the warp space, literally leaping out of time and out of space. The mission had begun.



Back on Earth, however, Angie Stethem, at this very moment, sat in her quarters alone as an incessant knocking and use off the buzzer echoed the room for several minutes. Someone was at the door, and desperately Angie tried to ignore it for several minutes as she had just staggered through it herself, after three days being AWOL. She was in a tremendous amount of trouble right now, having ignored her duty at headquarters assigned to her, and having gone absent without leave with no authorization and right now she really didn’t give a damn.



As she stood there, she held the bottle, taking hits from it, thoroughly intoxicated from the Sake she drank from it. She wanted to just die right now, drinking since she had received the transmission from Headquarters, that Nathaniel had been killed in action aboard the Clouds. She was numb right now from the pain of the death around her, but not the anguish of remembering those deaths. Death was all around her, having seen much in her travels and duty in the EDC and witness of two years prior as they were placed in stasis two hundred years ago.



They had seen a lot of time as friends, having spent stasis together, both witnesses to the carnage that happened when a bomb detonated in the chamber after both were put in stasis. It had erupted in a massive explosion, fire, smoke, and shrapnel ripping through the chamber as it killed everyone in the area, covering the chambers around them. Angie and Nathaniel had just been placed in stasis, a few moments before the bomb had detonated, and as they watched in utter horror, at the carnage outside, both realizing as the chamber was being torn apart, they would be the only survivors of their project. As they drifted off into a nightmare driven sleep, which they both would not wake up for the next two hundred years, dreams and images of the horror show they had seen before them firmly burned into their mind making for a fitful sleep.    



Then it would be off to war. Both of them would then serve, inducted into the EDC into the Dinguil War, where they would earn their baptism of fire and witness carnage in space. They both serviced aboard a Space Destroyer, escorting the Yamato to Pluto to fight the fleet of the Dinguil that waited for them. Here, they would both be wounded in battle, but not without serving excellently with their new duty aboard ship, completely new to the being in or working in space. Being brought into the heat of battle had brought out the heroics, doing their duty and risking themselves to be wounded. But they would save many of their comrades when the evil empire sneak attacked while they gathered the wounded and dead from the other ships damaged or destroyed.  Many had died in the campaign in the preliminary counterstrike against the Dinguil, where of the nine destroyers seven had lost many or all hands on board.  



“Death seems to be nothing new for us.” She thought, “You’re dead, and I am alone, that’s a fact. I really don’t want to live without you.” Angie said, “There is just one way out.”



She turned blearily to the door, placing her Astro-Automatic on the table next to the console. A grim reminder what she was about to do and what was about to happen.



“Right now I just want to be numb and unconscious.” Angie thought to herself, “… and left alone.” The buzzer sounded again a pounding on the metal door.



“And who the fuck is at the door?” The last part of it she had yelled, turning to the console and slammed her hand on the metal tabletop.  



Outside she could hear the insistent voices of her friends who had been rejoined with her after the long period of stasis in which they had been thrown out of time and space, literally. A knock sounded again on the door, if not an incessant pounding on the hatchway to her and Commander McDonald’s Quarters. The blond-haired woman, their friend managed a grimace at the sound.



“Angie! Open the damn door!” A voice said, “We know you are in there, damn it!”



The blond woman recognized the voice, as Melinda and grimaced angrily as she staggered to her feet, blearily wobbling to the controls on the console that opened the door. Here she reached for the pistol on the table, taking aim at the door as she hit the control. She suddenly felt strangely, as the alcohol caught up with her, and her hand began to shake as she took aim as her friends rushed in and saw her.



“Angie! Hell no…!” Melinda shouted, as they rushed toward her. The young woman’s hand shook as the blackness of unconsciousness filled around her. Her hand slipped, and there was a shot. Everyone dodged, and Angie crumpled to the deck, as her Astro-Automatic fell with a thud to the ground.



“What the hell?” The dark skinned young woman breathed, as she moved to her friend’s side, kicking the pistol away.



”It is okay, she unconscious, but now disarmed.” She told her friends who clustered around Melinda and their friend. Kneeling, the dark skinned young woman began examining her for any wounds. She found the gunshot to the left shoulder, and blood seeping from it. She ripped the uniform tunic, exposing the wound, and putting pressure against it with a piece of the tunic of her uniform. She placed a hand on her chest, and felt the strong heartbeat there.



“Jesus, she’s been hit in the shoulder near the neck!” Melinda shouted in alarm, “Den, you and the others check the bathroom for smelling salts and the other rooms to see if anyone else is here. Amy, Call Security, let them know we located Captain Stethem and for the medics, get them over here stat. Also, someone find a first aid kit!”



“Aye.” Amy replied, as she ran to the nearby communicator. She contacted the hospital and Doctor Phillips after calling the medics who were on their way after disconnecting.



Meanwhile, Melinda held Angie in her arms, holding pressure on the shoulder wound. Luckily, Angie’s hand had been shaking from the overload of alcohol and had not hit anything vital except her shoulder when she pulled the trigger, trying to take her own life. Her hands had been shaking bad enough to keep her from her original aim of her heart in the dead center of her chest.



“No-one else is here.” Lieutenant Watson reported, as Amanda and Emily joined them. Denise handed Melinda a bottle of smelling salts. Amy brought the medical kit, while the others brought kerchiefs, antiseptic and rubbing alcohol. 



“Great idea Denise!” Melinda said, “Maybe we can figure out what the hell is going on.”






“Someone guard that damn door.” Emily said, as Amanda nodded, taking position near the entrance, “Until the medics and doctor get here.”



“I’m on it.” Amanda replied sharply and stood there watching, drawing her pistol and watching the hallway outside.



Meanwhile, as Angie lie on the floor, wounded, her blood seeped into the rug, the strong smell of alcohol reeked from her breath, body and clothes. Melinda grimaced at the sight of the blood as did everyone else. They had not expected her to try and shoot herself, trying to kill herself. They understood why she did it, however, and her reasoning behind the attempt. Now they were looking after her.



     “Jesus, is she alright?” The question came from Amanda who looked on in question, like the others as Melinda and Emily worked on her. They were concerned for the young woman, their friend who lay wounded on the floor.



“Come on, wake up Angie! I need to talk to you and you need to be coherent.” Here, she slapped Angie’s face. A moment later, they waved smelling salts under her nose and Angie’s eyes flew open abruptly.



     “Get that shit outta my face.” Angie slurred, as she cursed under her breath.



Relieved chatter rounded the room as Captain Stethem lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling only for a brief moment before trying to get up. The young Captain lifted her hand, feeling the bottle in it, and she grimaced, sitting up trying to take a determined swig, only to find it empty. The contents had sloshed out onto the floor, mixing with her blood that now covered the shag carpeting. They pushed her back and put a hand on her chest to keep her in a laying position.  



     “Hey, why are you holding me down on to the fl…” Angie slurred, as she placed a free hand on the wound on her shoulder. Feeling the wet, she pulled it back, blearily staring at the blood there. She gasped.



     “Angie lay still. Melinda told her sharply, putting a hand on her chest, “You’ve been shot.”



Angie, turning her head staring at Melinda at the others as she struggled, making her wound bleed more. After a moment she grimaced, finally feeling the pain in her shoulder, and placed a hand on it, staring at the blood on her hand.



     “Melwinda.” Angie slurred, “H-how’s it g-going? How’s about a b-e—elt?”  Here she burped and she giggled then began to cry.  



“Oh my god, she’s drunk off her ass.” Emily observed, “Thank god for that. She’s at least relaxed and not feeling the pain. I can bet its execrating.”



We’d better sober her up, quickly before Commander Mc Donald gets here, and she has to go up and stand before the General for being AWOL. Also better do it for the sake of her child.”



Amy glanced at her.



     “According to Doctor Sane’s Office, she is a few weeks pregnant.” Emily whispered to the group, “His office has been taking care of her and she missed her check-up in these last few days. When she went missing, they were concerned about her.”  



     “Oh my god.” Amanda said with a grimace when hearing that bit of information. She turned as two burley men appeared at the door, one carrying a box and the other a stretcher, both of them had the Red Cross band on their sleeves. They were followed by two more men who took up positions outside followed by a third.  



The third man at the door flashed an ID.



“Colonel Douglas Reynolds, EDC Security.” He told Amanda and she saluted, stepping aside to allow him to enter, “I understand you have located Captain Stethem?”



“We have sir.” She replied, “But there has been a complication, that she tried to take her life tonight.”


“Oh my god.” He whispered, as he stepped further into the room seeing the pool of blood on the floor and the splatters on the wall. The prone figure of Angie lay on the floor still with the EMTS working over her body and his eyes caught the ricochet of the small arms fire from Angie’s Astro Automatic where it struck the wall. 



     “Sweet Jesus.” Colonel Reynolds murmured, as he moved toward the two EMTS being assisted by Melinda and Denise. He grimaced seeing Angie laying there, awake, and blood covering her as they patched up the wound in her shoulder and neck.



     “Will she survive?” The Colonel asked, and an EMT looked up from his work, glancing down at Angie for a moment before nodding.



     “Unknown sir, she’s lost a lot of blood.” He replied, “We’ll have her out of her and at Central Hospital in a few minutes.”



     “Carry on.” He said, and the EMTs nodded.



     Meanwhile, Commander Mitty Mc Donald, the General’s aide was off-duty and walked down the hall toward their quarters. As she walked in their quarters, she started at the two security men posted outside her door. Muttering a curse the young woman ran toward the door, and was proceeded to be blocked by the security men.



     “Sorry Commander, this is a crime scene.”



     “I live here.” She replied, flashing her id at the guards who straightened, “What do you mean a crime scene?”



     “Captain Stethem who lives at this address and block tried to commit suicide here tonight.” The guard said, “The block is on lock-down.”



     “I don’t care if the block is on full red alert and there is a battle out here, outside my door. I want in my quarters.” Mitty replied gruffly, “I carry the authority of the General Staff…”



     “Guards, Pass her on authority alpha.” A voice said, “My responsibility but no one else.” Mitty glanced at the door at the prone figure of the colonel who had stood inside the door, hearing the exchange and had briefly appeared at the door.



As she entered, her eyes trailed around the inside of hell, at the quarters that belonged to Captain Stethem and herself. Blood splattered the walls; a ricochet mark of the discharge from Angie’s pistol still was on the wall. With the hole where the shell had lodged as it had went through Angie’s body, and ended up making a hole in the wall. A pool of blood was visible on the carpeted floor, under the prone figure of Angie who lay calmly on the carpet as two EMTS worked over her body. Her head turned to the galley where Amy made coffee, while Denise and Melinda assisted the EMTS. Amanda helped Amy by relaying the platter of coffee to the many people who now occupied the quarters.



“What the hell happened here?” Mitty gasped, and she felt fold fear instead of anger and just was eager to find out what was happening. Angie as she lay there moaned as she was restrained by Melinda and Denise, giggling with each tries at patching her wound.



“I-is this how ya get a drink awound here?” Angie slurred, and they shook their heads.



     “Be quiet Angie, and hold still.” Melinda warned, pushing her back onto the floor. Emily talked quietly with Colonel Reynolds as he questioned her on what happened here tonight.



     “Attention on deck!” Mitty shouted, “What in God’s name is going on here?” The Commander exclaimed sharply, as she stood three steps into her quarter’s galley. 

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