Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


1. part 1

Yamato: The New Adventures… (Sequel to "Final" Yamato in Episode type format)

By Erwin Stevens


EPS 6 – Victory/Reflections in Time



The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light, uncountable stars in the deep darkness and with dying and forming stars abounds with many life forms. Yes, space is alive. The entire universe, our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with many such life forms. They are filled with many that love, aspire and fight in war, and there are others that are peace loving. Many forms of life are in the universe, and they live scattered throughout its cold vastness.



The speck that makes up our Earth is one such place, where wars have come, and have gone, leaving their mark. A solar system named "SOL" resides in a mere corner of the infinity of space, and so does the huge galaxy known as the Milky Way, where the SOL system resides. It is one of seventy such systems located here in the mere tip of this galaxy and in this solar system that nine planets orbit the single life-giving star. Living on the third one, an insignificant body called Earth is an advanced civilization known as human kind.



But the story takes place far from Sol and the Milky Way Galaxy, in deep space where a battle had been fought between the forces of Earth and the Cybertron at Aquarius. It is here that a decisive victory had been won by the Earth forces and a battle that had decided the war of the future of human-kind near Aquarius. Earth had destroyed the Aquarius water planet to keep the evil war machine from the future from launching their offensive against Earth. The primary mission of the Cybertron had been to come from the future, intending to change time and history, destroying Earth far before she could ally with forces involved in a huge galactic war which would result in their defeat in the future. With the help of a ship from the future, Earth had been successfully warned of the plot and rallied to fight far before it had happened in the way the Cybertron had planned resulting in their defeat rather than Earth’s destruction.



It is on board the Earth ship, the Space Destroyer Whirlwind, however, that Sergeant Major Perry stands alone in his quarters. As he stares out from a porthole at the stars of space, his gaze also falls upon the other ships that surround them in the convoy headed for Earth. The mission is complete now and as he watches the stars, he thinks of the past few hours and days that and to the mission they have just completed. It had been a hard mission, harder than anything he had ever done in his entire military career. Harder than even stasis, being placed in and recovered and having to catch up learn into the new century in which they found themselves. They had to destroy a planet, and had succeeded to do so.



“But at what cost.” The Sergeant Major thought, thinking of twelve people and countless others that would not be coming home after a diversion that allowed them to be deployed to Aquarius undetected, thanks to the Clouds, a ship from the future.



“We might have won the day, but with not without cost and death aplenty.” Sergeant Major Perry thought, continuing to stare at the stars through the porthole on the ship. Here he shook his head, limping as he walked as he moved toward the nearby table in his quarters where he sat at the table. It is covered with papers, compliments of the Lieutenant who was in charge of the group as second in command.



“It won’t be long now and we’ll be home to a Hero’s welcome.” Manual thought, “But some party that will be without the real heroes who did he deed. God knows we certainly paid for this party with our dearest blood.”



As Sergeant Major Perry also stood in his quarters, his mind is filled with cosmic thoughts, thinking of his lost friends. It is here that he almost had forgotten about the meeting he still had to do back on Earth with Captain Stethem and the others in the stasis group who had seen them off on this mission. She is the Major’s friend, lover and companion from his stasis group, the very one whom he had promised to bring back the Major intact from this mission. But now, all he would be doing now was take the personal effects of the Major to her and have to explain why her lover had not come home. Why he was killed on this mission instead, all because of a command decision that he alone had made. One decision alone, that had won the battle and the war for the universe and for time itself. 



“Oh yea, I almost forgot about that.” Manual mused, “Jesus, what a meeting it will be too, an emotional one at that. There will probably be shouting, resentment, frustration, anger, and hatred. It will be all for nothing for something that happened on a mission that was against the odds anyway.”



He shook his head in silence, groaning as he paused to take a sip from a flask at his belt, letting the Kentucky Bourbon sting his throat as it went down. The alcohol seemed to steady him, and it was a far better solution than Sane’s injected relaxants that had a tendency to upset his stomach. He managed his turn his head and scan the empty room before turning his attention back to the porthole. Here he managed to shake his head negatively, suddenly disgusted by the death and destruction around him.



     “Hah shit.” The Sergeant Major muttered, as he stood angrily in frustration, grabbing his hat, and headed for the door of his quarters. As he stepped through the hatch into the corridor, he turned to limp alone down the center of it, heading for the galley where he would get a cup of coffee, passing and ignoring many of the crew of the Destroyer.  



“Sergeant Major!” A voice said sharply, and Manual startled, looked up from his pensive thoughts.



“Sir!” He replied sharply, nodding his head. It was the Lieutenant, the second in command for this mission, who had been put in charge and sent to the Whirlwind with the men while the Major set off the EMP. He had his group, while the Major directly led the group with Sergeant Jeevers as his squad leader in two groups.



The Sergeant Major blearily stared at the pensive expression on his face and immediately sensed something was up.



“Just so you know, when we get back to Earth, there will be an inquiry by the council.” He told him, “Those assholes want an explanation it seems for the loss of ships and personnel, even though we won the war. Make sure you have your Class A uniform ready, put on your saddle and report to the sawdust ring. You, Jeevers, and I are on the hot-seat with about twenty other Commanders. It seems the families are pushing their rights and made it a totally political battle at Headquarters to for the EDC to accept responsibility for the loss of those at Aquarius. The Council is blaming the military for blatant incompetence and not doing our job, through we were engaged with overwhelming odds.”  



“What? Why the hell are they putting us in the hot seat Lieutenant?” Manual asked, “We did the job. We had our hands full. There was nothing anyone could do any differently, on the ground and in space.” 



“I know, but it seems they think it could have been done better and cleaner than it was. It’s a political game now, son. They are looking for scapegoats, not heroes.” Kino replied, “I was just giving you a heads up, when we land at Earth in a few days. Things are going to seem chaotic. Just relax and give them a full statement of your report as you were there. And be happy where they place you in the end for your contribution. You did good work Sergeant Major. You can fight along side me anytime.” 



     “Aye, Aye.” Manual replied, “Thanks, Lieutenant.” Manual grimaced as he watched the Lieutenant depart.



“As if my morale is not low enough already, it just got totally worse.” He muttered, “Great, just fucking great.” 



“And the hits keep oooon coming.” The Sergeant Major murmured as he hobbled toward the galley, supported by a cane he held in one hand.  



When he finally arrived, the galley was empty, save one other person who was in here. He immediately went to the dispensary and he took a cup, seeking out a strong cup of coffee to drink to stay focused, despite seventy hours of no sleep since pulling back from Aquarius. There was just too much on his mind to sleep now and too much paperwork that was now required from him to back up the statement of the Lieutenant to the council on Earth.



Manual, as he limped toward the large bay window, stood before it a moment later, and it is here that he gazed at the stars before taking a chair. (Which he turned and straddled in the same gesture like certain Commander from a distant TV Show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.) The Sergeant Major took a determined sip of the rotgut coffee with a grimace, thankful for the stimulant as he let the stars sooth his troubled mind. He tried to consciously decipher what was going on and what they were about to go through back on Earth.  



“Hell. It isn’t my fault for the Major or the others dying. He had done his duty as he saw fit and made a command decision where he saw to his crew first.” Manual muttered, “That’s the sign of a good officer. He saw to his men first and took the responsibility for us for his own actions. So why are the Lieutenant and I being made responsible for this and going to get screwed for what happened? That makes no sense. It’s the military, people die, that’s part of the job. There should be no place for politics here, not now, not ever, not for what we just went through. I can understand the grieving families, but to force the council and EDC to accept responsibility for winning a war? Ridiculous…”  



Looking from side to side, Manual pulled out a flask, pouring a bit of the contents into the now empty coffee mug and took a hit of the Kentucky Bourbon that stung his throat as it went down hard. He took another sip of the liquid in his cup, turning his attention back toward the stars of space. A lot of images and thoughts whirled through his head as he sat there. He shook his head, trying to clear the unwanted images of hell they had gone through.  



“Excuse me, Sergeant Major?” A woman’s voice asked, and he turned to see Nova standing at the hatchway. She frowned at him as he took another shot from the cup, emptying the contents. The liquid burned his throat. He remained silent, meeting her gaze with a questioning expression.



“The Captain needs to see you on the bridge.” She said, and he nodded slightly, rising to his feet. Manual took out his flask and took a determined gulp from it. The young woman frowned seeing the flask. He let out a silent exhale of exasperation.



“Alright, let’s go Ms. Wildstar.” He replied, and hobbled toward her.



“Is that alcohol?” She demanded, “You know that’s against regs.”



“Yea… it is, so sue me. Tell it to my draft board.” He replied sharply, “Because I don’t give a flying…”



Manual stopped cold, blearily staring at the startled young officer. He quickly realized that he had reared up and bit her head off. It was not her fault that the Major and the Clouds were destroyed. She had not had caused the inquiry coming up, or caused the many losses of manpower from the two task forces that took on the Cybertron as a diversion to make the drop onto the planet. He realized snapping at her was unnecessary at best and the Sergeant Major backtracked immediately.  



“Sorry.” He murmured, and turned his attention back to the view port.



The young woman’s mouth dropped open at the sharpness and insubordination in his tone. But she stepped up toward him, placing her hand on his shoulder.



“Steady, Sergeant Major.” She told him as the young Lieutenant shook her head in disgust, smelling the bourbon, “Believe me, I understand.”



Nova did understand why he was drinking. It was to forget. Yet, with all the bloodshed they had seen through the years among the Star Force, she wondered why they were not all boozers too. 



“Come with me, now, please.” She said sharply, and motioned for him to follow her through the hatch.



“Where to… Lieutenant?” He snarled, “Captain’s quarters for a Captain’s Mast?”



“No, being drunk I will ignore that, but you have a message at the Communications console on the bridge.” Lieutenant Wildstar stated sharply, “But we shall speak of this incident later. Not for disciplinary action with the Captain. Talking helps and you always have a friendly ear who will listen.”



Manual muttered under his breath, followed her to the hatch, stepping through it, and down the corridor toward the nearest lift that would take them to the bridge of the Space Destroyer. As they boarded the lift he leaned partially against the wall. Nova glanced at him in silence.



“I would suggest you do not get too close to the Captain, and let him know you have been drinking.” Nova suggested, “It would smash your career with a court-martial on your record. He pretty much goes by regulations. I am willing to overlook it if you continue on coffee and get sober by twenty-three hundred hours. It is approximately twenty-two-twelve.”



“It doesn’t matter.” Manual said, “I have a right to get stinking drunk, after having to watch my comrades get chopped to pieces, and then my best friend disappear in a flash of an explosion.”



“Yes, but seventeen stayed alive and countless others.” Nova replied tersely, “Or have you forgotten.”



“I have not forgotten, but I was charged to protecting the Major.” Manual replied hotly, “Now I have to face an emotional friend on Earth, to give her the effects, and explain to her what happened after the mission was supposedly in the bag. Some mission this was… NOT!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



“I totally understand your pain, but for the moment, just trust me and take the call.” Nova said gently, seeing the pain in his eyes, an almost intense look there. Nova was reminded of someone else, who had taken his advice and did his duty well. Manual nodded as he entered the waiting lift to the bridge and managed to step dexterously out onto it without staggering.



“Sergeant Major Perry, reporting, sir.”



The Captain and the others stared at the rumpled uniform of the Sergeant Major, and the haggard look about him. They managed a grim glance between themselves. 



“Jesus, you look awful Sergeant Major.” Captain Yamazaki told him with a grimace, “You need to see Doctor Sane. You need to get some sleep.”



The comment made the Sergeant Major frown as he turned toward the communicator.



“I’ve heard that a lot lately out of the crew.” He said, “I will when the paperwork and other stuff is completed, sir. Count on it.”



“If you are having trouble sleeping, Doctor Sane can help you with a knock-out drop.” The Captain suggested and Manual merely nodded his head.



“Aye, Captain. That it will, sir.” He replied lamely and he turned to the Communicator.  



“Alright, Homer is it? What’s going on?” Manual asked, straightening, but keeping a distance from the console.



“Play the message.” The Captain instructed and Homer hit the button on the console.



This is Major Miller, on board the U.S.S. Magellanic Clouds, reporting on board at coordinates three-forty by two-eighty by three fifty three. We are heading on course at two eight zero, we have survived and are on course for the edge of the known galaxy. Currently we are computing time warp computations at this time, starting our run into the time-stream to stabilize time itself. If successful, our hope is that time will be changed and stabilized to avoid a paradox in time caused by the Cybertron. Please inform the EDC Headquarters of our intentions. Miller out.”



“That’s all we have, Sergeant Major.” Captain Yamazaki said, and Manual turned, paused and he grinned letting out a loud whoop.



“He’s alive!?” He exclaimed, excitedly, “I don’t believe it!”



     “Neither could we.” The Captain said, “We had to confirm and authenticate three times when we got the message. What I don’t understand is what he is doing. What and where is he going? Why isn’t he on his way home to Earth? The battle is over, and what does he mean by stabilizing time?” Multiple questions rounded the bridge and Manual shrugged his shoulders. 



Manual’s mirth had stopped abruptly when he thought back to the jam session in the Major’s quarters with Angie, Ihsss, Felonious and Kino and himself. He had told him then what he planned, and what he had intended to do. 



“Jesus, you’re actually going to jump time as he said you were, aren’t you Major?” The Sergeant Major murmured to himself, and nearby Nova frowned, hearing his words.



“Sergeant Major, is there something you aren’t telling us and holding back? By the look on your face, you seem to know what he is talking about it with the time warp computations…” Nova asked, “Please fill us in? What is he doing? What is happening Sergeant Major. After all he is your friend from the past. What is he doing?”



“Okay, well… the way he explained it, was that he was going to first conceal his departure and go with the Clouds to recover a Hero.” The Sergeant Major said solemnly, “Then said something about stabilizing time as we know with minimal bloodshed and eliminate a Paradox detected by the Clouds when the Cybertron warped into this time intending or having changed it by using Aquarius as a base.”   



“That doesn’t make much sense.” Derick said, “Recover a Hero? What in god’s name does that mean? And stabilize time with minimal bloodshed?”



Sandor and the others on the bridge stood around mulling over the two statements in their brains.



“If you don’t see it, the Hero is Seth, he’s going to go back and ambush an ambush and save Seth.” The Sergeant Major said, “And by stabilizing time, he is going to make it where time is once again fluid, and eliminate the Cybertron’s interference once and for all using Aquarius as a base, before they ever even get there.”



“Oh, Dear God.” Nova murmured, paling slightly.



“Sweet Jesus, that’s crazy!” Another voices said, but it was Sandor who stopped them all.



“Perhaps not.” Sandor said, “If he succeeds in his task, and wins that day, Major Aquilera survives to lead the Aquarius mission if we have to fight it. But I don’t think we will, I think he’s going to make it where we do not have to fight in the Aquarius war. He is going to set wrong to right, and settle the matter, by making time fluid and removing the event from time himself before they ever get there. This whole time line will not exist in the literal sense. Time won’t be written yet and only will be written from where he changes it at the memorial when he saves Major Aquilera.” 



There was a pause. A low murmur rounded the bridge.



“If he succeeds with his task, he could change time where many people would possibly not die who did so in the war of Aquarius we just fought, right Sandor?” Derick asked, and the technician nodded.



“If he’s smart, which he sure as heck is, he’s not only going after saving one life, for the sake of another, but save lives for us all.” Sandor said solemnly.



“Well, he planned this entire thing, the entire ruse, to make it look like he was destroyed for the benefit of Cybertron left and now is on his way on an impossible mission to finish the job.” Manual replied, “He certainly didn’t do it for himself, he did it for Seth, for another chance at life and for Emily who is alone on Earth without her love. …And even if he gets a little bit of happiness for himself, as a plus, I say give’m Hell, Major Miller. Give’m Hell.”



“Let’s hope so, Sergeant Major.” Nova said quietly, as she stood next to her husband, who had come up to stand beside her, and embraced her warmly.



“That’s for sure.” Sandor replied, and he nodded.



Meanwhile on board the Clouds, Major Miller sat in the quarters he and Angie had shared when they had begun the mission to Aquarius. As he worked at his laptop, he worked on the plan of attack for when they arrived into the past in the year 2208, the night Seth was killed and the Star Cruiser Class Starship was on its way to Earth. He would be dropped off, to ambush an ambush on Hero’s Hill, despite that his past self would be at the Space Dock at Federal City and working on board the Space Cruiser which he was assigned. He had already prepared a message that would simulate a false message from Angie at the Hero’s Hill, even though she came after the battle was lost and Seth had died, sacrificing himself on the hill. He would do the same to bring Angie, Mitty and even himself to the memorial to assist in his plan.



His plan was simple and direct. He would take Seth’s place as a casualty, taking on the enemy by surprising each one of the Cybertron shooters. The Major would plan to eliminate them and to hold the hill until his past-self arrived on the scene with Angie, Commander Mitty McDonald, and reinforcements because of the simulated message that would alert them all of the surprise attack at Hero’s Hill. It would be a direct assault against a platoon of Cybertron, but with a bit of luck, he would eliminate them all, and Seth would be alive and well.



“It will be a difficult timed assault, but I think we can do it.” Nathaniel thought to himself, and managed a nod at the screen at his recorded data on the screen.



A moment passed and he was deep in thought until he turned his head when the buzzer sounded inside the room. Major Miller reached over and hit the switch on the console, allowing the hatch to open. It allowed a young Thyrnn female to enter, and to stand at the hatchway. She was lean and timid with an hourglass figure, curves like a young human female.



“May I help you, miss…?” He asked as she shot him a toothy grin. She was covered with a flight suit over her brown scales with a white underbelly. She had small b-cup-like breasts. She carried a large bag what appeared to be her space bag with her.



“Thyssstha.” She replied, smiling and even nodding to the young Major. The young reptilian felt a hot flash in her body, and somewhere down below that she felt liquid surge from her body as she stared at the grizzled Major. She found herself suddenly madly in love, the first time ever seeing a human for herself up close. Her body seemed to respond with her pheromones toward the presence of the Major. He grimaced.



“Damn, if I may say this Major, you are the sexiest human I have ever seen.” She told him casually and he grinned. She was sexy and exotic as hell to the Major but he shook his head. He remembered that somewhere he was promised to someone else.



“Can I help…?” He asked and she shook her head.



“We are sharing these quarters, Major.” She said, “Captain’s orders. May I store my gear? I’d like to get a little bit of downtime.”



“Uh, by all means.” He replied, standing formally as she brought over her bag and quickly unpacked it into the drawers.



He gasped as she began removing her boots and unzipped her flight-suit. As the zipper continued to fall, and it revealed a little more than the Major was prepared for. He gasped and turned his head.



“Oh.” The Major said, and he stood, turning his back as she stood there.



“No need for that Major.” She said, as she peeled off the flight suit standing in the buff. She placed her flight suit on the chair as she walked toward the bunk and climbed into the top bunk. “Like you humans, we are not ashamed of our bodies.”



He glanced at her as she lay there, and nodded shortly. He could see that she was almost human in many ways, the only difference that she had a tail at her tail bone, but otherwise without it she could easily pass as a human. She was quite shockingly beautiful to the grizzled officer. She was hairless on her body, but he definitely could see the definition making her almost human-like features. Embarrassed, he turned his head away again, reminded that he belonged to Angie not anyone else.



“Night Major.” She said, smiling, realizing he was watching her. She closed the privacy door over the opening.



“Night.” He said, “Sleep Well, Thyssstha.”



He retook his seat and continuing to type on his laptop well into the night. He watched her as she got comfortable and soon she was asleep.



By the next morning Major Miller sat in the chair, still working on the laptop and writing out the plan that would be used for his landing on Earth of the past. It would be when he alone would change history and make it for the better by preventing Seth’s death at the memorial and balance time as they knew it.



He glanced over at the young Thyrnn officer who slept on the top bunk and he shook his head. He shifted uncomfortably at his desk, glancing at his laptop clock that read ‘08:00’. He realized it was time what he must do now and according to the mapping software, linked to the bridge systems, he knew that they were almost to their destination. He was on his way to die. The Major paused for a moment, grimacing as he had to force himself to remember how to click on the intercom and even speak into one of these things.



“Major Miller to Bridge!” He said sharply, but softly.



“Bridge, H’Mthsss T’Larra.” A musical voice replied.



“Hi, get your mother.” He said, “I have us almost at the jump point, according to my monitor.”



“Ihsss’ Here.” Another voice said, “We are on course, Major. We are almost there. We are standing by to jump on your order.”



“Okay, I’ll be right up.” The Major said, glancing at the nude form of the Thyrnn woman in the quarters with him, “Out.”



Without making noise, he walked to the privacy screen and he closed it. Adjusting himself, he moved toward the hatch that opened obediently for him and then closed. It allowed him to walk silently down the deserted corridors of the Star Cruiser Class Starship to the nearest lift. Here he took that lift, and yet he leaned to the one side, as pain throbbed in his side. Straightening, as the lift slowed, the doors opened allowing him to exit into the bridge.



“Major.” Ihsss said, greeting him with a smile, then a frown. “Forgive me for saying this, but you look like hell. You need to get some sleep.” 



     “Not until after the jump, and only then a few hours.” The Major said, “There is so much to do.” He did not mention a certain reptilian woman she had put in his quarters with him whose pheromones were causing him to have problems sleeping. It was her coming onto him and falling madly in love with him.   



     “So what are your chances of pulling this off?” Ihsss asked, and he regarded her for a moment, shaking his head.



     “Slim.” He replied, “But you guys will already be here in that time when we arrive, so we have to hurry, drop and you guys can skedaddle to your own time.”



     “This timeline though won’t exist though will it?” Ihsss asked.



     “No, it won’t so it’s imperative you guys get out of here. I don’t want to risk having your personnel helping chance the stream and change time when your ship is just arriving at Earth. It would really bring us too close to another Paradox.” He said, “Best you get your ship out of here after the drop. Don’t worry, if this works, you guys might get to go home a little earlier from the partial rewrite.” He smiled. “We all still have to go through the mission of course, but it will already be set. All they have to do is hit the destruct switch and poof! No more Aquarius.”





“We have to make one jump, where we went back before the Cybertron make it to Aquarius, and plant the explosives, and hide them.” The Major said, “From there, we head to Earth and carry out the rescue mission. All that needs to done, after that is a team needs to head out to Aquarius, and destroy the planet.”



     “The mission will be the same but it will be less bloody than it was.” The Major pointed out. 



     “It sounds really complicated, what happens if the Cybertron find the explosives?”  



     “Not likely, but if they do then it will be the same thing over again, the same bloody conflict for the EDC.”  He replied, “Seth will probably die again, and I will have to take charge, and go to Aquarius.”



     “Meaning nothing will change.” She said, “Why are you so bent on changing history that was already done? Why must Seth Aquilera live?”



     He did not answer as the conversation was interrupted, leaving him to his contemplated thoughts. Ones that he knew deep down were the right move, in which he could right a wrong that had been made. He would save a friend and the universe in one instant by his risk and actions through time and space. He was indeed the focal point to this mess that spurned this deadly war that started and forced Earth’s involvement on a deadly plot from the future.



     “It’s because of a promise, Ihsss, I made to a good friend.” He said solemnly, “If he survives, our chances of returning from this mission just doubled from the start of the stream of the mission.”    



“Excuse me, Captain, we are entering the sector.” Veloxa reported, half turning as he managed a nod.



“We have company it seems.” Felonious said, as he placed his head into the viewer of the sensor module. The scanners hummed and echoed across the bridge.



“Visual.” Ihsss turned, “Slow to fifteen space knots and activate cloaking.”



“Cloaking device engaged.” Kwai said, as outside, the ship disappeared, leaving silence and the stars of space behind. On the screen before them was a lone ship, and the crew grimaced when they recognized it as Cybertron. A low groan echoed across the bridge.



“Sir, there is no power emanations from it.” Felonious replied, “It’s drifting.”  



“Approach cautiously, it might be a trap.” The Captain ordered, “After what we have seen major, this would be a perfect ruse to lure us in.”



“Agreed.” He replied.



“Shields up, stand by weapons, target missiles for one barrage.” Ihsss replied, “Let’s eliminate it from being an issue.”



A moment later, Kwai turned to nod her head, as she pulled the handle of the handle with the trigger on it for the missiles. It beeped when she pulled it.



“Ready, Captain.” Kwai stated.






 Missiles erupted from the Cruiser, as the ship suddenly came to life and turned on them. Cybertron torpedoes struck their shields. They answered with missiles and their attack struck the Cybertron many times. An explosion followed a moment later, the Cybertron ship disappearing as it left only the silent stars of space and debris behind.



     “Whoa!” Ihsss gasped, as she turned her head at the Major who was grimacing at the screen.



     “I knew it was a ruse.” He said with a smile, and she managed a toothy grin.



     “We’re clear Captain.” Felonious reported, checking the scanners, “There is nothing within three sectors in distance around us. We can make the jump anytime.”



     Ihsss glanced at Major Miller who nodded his head slowly.



     “Alright, make the computations, and power up, ready for time warp computations.”  The Captain ordered, “Engineering, ready your engines. Engage the computer systems.”



     The Major took the seat next to Felonious’ side of the bridge, as he pulled the two arms together, securing himself in the chair. On the bridge, there was a stream of busy activity on the bridge as the crew began to prepare the ship for the jump through space and time.



     "Computers are engaged, we have targeted the time as twenty-two oh eight, in February.” Felonious said, “All systems ready.”



     “Engineering to Bridge.” A voice said, Ihsss turned to the console when hearing Voloxa’s accented voice on the speakers.



     “Bridge.” Ihsss replied, hitting the button.



     “Full power is ready, Skipper.” He replied, “I don’t know how long I can give you the power though.”



     “Just do your best, Voloxa.” She replied, “Keep it coming as long as you can.” With that, she closed the channel, turning to the Helm and Navigation consoles.



     “All right, Thyrac, Plot course, for Aquarius upon arrival to new time.” She said, “Voloxa, Engage engines for jump.”



     On the bridge there was a hum as the engines began power up and a ticking, as the indicator began operating, the blip of the ship tracking among the indicator lines of the simulated waves that made up the invisible waves of time they were about to jump.



     “If we had our warp engines, this would be a hell of a lot easier.” Felonious grumbled, as Ihsss glanced at him, seated in her chair. She managed a toothy grin and a nod of agreement.



“Warp!” Ihsss commanded, and outside the ship glowed as it disappeared into the warp space, literally leaping out of time and out of space. The mission had begun.



Back on Earth, however, Angie Stethem, at this very moment, sat in her quarters alone as an incessant knocking and use off the buzzer echoed the room for several minutes. Someone was at the door, and desperately Angie tried to ignore it for several minutes as she had just staggered through it herself, after three days being AWOL. She was in a tremendous amount of trouble right now, having ignored her duty at headquarters assigned to her, and having gone absent without leave with no authorization and right now she really didn’t give a damn.



As she stood there, she held the bottle, taking hits from it, thoroughly intoxicated from the Sake she drank from it. She wanted to just die right now, drinking since she had received the transmission from Headquarters, that Nathaniel had been killed in action aboard the Clouds. She was numb right now from the pain of the death around her, but not the anguish of remembering those deaths. Death was all around her, having seen much in her travels and duty in the EDC and witness of two years prior as they were placed in stasis two hundred years ago.



They had seen a lot of time as friends, having spent stasis together, both witnesses to the carnage that happened when a bomb detonated in the chamber after both were put in stasis. It had erupted in a massive explosion, fire, smoke, and shrapnel ripping through the chamber as it killed everyone in the area, covering the chambers around them. Angie and Nathaniel had just been placed in stasis, a few moments before the bomb had detonated, and as they watched in utter horror, at the carnage outside, both realizing as the chamber was being torn apart, they would be the only survivors of their project. As they drifted off into a nightmare driven sleep, which they both would not wake up for the next two hundred years, dreams and images of the horror show they had seen before them firmly burned into their mind making for a fitful sleep.    



Then it would be off to war. Both of them would then serve, inducted into the EDC into the Dinguil War, where they would earn their baptism of fire and witness carnage in space. They both serviced aboard a Space Destroyer, escorting the Yamato to Pluto to fight the fleet of the Dinguil that waited for them. Here, they would both be wounded in battle, but not without serving excellently with their new duty aboard ship, completely new to the being in or working in space. Being brought into the heat of battle had brought out the heroics, doing their duty and risking themselves to be wounded. But they would save many of their comrades when the evil empire sneak attacked while they gathered the wounded and dead from the other ships damaged or destroyed.  Many had died in the campaign in the preliminary counterstrike against the Dinguil, where of the nine destroyers seven had lost many or all hands on board.  



“Death seems to be nothing new for us.” She thought, “You’re dead, and I am alone, that’s a fact. I really don’t want to live without you.” Angie said, “There is just one way out.”



She turned blearily to the door, placing her Astro-Automatic on the table next to the console. A grim reminder what she was about to do and what was about to happen.



“Right now I just want to be numb and unconscious.” Angie thought to herself, “… and left alone.”



 The buzzer sounded again a pounding on the metal door.



“And who the fuck is at the door?” The last part of it she had yelled, turning to the console and slammed her hand on the metal tabletop.  



Outside she could hear the insistent voices of her friends who had been rejoined with her after the long period of stasis in which they had been thrown out of time and space, literally. A knock sounded again on the door, if not an incessant pounding on the hatchway to her and Commander McDonald’s Quarters. The blond-haired woman, their friend managed a grimace at the sound.



“Angie! Open the damn door!” A voice said, “We know you are in there, damn it!”



The blond woman recognized the voice, as Melinda and grimaced angrily as she staggered to her feet, blearily wobbling to the controls on the console that opened the door. Here she reached for the pistol on the table, taking aim at the door as she hit the control. The young woman grimaced as she turned it on her self, suddenly feeling strangely, as the alcohol caught up with her, and her hand began to shake as she took aim, her friends rushing in and seeing her.



“Angie! Hell no…!” Melinda shouted, as they rushed toward her. The young woman’s hand shook as the blackness of unconsciousness filled around her. Her hand slipped, and there was a shot. Everyone dodged, and Angie crumpled to the deck, as her Astro-Automatic fell with a thud to the ground.



“What the hell?” The dark skinned young woman breathed, as she moved to her friend’s side, kicking the pistol away.



”It is okay, she unconscious, but now disarmed.” She told her friends who clustered around Melinda and their friend. Kneeling, the dark skinned young woman began examining her for any wounds. She found the gunshot to the left shoulder, and blood seeping from it. She ripped the uniform tunic, exposing the wound, and putting pressure against it with a piece of the tunic of her uniform. She placed a hand on her chest, and felt the strong heartbeat there.



“Jesus, she’s been hit in shoulder near the neck!” Melinda shouted in alarm, “Den, you and the others check the bathroom for smelling salts and the other rooms to see if anyone else is here. Amy, Call Security, let them know we located Captain Stethem and for the medics, get them over here stat. Also, someone find a first aid kit!”



“Aye.” Amy replied, as she ran to the nearby communicator. She contacted the hospital and Doctor Phillips after calling the medics who were on their way after disconnecting.



Meanwhile, Melinda held Angie in her arms, holding pressure on the shoulder wound. Luckily, Angie’s hand had been shaking from the overload of alcohol and had not hit anything vital except her shoulder when she pulled the trigger, trying to take her own life. Her hands had been shaking bad enough to keep her from her original aim of her heart in the dead center of her chest.



“No-one else is here.” Lieutenant Watson reported, as Amanda and Emily joined them. Denise handed Melinda a bottle of smelling salts. Amy brought the medical kit, while the others brought kerchiefs, antiseptic and rubbing alcohol. 



“Great idea Denise!” Melinda said, “Maybe we can figure out what the hell is going on.”






“Someone guard that damn door.” Emily said, as Amanda nodded, taking position near the entrance, “Until the medics and doctor get here.”



“I’m on it.” Amanda replied sharply and stood there watching, drawing her pistol and watching the hallway outside.



As Angie lie on the floor, wounded, her blood seeped into the rug, the strong smell of alcohol reeked from her breath, body and clothes. Melinda grimaced at the sight of the blood as did everyone else. They had not expected her to try and shoot herself, trying to kill herself. They understood why she did it, however, and her reasoning behind the attempt. Now they were looking after her.



     “Jesus, is she alright?” The question came from Amanda who looked on in question, like the others as Melinda and Emily worked on her. They were concerned for the young woman, their friend who lay wounded on the floor.



“Come on, wake up Angie! I need to talk to you and you need to be coherent.” Here, she slapped Angie’s face. A moment later, they waved smelling salts under her nose and Angie’s eyes flew open abruptly.



     “Get that shit outta my face.” Angie slurred, as she cursed under her breath.



Relieved chatter rounded the room as Captain Stethem lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling only for a brief moment before trying to get up. The young Captain lifted her hand, feeling the bottle in it, and she grimaced, sitting up trying to take a determined swig, only to find it empty. The contents had sloshed out onto the floor, mixing with her blood that now covered the shag carpeting. They pushed her back and put a hand on her chest to keep her in a laying position.  



     “Hey, why are you holding me down on to the fl…” Angie slurred, as she placed a free hand on the wound on her shoulder. Feeling the wet, she pulled it back, blearily staring at the blood there. She gasped.



     “Angie lay still.” Melinda told her sharply, putting a hand on her chest, “You’ve been shot.”



Angie, turning her head staring at Melinda at the others as she struggled, making her wound bleed more. After a moment she grimaced, finally feeling the pain in her shoulder, and placed a hand on it, staring at the blood on her hand again.



     “Melwinda.” Angie slurred, “H-how’s it g-going? How’s about a b-e—elt?”  Here she burped and she giggled then began to cry.  



“Oh my god, she’s drunk off her ass.” Emily observed, “Thank god for that. She’s at least relaxed and not feeling the pain. I can bet its execrating.”



We’d better sober her up, quickly before Commander Mc Donald gets here, and she has to go up and stand before the General for being AWOL. Also better do it for the sake of her child.”



Amy glanced at her.



     “According to Doctor Sane’s Office, she is a few weeks pregnant.” Emily whispered to the group, “His office has been taking care of her and she missed her check-up in these last few days. When she went missing, they were concerned about her.”  



     “Oh my god.” Amanda said with a grimace when hearing that bit of information. She turned as two burley men appeared at the door, one carrying a box and the other a stretcher, both of them had the Red Cross band on their sleeves. They were followed by two more men who took up positions outside followed by a third.  



The third man at the door flashed an ID.



“Colonel Douglas Reynolds, EDC Security.” He told Amanda and she saluted, stepping aside to allow him to enter, “I understand you have located Captain Stethem?”



“We have sir.” She replied, “But there has been a complication, that she tried to take her life tonight.”



“Oh my god.” He whispered, as he stepped further into the room seeing the pool of blood on the floor and the splatters on the wall. The prone figure of Angie lay on the floor still with the EMTS working over her body and his eyes caught the ricochet of the small arms fire from Angie’s Astro Automatic where it struck the wall. 



     “Sweet Jesus.” Colonel Reynolds murmured, as he moved toward the two EMTS being assisted by Melinda and Denise. He grimaced seeing Angie laying there, awake, and blood covering her as they patched up the wound in her shoulder and neck.



     “Will she survive?” The Colonel asked, and an EMT looked up from his work, glancing down at Angie for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.  



     “Unknown sir, she’s lost a lot of blood.” He replied, “We’ll have her out of her and at Central Hospital in a few minutes.”



     “Carry on.” He said, and the EMTs nodded.



     Meanwhile, Commander Mitty Mc Donald, the General’s aide was off-duty and walked down the hall toward their quarters. As she walked in their quarters, she started at the two security men posted outside her door. Muttering a curse the young woman ran toward the door, and was proceeded to be blocked by the security men.



     “Sorry Commander, this is a crime scene.”



     “I live here.” She replied, flashing her id at the guards who straightened, “What do you mean a crime scene?”



     “Captain Stethem who lives at this address and block tried to commit suicide here tonight.” The guard said, “The block is on lock-down.”


     “I don’t care if the block is on full red alert and there is a battle out here, outside my door. I want in my quarters.” Mitty replied gruffly, “I carry the authority of the General Staff…”



     “Guards, Pass her on authority alpha.” A voice said, “My responsibility but no one else.” Mitty glanced at the door at the prone figure of the colonel who had stood inside the door, hearing the exchange and had briefly appeared at the door.



As she entered, her eyes trailed around the inside of hell, at the quarters that belonged to Captain Stethem and herself. Blood splattered the walls; a ricochet mark of the discharge from Angie’s pistol still was on the wall. With the hole where the shell had lodged as it had went through Angie’s body, and ended up making a hole in the wall. A pool of blood was visible on the carpeted floor, under the prone figure of Angie who lay calmly on the carpet as two EMTS worked over her body. Her head turned to the galley where Amy made coffee, while Denise and Melinda assisted the EMTS. Amanda helped Amy by relaying the platter of coffee to the many people who now occupied the quarters.



“What the hell happened here?” Mitty gasped, and she felt fold fear instead of anger and just was eager to find out what was happening. Angie as she lay there moaned as she was restrained by Melinda and Denise, giggling with each tries at patching her wound.



“I-is this how ya get a drink awound here?” Angie slurred, and they shook their heads.



     “Be quiet Angie, and hold still.” Melinda warned, pushing her back onto the floor. Emily talked quietly with Colonel Reynolds as he questioned her on what happened here tonight.



     “Attention on deck!” Mitty shouted, “What in God’s name is going on here?” The Commander exclaimed sharply, as she stood three steps into her quarter’s galley.



     “Angie is drunk, Commander.” Denise said, “We’re trying to sober her up. Doctor Phillips and Nurse Proficient are on their way here. The EMT’s here are doing their best to patch her up just a little bit.”



“I can see that, as well as two security personnel outside our door.” Mitty told the group, and there was a grimace.



     “Where the hell did you find her?” Mitty asked, “Or do I want to know.”



     “No, we found her here, clearly intoxicated, on the floor passed out when we came over here. She was about to commit suicide, she had a pistol.” Melinda replied with a nod.



     “Dear Lord.” Mitty muttered, and walked into the room further.



     “Besides finding here, drunk and suicidal, what else did you come for?”  The message and question was clear. They were intruding in their quarters but the four had been tracking Angie per orders for the last three days. They had followed her, this far and found her in Mitty and hers quarters. 



     “We’ve been under orders to find and follow her, bringing her from your quarters.” Amy replied, “To the General directly.”



“We bring also were bringing a message to her, some great news to tell her that might have snapped her out of her funk, Commander, about the Clouds. We tried telling her but we can’t tell her while she’s like this.”



     “The Clouds!?” Mitty exclaimed, “What news is that Miss Montgomery? They found debris, bodies or what…?”



     “No actually, the Major and the ship are alive and well, and are cruising toward Solace. The Whirlwind received the message and forwarded it to Earth Headquarters.” She replied.



“Holy shit! T-there alive? Major Miller and the Clouds are not destroyed?” She stammered, and the group nodded.



“Alive, and well.” Emily said, “We will be glad to see them, but something was wrong they were way outward into space and not returning to Earth. I think the Major is going with them to their time for some reason.”



     “They mapped them at Sector one-eighty by two, zero, three. They are reporting at being at jump point, and computing time warp calculations at this time.” She replied, with a grin forming on her face. Mitty was stunned by the news. She gasped aloud, unable to believe her ears.



     “Does the Commander know?” Mitty asked, and then thought about it. Something didn’t make sense to her.



“Wait a second… if that’s true, then why didn’t they just jump from Sol Sector and why in god’s name is the Major going with them? Why must they do time calculations way out near Solace? Why doesn’t Major Miller come home? After all he’s got a kid on the way.” Mitty asked, her flurry of questions echoed the room.



     “We don’t have that information Commander.” Emily replied, “According to Sergeant Major Perry and the Whirlwind, they received the message, and it didn’t give details.”



     Emily handed Mitty the dispatch taken from and forwarded from the Whirlwind to Headquarters. She scanned the message several times and a frown appeared on her face.



     “This is damn peculiar.” Mitty said. She turned her head to the Doctor and his mechanical nurse beside him who stood in the doorway, Doctor Jeremiah Phillips and Nurse Perfection, who worked with Doctor Sane in his Earth bound office.



     “Come on in Doc.”



     “I hear you have a bit of a drunk… officer.” He said with an amused tone, “And a gunshot wound?”


     “So drunk she passed out on the deck when we got here, after trying to shoot herself.” Melinda said looking disapprovingly at Angie who still on the floor a they force fed her coffee.



     Doctor Phillips examined her quickly, shaking his head. He nodded at the bandage wound for the gunshot wound.



     “She might miscarry with the amount of alcohol consumed or serious complications might set in.” He said, “An alcohol dependent child, or possible complications to cause her to have a deformed or handicapped child.”



     Phillips pulled off the bandage and saw the gunshot wound to her shoulder. He gritted his teeth. It oozed blood and mottled purple and black from cauterization around the edges.



     “Dear god.” Amy muttered, and held Angie firmly.



     “Don’t worry.” Phillips said with a smile. “It was a clean strike, there is no shell lodged in it. It went all the way through. I can seal it up and it should heal itself.”



     “Thanks doc.” Mitty said, smiling as he began to work. He motioned to the nurse for a sterilizer and she handed it to him. There was a low hum as he placed it over the wound.



     “Suturer.” The Doctor said, and the nurse placed it in his hand.  There was another hum as the wound was sutured shut, making for a thin line across where the wound had been,



     “Can I ask what and the hell is she drinking like this for anyway?” Mitty asked, and most of them shook their heads or shrugged, except for Emily who grimaced silently.



     “I think it was because of the initial dispatch declaring Major Miller dead at first.” Emily said, “It surely affected all of us when we learned of it. This makes up for that stunning news, her trying to rub herself out.”   



     “After I get done, we’ll work on the alcohol drunkenness. I brought B-Twelve with me and a couple of anti-hangover remedies to help too.” Phillips said, “We need her coherent for duty without issues, to explain herself.”



     “Agreed Doctor.” Colonel Reynolds said, as he took a determined sip of the coffee brought to him by Amy.



Doc Phillips walked toward Angie who was now seated upright and who was drinking black coffee. He pulled out his kit and he withdrew an injector. Phillips rolled back her sleeve and put the injector to her skin. He pushed it and it made a hiss as it injected the chemicals into her body.



     “Ow. What’s that?” Angie complained, flinching at the injection on her skin.



“It is just a little B-twelve, to counteract the alcohol.” Phillips said, with a smile. They poured her another cup of coffee.  



“I don’t want another cup of this stuff.” Angie complained and yet her friends shook their heads. They handed her another cup and they forced her to drink. The dispatch lie discarded on the table near her cup.



As Angie drank cup after cup of coffee the others stood around the living room and shot the bull. They could not believe the message they had received from the Major and the Clouds, who had survived the explosion of Aquarius, turning into a Tritium Black Hole, sucking everything in range into another dimension. They could not believe that he and the Clouds had survived with damage. All wondered where and why they were headed to deep space, let alone making time warp computations, probably already warped by then into another time.



An hour elapsed and after several trips to the head, Angie returned to drink some more. Phillips handed her some tablets which she took with a questioning frown. She started to show signs of sobering, starting with twinge in her head.



“What’s this doc?” She asked, blearily and he shook his head.



“It’s Aspirin.” He told her with a chuckle, “For when your hangover starts. I didn’t say you weren’t going to have one.”



“Oh.” Angie said sarcastically, “Is that what it is?”



She felt the pain starting in her head, however, starting at the temples. Her eyes fell upon the dispatch, and she took it up holding it in her hand as the others looked over at her.



     “Feeling better?” Melinda asked and the young blond-haired woman merely groaned as she met the smile of her friend.



     “You should have left me alone.”



     “Sorry, we can’t do that.” Emily replied, “Not for a friend who needs us.”



     “That’s not going to help her for her going AWOL for three days.” The Colonel said, shaking her head, “Might as get a crack lawyer though and make a fight of it. You were out of your head. I think you can prove emotional instability and stress.”



     “Yea Probably… Say what is this dispatch doing here?” Angie asked, and Denise and the others all stopped and they were smiling.



“Just read.” Denise said and the others murmured. Mitty was grinning. Angie took up the dispatch and read, almost dropping her coffee cup, as she fell back into her chair. She let out an excited gasp.



“Nathaniel! Alive? How can… Where is… He’s alive! I don’t believe it!” Angie shouted, extremely pleased by the news. Her mind began to whirl as she began thinking for a moment and frowned playfully. She realized what he was doing, and where he was going, and why he was still on board. Angie remembered the discussion that night aboard the Clouds about time travel. What he told her of his plan with the Clouds and realized he wasn’t kidding, and was now really going to do it.



     “Yes, but why is he on his way to a far off sector. Where is he going? Why is he going to that far off star cluster with that ship from the future?” Denise explained, “We don’t have a clue but we’re all glad to see he didn’t get wasted as it was first thought.”  



     Angie grimaced, suddenly remembering his words and wondered if she should tell them, that this timeline would cease to exist if he were successful in saving Seth and rigging Aquarius to explode. The whole mission they had been through, the hell of landing, loss of life during battle, all would never have happened the way it happened in these last weeks and lives that were lost would not be lost in this change. The Major even would be alive and well. They would win the war, but by rewriting a bloody soiled time already lived.



     “Well. I know what he’s up to. It’s pretty complicated and wild so hang in with me for the explanation.” Angie said, sipping at the cup of coffee and nodding, “What the Major told me is he is going to change time and space, jumping backward through time…”


She paused, blearily glancing at the strong coffee in the cup in her hands.



“His mission is to stabilize time, save Seth and rig Aquarius to blow before the EDC forces and Cybertron even get there…” She saw the surprise on their faces and managed a nod of acknowledgement to it.



     Denise, Mitty, Emily, Amy, Melinda, and even Doctor Phillips, glanced at each other as she spoke. Angie filled them in on the entire conversation, the jam session between her, Kino, his Second in Command, Sergeant Major Perry, the Captain and first Officer of the Clouds. The plan they put together to win this war and save a hero at the same time.  When she was finished, there was silence in the room.  



     “He’s doing it for you Emily.” Angie said, sharply and glanced at her. “He is going to bring back Seth so you don’t have to be alone for the rest of your days. He loves you, but he also wants you to be happy.”



     The young woman returned to look, a broad smile on her face, as tears flowed from her eyes.



     “Oh my god.” She gasped, tears of astonishment flowing down her face, “What I wouldn’t give to see Seth again. Thank you, Nathaniel!”



     “That sounds very dangerous… and… uh… extraordinary…” Mitty said, breaking the silence. It is a mission that was hard to believe, also very dangerous, and if not taken up correctly could become a paradox and destroy time itself as they knew it.



     “But what happens if he doesn’t succeed, or there is the creation of a paradox?” Emily asked, “I know I want to see him succeed, but if he makes an error and this timeline is not changed in the manner he wants, won’t time totally be destroyed?”



     “That’s hard to say, unless you are into science fiction stories. I would speculate that time as we would know it would totally shatter.” Doctor Phillips answered, “But let’s not head there, and hope for success, even though this timeline in a sense will be eliminated in a way.”



     Smiles appeared on their faces as Angie joined the group on the couches, she explained the whole mission in detail. She announced her pregnancy and everyone clustered around her, as wild laughter, also chatter rounded the room.  But the question hung there, and everyone remained silent about discussing the mission for Angie’ significant others and the battle group further.  



“I hope the hell you are successful Major.” Angie murmured, having a sinking feeling at the complexity of the time and the changes to come, unable to decipher what was what, out of the whole exercise to come that the Clouds was undertaking. All they could do is watch as time would change seamlessly as they knew it. Each one did not know entirely of the stakes that had come into play, and the risk involved. The stakes were high, for time itself.  Melinda suddenly realized and did not tell the others, that Nathaniel was the bait and the sacrifice for all time, especially to Angie.  



They were about to find out what was to transpire but there were a lot of questions from each of them that remained unasked.



     Back on the Magellanic Clouds, the ship appeared from warp, and as everyone sat, quite disoriented from the longest trip through warp that was ever undertaken by any ship. As the Major opened his eyes first, he managed to stand up, stretching as he reached for the ceiling bulkhead. Ihsss and the others murmured as they too began to show signs of life on board the bridge of the ship. They had arrived at their destination a few months earlier than where they had come from, their mission to change time and restore time to the original flow that it once had been.



     “Felonious, status report,” Ihsss asked, “Where are we?”



     “Breaking thrusters have fired, Captain.” He told her.



     “Navigator, plot a course for Earth.” Ihsss said, “Maximum Impulse Speed.”



     “No need, Captain. Warp Engines are operational now.” Voloxa’s voice said as he stood on the bridge of the bridge. He moved to the nearby console, hitting a switch. “We have full warp capability, now.”



     “Voloxa, I thought you were down below.” Ihsss replied and he managed a buggish grin, shaking his head.



     “I thought to pass the message to the bridge, personally.” He joked.



     “With thanks Vol.” Felonious said, rising from his station to walk toward the engineer and placed a hand on his broad insectoid shoulder. He shook his claw-like hand.



     “Helm, Warp twenty-five.” Ihsss said, “Upon arrival, set us in a standard orbit with cloaking engaged.”



     “Aye, Captain.” Veloxa said with a smile, and Thyrac smiled too. Their hands danced across their consoles as the ship disappeared into warp space.



     Major Miller sat on the bridge as he watched this crew worked, totally amazed by the teamwork they displayed. They were almost as good as the stasis crew who he had been put in stasis with two hundred years ago. Even though it was not to do anything, but ride out the cryogenic sleep for a short period of time of five years, ending out to be two hundred years too late from awakening. Now he, Angie, and the others were here.



     “At least I have people I know in this century.” He thought.  



     “ETA to Earth is two hours, forty five minutes.” Veloxa reported.



     “Alright… Voloxa…?” Ihsss asked, and he looked up nodding.



     “I’ve already talked to my engine room… we’ll try to get more speed out of her.” Voloxa replied, and the reptilian Captain nodded. She turned to the Major who sat watching the stars in silence, almost transfixed. It was the same way when he had been in space aboard his Heavy Cruiser which was docked back on Earth.



     “Are you alright, Major?” She asked, and he looked up, “You look like hell, you should get some sack time.”



     “I have heard a lot of that from your crew.” He said, “Especially from Doctor Platt… I’ll be alright.”



The Major grinned when she put out her hand and he took it, rising from his chair. He still didn’t complain about a certain nymphomaniac Thyrnn female who was bunking with him and who kept coming on to him. Who was madly in love with him and he knew it, but he knew he belonged to Angie so he kept himself distant.



“Well, how about a cup of coffee then?” She offered and he nodded.



“That sounds great, Ihsss.” He replied, as she led him to the nearby lift.



It arrived with a whoosh, and he grinned suddenly reminded of Star Trek™ a television show of the twentieth century and he stepped aboard. When the doors closed, he scanned the interior quickly. It was just like one would find on Earth, or even on the show he watched as a kid back living in the past. It had a map of the ship on a panel on direct back and the control panel dominated one side of the double doors. It hummed into life when Ihsss pushed the button and he closed his eyes, feeling suddenly like Captain Kirk aboard the Starship, Enterprise.



The doors opened a few minutes later, and she led him to the nearby galley in which they sat drinking a form of coffee, staring at the stars of space that hurried on by in the observation port they sat next to at their table.  



     “So, how does it feel to be on board a ship, in space, when you were not even in deep space flight back in your century?” Ihsss asked suddenly. He turned to look at her with a frown.



     “I reviewed your file before leaving Earth and your team in route to Aquarius.” She told him, “I thought I would just get to maybe know you a bit better before you go be a hero. You are one hell of an Earth-man.”



The Major grinned broadly and yet he nodded.



     “With thanks, Ihsss.” He replied, sipping the coffee, “You know I do appreciate the lift Captain with the valorous crew of the Magellanic Clouds.”



     “It is our pleasure.” Ihsss replied grinning and here she paused, grinning sheepishly. “You name us well.”



     “It is my pleasure to do so. One hell of a crew you have Captain. I am glad we served together.” The Major said.



     “So am I.” Captain T’Larra replied, “Even though you guys were a pain in the ass aboard my ship.”



     The Major laughed loudly.



“I never would have thought to actually meet someone outside out galaxy before. It is a lot like a TV show in my century called Star Trek™ by exploring space. It is just too surreal for me.”



     “Oh? How so…?” Ihsss asked, curious at his statement.



     “Well… we had TV programs on Earth that dealt with this very thing.” He said, “I didn’t think we would make it this far, and I would even have been put into stasis to see it.”



     Ihsss smiled toothily, chuckling quietly.



     “When I awoke from stasis it was certainly different than now. I am a computer technical person, not an astronaut. I expected us only to be five years for stasis not two hundred years. We didn’t expect to be on a ship out in space.” He said, “Or shoved into two wars. We had to learn fast. Maybe I was a bit too rigid and I apologize for that.”



     “I understand, totally.” Ihsss replied, “You had to learn the ropes quickly and really learn your tasks quickly. I saw you were shot three times in the line of duty. You really took to space well and this world, you should be commended.”



     “Well it is the least I could do, since I can’t go back to my own time.” He replied, “Might as well make the best of it.”



“Your world sound like it was something. What was Earth like in your century? Maybe I could visit it sometime.”



     “It was mostly war and battle against our own people, genocide among our own races.” He said, “And we ended up probably blowing ourselves up for racial intolerance, and fought because of racial intolerance, greed, political gain, and hatred. Not a century you would want to, Ihsss. They never saw extra-terrestrials before.”



She grinned, shaking her head, but her next statement was interrupted by the whistle sounding from the intercom. They had talked for two hours laughing and joking.



“Bridge to Captain…!”  The hissing voice on the intercom said.



     Ihsss held up her hand and she rose, as he fell silent. The young reptilian officer walked toward the intercom, touching the button on it.



“Captain here…”



     “We are at Sol’s edge, Captain.” Felonious’ voice said over the intercom and she grinned as she turned. Ihsss noted the Major was grinning too.



     “Slow to Warp five, and engage cloaking device. Maintain course to Earth.” She ordered, and he rose after she nodded. She closed the channel on the intercom and returned to the table where he was standing.



     “Remember your ship is here too, probably close by near Pluto.” He said, “You were just arriving and found the Derelict of Yamato, so you have not made it to Earth quite yet. We don’t want to you to run into yourselves, have it be a paradox and destroy our efforts here.”



     “Yea, we’d better get to the bridge.” Ihsss suggested and he nodded, “If I suspect what is ahead, we were not cleared yet for this sector.”



     “One-stop, though, Captain.” He said as they left the galley. She paused to cast a questioning glance at him.



 “I need to head to my quarters for a moment.” He told her and she frowned, “Just for a moment, I will meet you on the bridge.”



“What do you need from your quarters?” Ihsss asked.



“Laptop, as we head to Earth, I can send those dummy messages to Angie, Mitty and myself, bringing them to the hill before the ambush happens.” He said, “If we can get them there, it’s more of us against the Cybertron at that time.”



     The Captain nodded her head.



     “Very wise.” She thought, impressed by his quick thinking.



     “Alright, I’ll meet you on the bridge, Major.” She told him and he nodded. They split up from here. She walked away to the bridge turbo-lift nearby. As Ihsss walked down the corridor, she nodded to her crew who worked nearby and had paused to shoot the breeze for a moment then disappeared into lift that opened for her with a whoosh.



     As for the Major, he walked/half ran down the corridor toward his quarters. When he arrived at quarters, he entered in a rush, and he turned his head to see his room-mate still in her bunk. She was still nude as she sat on the edge of the top bunk, smiling. Grabbing his laptop he nodded to her and she jumped down, running to embrace him.



     “Thank you.” Thyssstha told him lustily, managing to kiss him on the cheek. “And good luck Major.”



He smiled, embracing the young reptilian back, winking at her as he held her.



“You are welcome, Thyssstha.” He replied, bowing slightly, to kiss her hand gently. She embraced him again.



     “Do you really need to go?” Thyssstha asked, and he glanced at the door. He considered what she meant but he nodded his head. Quickly, he exited the room, heading to the nearest turbo-lift to head to the bridge.

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