Yamato: The New Adventure - Episode 6

Episode 6 of 7 of a mini series type format.


1. part 1

Yamato: The New Adventures… (Sequel to "Final" Yamato in Episode type format)

By Erwin Stevens


EPS 6 – Victory/Reflections in Time


The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light, uncountable stars in the deep darkness and with dying and forming stars abounds with many life forms. Yes, space is alive. The entire universe, our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with many such life forms. They are filled with many that love, aspire and fight in war, and there are others that are peace loving. Many forms of life are in the universe, and they live scattered throughout its cold vastness.



The speck that makes up our Earth is one such place, where wars have come, and have gone, leaving their mark. A solar system named "SOL" resides in a mere corner of the infinity of space, and so does the huge galaxy known as the Milky Way, where the SOL system resides. It is one of seventy such systems located here in the mere tip of this galaxy and in this solar system that nine planets orbit the single life-giving star. Living on the third one, an insignificant body called Earth is an advanced civilization known as human kind.



But the story takes place far from Sol and the Milky Way Galaxy, in deep space where a battle had been fought between the forces of Earth and the Cybertron at Aquarius. It is here that a decisive victory had been won by the Earth forces and a battle that had decided the war of the future of human-kind near Aquarius. Earth had destroyed the Aquarius water planet to keep the evil war machine from the future from launching their offensive against Earth. The primary mission of the Cybertron had been to come from the future, intending to change time and history, destroying Earth far before she could ally with forces involved in a huge galactic war which would result in their defeat in the future. With the help of a ship from the future, Earth had been successfully warned of the plot and rallied to fight far before it had happened in the way the Cybertron had planned resulting in their defeat rather than Earth’s destruction.



It is on board the Earth ship, the Space Destroyer Whirlwind, however, that Sergeant Major Perry stands alone in his quarters. As he stares out from a porthole at the stars of space, his gaze also falls upon the other ships that surround them in the convoy headed for Earth. The mission is complete now and as he watches the stars, he thinks of the past few hours and days that and to the mission they have just completed. It had been a hard mission, harder than anything he had ever done in his entire military career. Harder than even stasis, being placed in and recovered and having to catch up learn into the new century in which they found themselves. They had to destroy a planet, and had succeeded to do so.



“But at what cost.” The Sergeant Major thought, thinking of twelve people and countless others that would not be coming home after a diversion that allowed them to be deployed to Aquarius undetected, thanks to the Clouds, a ship from the future.



“We might have won the day, but with not without cost and death aplenty.” Sergeant Major Perry thought, continuing to stare at the stars through the porthole on the ship. Here he shook his head, limping as he walked as he moved toward the nearby table in his quarters where he sat at the table. It is covered with papers, compliments of the Lieutenant who was in charge of the group as second in command.



“It won’t be long now and we’ll be home to a Hero’s welcome.” Manual thought, “But some party that will be without the real heroes who did he deed. God knows we certainly paid for this party with our dearest blood.”



As Sergeant Major Perry also stood in his quarters, his mind is filled with cosmic thoughts, thinking of his lost friends. It is here that he almost had forgotten about the meeting he still had to do back on Earth with Captain Stethem and the others in the stasis group who had seen them off on this mission. She is the Major’s friend, lover and companion from his stasis group, the very one whom he had promised to bring back the Major intact from this mission. But now, all he would be doing now was take the personal effects of the Major to her and have to explain why her lover had not come home. Why he was killed on this mission instead, all because of a command decision that he alone had made. One decision alone, that had won the battle and the war for the universe and for time itself. 



“Oh yea, I almost forgot about that.” Manual mused, “Jesus, what a meeting it will be too, an emotional one at that. There will probably be shouting, resentment, frustration, anger, and hatred. It will be all for nothing for something that happened on a mission that was against the odds anyway.”



He shook his head in silence, groaning as he paused to take a sip from a flask at his belt, letting the Kentucky Bourbon sting his throat as it went down. The alcohol seemed to steady him, and it was a far better solution than Sane’s injected relaxants that had a tendency to upset his stomach. He managed his turn his head and scan the empty room before turning his attention back to the porthole. Here he managed to shake his head negatively, suddenly disgusted by the death and destruction around him.



     “Hah shit.” The Sergeant Major muttered, as he stood angrily in frustration, grabbing his hat, and headed for the door of his quarters. As he stepped through the hatch into the corridor, he turned to limp alone down the center of it, heading for the galley where he would get a cup of coffee, passing and ignoring many of the crew of the Destroyer.  



“Sergeant Major!” A voice said sharply, and Manual startled, looked up from his pensive thoughts.



“Sir!” He replied sharply, nodding his head. It was the Lieutenant, the second in command for this mission, who had been put in charge and sent to the Whirlwind with the men while the Major set off the EMP. He had his group, while the Major directly led the group with Sergeant Jeevers as his squad leader in two groups.



The Sergeant Major blearily stared at the pensive expression on his face and immediately sensed something was up.



“Just so you know, when we get back to Earth, there will be an inquiry by the council.” He told him, “Those assholes want an explanation it seems for the loss of ships and personnel, even though we won the war. Make sure you have your Class A uniform ready, put on your saddle and report to the sawdust ring. You, Jeevers, and I are on the hot-seat with about twenty other Commanders. It seems the families are pushing their rights and made it a totally political battle at Headquarters to for the EDC to accept responsibility for the loss of those at Aquarius. The Council is blaming the military for blatant incompetence and not doing our job, through we were engaged with overwhelming odds.”  



“What? Why the hell are they putting us in the hot seat Lieutenant?” Manual asked, “We did the job. We had our hands full. There was nothing anyone could do any differently, on the ground and in space.” 



“I know, but it seems they think it could have been done better and cleaner than it was. It’s a political game now, son. They are looking for scapegoats, not heroes.” Kino replied, “I was just giving you a heads up, when we land at Earth in a few days. Things are going to seem chaotic. Just relax and give them a full statement of your report as you were there. And be happy where they place you in the end for your contribution. You did good work Sergeant Major. You can fight with me anytime.” 



     “Aye, Aye.” Manual replied, “Thanks, Lieutenant.” Manual grimaced as he watched the Lieutenant depart.



“As if my morale is not low enough already, it just got totally worse.” He muttered, “Great, just fucking great.” 



“And the hits keep oooon coming.” The Sergeant Major murmured as he hobbled toward the galley, supported by a cane he held in one hand.  



When he finally arrived, the galley was empty, save one other person who was in here. He immediately went to the dispensary and he took a cup, seeking out a strong cup of coffee to drink to stay focused, despite seventy hours of no sleep since pulling back from Aquarius. There was just too much on his mind to sleep now and too much paperwork that was now required from him to back up the statement of the Lieutenant to the council on Earth.



Manual, as he limped toward the large bay window, stood before it a moment later, and it is here that he gazed at the stars before taking a chair. (Which he turned and straddled in the same gesture like certain Commander from a distant TV Show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.) The Sergeant Major took a determined sip of the rotgut coffee with a grimace, thankful for the stimulant as he let the stars sooth his troubled mind. He tried to consciously decipher what was going on and what they were about to go through back on Earth.  



“Hell. It isn’t my fault for the Major or the others dying. He had done his duty as he saw fit and made a command decision where he saw to his crew first.” Manual muttered, “That’s the sign of a good officer. He saw to his men first and took the responsibility for us for his own actions. So why are the Lieutenant and I being made responsible for this and going to get screwed for what happened? That makes no sense. It’s the military, people die, that’s part of the job. There should be no place for politics here, not now, not ever, not for what we just went through. I can understand the grieving families, but to force the council and EDC to accept responsibility for winning a war? Ridiculous…”  



Looking from side to side, Manual pulled out a flask, pouring a bit of the contents into the now empty coffee mug and took a hit of the Kentucky Bourbon that stung his throat as it went down hard. He took another sip of the liquid in his cup, turning his attention back toward the stars of space. A lot of images and thoughts whirled through his head as he sat there. He shook his head, trying to clear the unwanted images of hell they had gone through.  



“Excuse me, Sergeant Major?” A woman’s voice asked, and he turned to see Nova standing at the hatchway. She frowned at him as he took another shot from the cup, emptying the contents. The liquid burned his throat. He remained silent, meeting her gaze with a questioning expression.



“The Captain needs to see you on the bridge.” She said, and he nodded slightly, rising to his feet. Manual took out his flask and took a determined gulp from it. The young woman frowned seeing the flask. He let out a silent exhale of exasperation.



“Alright, let’s go Ms. Wildstar.” He replied, and hobbled toward her.



“Is that alcohol?” She demanded, “You know that’s against regs.”



“Yea… it is, so sue me. Tell it to my draft board.” He replied sharply, “Because I don’t give a flying…”



Manual stopped cold, blearily staring at the startled young officer. He quickly realized that he had reared up and bit her head off. It was not her fault that the Major and the Clouds were destroyed. She had not had caused the inquiry coming up, or caused the many losses of manpower from the two task forces that took on the Cybertron as a diversion to make the drop onto the planet. He realized snapping at her was unnecessary at best and the Sergeant Major backtracked immediately.  



“Sorry.” He murmured, and turned his attention back to the view port.



The young woman’s mouth dropped open at the sharpness and insubordination in his tone. But she stepped up toward him, placing her hand on his shoulder.



“Steady, Sergeant Major.” She told him as the young Lieutenant shook her head in disgust, smelling the bourbon, “Believe me, I understand.”



Nova did understand why he was drinking. It was to forget. Yet, with all the bloodshed they had seen through the years among the Star Force, she wondered why they were not all boozers too. 



“Come with me, now, please.” She said sharply, and motioned for him to follow her through the hatch.



“Where to… Lieutenant?” He snarled, “Captain’s quarters for a Captain’s Mast?”



“No, being drunk I will ignore that, but you have a message at the Communications console on the bridge.” Lieutenant Wildstar stated sharply, “But we shall speak of this incident later. Not for disciplinary action with the Captain. Talking helps and you always have a friendly ear who will listen.”



Manual muttered under his breath, followed her to the hatch, stepping through it, and down the corridor toward the nearest lift that would take them to the bridge of the Space Destroyer. As they boarded the lift he leaned partially against the wall. Nova glanced at him in silence.



“I would suggest you do not get too close to the Captain, and let him know you have been drinking.” Nova suggested, “It would smash your career with a court-martial on your record. He pretty much goes by regulations. I am willing to overlook it if you continue on coffee and get sober by twenty-three hundred hours. It is approximately twenty-two-twelve.”



“It doesn’t matter.” Manual said, “I have a right to get stinking drunk, after having to watch my comrades get chopped to pieces, and then my best friend disappear in a flash of an explosion.”



“Yes, but seventeen stayed alive and countless others.” Nova replied tersely, “Or have you forgotten.”



“I have not forgotten, but I was charged to protecting the Major.” Manual replied hotly, “Now I have to face an emotional friend on Earth, to give her the effects, and explain to her what happened after the mission was supposedly in the bag. Some mission this was… NOT!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



“I totally understand your pain, but for the moment, just trust me and take the call.” Nova said gently, seeing the pain in his eyes, an almost intense look there. Nova was reminded of someone else, who had taken his advice and did his duty well. Manual nodded as he entered the waiting lift to the bridge and managed to step dexterously out onto it without staggering.



“Sergeant Major Perry, reporting, sir.”



The Captain and the others stared at the rumpled uniform of the Sergeant Major, and the haggard look about him. They managed a grim glance between themselves. 



“Jesus, you look awful Sergeant Major.” Captain Yamazaki told him with a grimace, “You need to see Doctor Sane. You need to get some sleep.”



The comment made the Sergeant Major frown as he turned toward the communicator.



“I’ve heard that a lot lately out of the crew.” He said, “I will when the paperwork and other stuff is completed, sir. Count on it.”



“If you are having trouble sleeping, Doctor Sane can help you with a knock-out drop.” The Captain suggested and Manual merely nodded his head.



“Aye, Captain. That it will, sir.” He replied lamely and he turned to the Communicator.  



“Alright, Homer is it? What’s going on?” Manual asked, straightening, but keeping a distance from the console.



“Play the message.” The Captain instructed and Homer hit the button on the console.



This is Major Miller, on board the U.S.S. Magellanic Clouds, reporting on board at coordinates three-forty by two-eighty by three fifty three. We are heading on course at two eight zero, we have survived and are on course for the edge of the known galaxy. Currently we are computing time warp computations at this time, starting our run into the time-stream to stabilize time itself. If successful, our hope is that time will be changed and stabilized to avoid a paradox in time caused by the Cybertron. Please inform the EDC Headquarters of our intentions. Miller out.”



“That’s all we have, Sergeant Major.” Captain Yamazaki said, and Manual turned, paused and he grinned letting out a loud whoop.



“He’s alive!?” He exclaimed, excitedly, “I don’t believe it!”



     “Neither could we.” The Captain said, “We had to confirm and authenticate three times when we got the message. What I don’t understand is what he is doing. What and where is he going? Why isn’t he on his way home to Earth? The battle is over, and what does he mean by stabilizing time?” Multiple questions rounded the bridge and Manual shrugged his shoulders. 



Manual’s mirth had stopped abruptly when he thought back to the jam session in the Major’s quarters with Angie, Ihsss, Felonious and Kino and himself. He had told him then what he planned, and what he had intended to do. 



“Jesus, you’re actually going to jump time as he said you were, aren’t you Major?” The Sergeant Major murmured to himself, and nearby Nova frowned, hearing his words.



“Sergeant Major, is there something you aren’t telling us and holding back? By the look on your face, you seem to know what he is talking about it with the time warp computations…” Nova asked, “Please fill us in? What is he doing? What is happening Sergeant Major. After all he is your friend from the past. What is he doing?”



“Okay, well… the way he explained it, was that he was going to first conceal his departure and go with the Clouds to recover a Hero.” The Sergeant Major said solemnly, “Then said something about stabilizing time as we know with minimal bloodshed and eliminate a Paradox detected by the Clouds when the Cybertron warped into this time intending or having changed it by using Aquarius as a base.”   



“That doesn’t make much sense.” Derick said, “Recover a Hero? What in god’s name does that mean? And stabilize time with minimal bloodshed?”



Sandor and the others on the bridge stood around mulling over the two statements in their brains.



“If you don’t see it, the Hero is Seth, he’s going to go back and ambush an ambush and save Seth.” The Sergeant Major said, “And by stabilizing time, he is going to make it where time is once again fluid, and eliminate the Cybertron’s interference once and for all using Aquarius as a base, before they ever even get there.”



“Oh, Dear God.” Nova murmured, paling slightly.



“Sweet Jesus, that’s crazy!” Another voices said, but it was Sandor who stopped them all.



“Perhaps not.” Sandor said, “If he succeeds in his task, and wins that day, Major Aquilera survives to lead the Aquarius mission if we have to fight it. But I don’t think we will, I think he’s going to make it where we do not have to fight in the Aquarius war. He is going to set wrong to right, and settle the matter, by making time fluid and removing the event from time himself before they ever get there. This whole time line will not exist in the literal sense. Time won’t be written yet and only will be written from where he changes it at the memorial when he saves Major Aquilera.” 



There was a pause. A low murmur rounded the bridge.



“If he succeeds with his task, he could change time where many people would possibly not die who did so in the war of Aquarius we just fought, right Sandor?” Derick asked, and the technician nodded.



“If he’s smart, which he sure as heck is, he’s not only going after saving one life, for the sake of another, but save lives for us all.” Sandor said solemnly.



“Well, he planned this entire thing, the entire ruse, to make it look like he was destroyed for the benefit of Cybertron left and now is on his way on an impossible mission to finish the job.” Manual replied, “He certainly didn’t do it for himself, he did it for Seth, for another chance at life and for Emily who is alone on Earth without her love. …And even if he gets a little bit of happiness for himself, as a plus, I say give’m Hell, Major Miller. Give’m Hell.”



“Let’s hope so, Sergeant Major.” Nova said quietly, as she stood next to her husband, who had come up to stand beside her, and embraced her warmly.



“That’s for sure.” Sandor replied, and he nodded.



Meanwhile on board the Clouds, Major Miller sat in the quarters he and Angie had shared when they had begun the mission to Aquarius. As he worked at his laptop, he worked on the plan of attack for when they arrived into the past in the year 2208, the night Seth was killed and the Star Cruiser Class Starship was on its way to Earth. He would be dropped off, to ambush an ambush on Hero’s Hill, despite that his past self would be at the Space Dock at Federal City and working on board the Space Cruiser which he was assigned. He had already prepared a message that would simulate a false message from Angie at the Hero’s Hill, even though she came after the battle was lost and Seth had died, sacrificing himself on the hill. He would do the same to bring Angie, Mitty and even himself to the memorial to assist in his plan.



His plan was simple and direct. He would take Seth’s place as a casualty, taking on the enemy by surprising each one of the Cybertron shooters. The Major would plan to eliminate them and to hold the hill until his past-self arrived on the scene with Angie, Commander Mitty McDonald, and reinforcements because of the simulated message that would alert them all of the surprise attack at Hero’s Hill. It would be a direct assault against a platoon of Cybertron, but with a bit of luck, he would eliminate them all, and Seth would be alive and well.



“It will be a difficult timed assault, but I think we can do it.” Nathaniel thought to himself, and managed a nod at the screen at his recorded data on the screen.



A moment passed and he was deep in thought until he turned his head when the buzzer sounded inside the room. Major Miller reached over and hit the switch on the console, allowing the hatch to open. It allowed a young Thyrnn female to enter, and to stand at the hatchway. She was lean and timid with an hourglass figure, curves like a young human female.



“May I help you, miss…?” He asked as she shot him a toothy grin. She was covered with a flight suit over her brown scales with a white underbelly. She had small b-cup-like breasts. She carried a large bag what appeared to be her space bag with her.



“Thyssstha.” She replied, smiling and even nodding to the young Major. The young reptilian felt a hot flash in her body, and somewhere down below that she felt liquid surge from her body as she stared at the grizzled Major. She found herself suddenly madly in love, the first time ever seeing a human for herself up close. Her body seemed to respond with her pheromones toward the presence of the Major. He grimaced.



“Damn, if I may say this Major, you are the sexiest human I have ever seen.” She told him casually and he grinned. She was sexy and exotic as hell to the Major but he shook his head. He remembered that somewhere he was promised to someone else.



“Can I help…?” He asked and she shook her head.



“We are sharing these quarters, Major.” She said, “Captain’s orders. May I store my gear? I’d like to get a little bit of downtime.”



“Uh, by all means.” He replied, standing formally as she brought over her bag and quickly unpacked it into the drawers.



He gasped as she began removing her boots and unzipped her flight-suit. As the zipper continued to fall, and it revealed a little more than the Major was prepared for. He gasped and turned his head.



“Oh.” The Major said, and he stood, turning his back as she stood there.



“No need for that Major.” She said, as she peeled off the flight suit standing in the buff. She placed her flight suit on the chair as she walked toward the bunk and climbed into the top bunk. “Like you humans, we are not ashamed of our bodies.”



He glanced at her as she lay there, and nodded shortly. He could see that she was almost human in many ways, the only difference that she had a tail at her tail bone, but otherwise without it she could easily pass as a human. She was quite shockingly beautiful to the grizzled officer. She was hairless on her body, but he definitely could see the definition making her almost human-like features. Embarrassed, he turned his head away again, reminded that he belonged to Angie not anyone else.



“Night Major.” She said, smiling, realizing he was watching her. She closed the privacy door over the opening.



“Night.” He said, “Sleep Well, Thyssstha.” 

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