Kingdom of Fire//The Kingdom Trilogy//Book One


2. ONE//The Council Meeting

The silver glint of the dagger gleamed even in the darkness. Acacia swung her foot out and it connected with the face of the guard. The guard doubled over, clutching his stomach. Acacia did not waste her time and hurried down the empty hall. She pressed her back against the wall and strained to hear something. 

That's when she bumped into Foxfire. Acacia wasn't expecting him so she jumped back and let out a yelp before slapping her hand over her mouth. When she realized that it was Foxfire, a laugh bubbled out of her. She put her dagger back in her belt and straightened out her ponytail. Some of her blonde hair had slipped out of the leather band. 

Foxfire's face broke into a huge grin and said, "Acacia, what are you doing here. You are supposed to be in your room!" 

"I know, I know. I was just bored and wanted to have some fun." 

Foxfire playfully shoved her before he turned serious. "Come on, Acacia. She nodded before grabbing his hand and dragging him across the velvet carpet. She brought him to her room and made him sit on her bed. "Ok, I was out because I wanted to overhear the Council meeting. They were supposed to be talking about something really important and I just wanted to find out what that was. Even the king is attending it! I must know what they are talking about if the king has enough time to join their meeting." 

Foxfire thoughtfully considered this before he exclaimed, "I know a secret tunnel that can lead us to a place where we can hear them without them knowing but you must not tell anybody." 

Acacia excitedly jumped up and Foxfire led her to a corridor deep in the castle. He looked around making sure that no one was there before pressing a part of the wall. A big chunk of the wall suddenly moved out of its place and groaned while it created a hole big enough for a human to easily walk through. Acacia went in first and Foxfire followed. The tunnel was dark and musty. She followed the tunnel until it ended up at a small window. Acacia could see a table and a group of people around it. She turned around and whispered, "Foxfire, if any of them turn then they can easily see us through the window!" 

"No, it's a special window. We can see them but they can't see us. It's quite brilliant actually." 

"Who created it?" 

"It's ok. You can talk as loud as you want. They can't hear us through the window. And the High Wizard of Seyena made it. He died about 140 years ago." 

Acacia nodded before turning back and looking through the window. When Foxfire quieted down she could clearly hear the voices of the Council. She saw one of them angrily jump up and exclaim, "But, we cannot do this without the High Wizard's help. We need him to complete the ritual. Otherwise, this whole kingdom will fall apart!" 

This whole kingdom will fall apart? Acacia nervously tugged on her ponytail, with Foxfire just behind her listening intently. 

"We need to come up with a better plan then. We need the High Wizard but if he knows about what we are doing here he will tell everybody the truth." 

The truth? What was the truth? 

Another spoke up, "Listen, we can bribe the High Wizard to not tell anybody. Then we can continue with the ritual." 

Acacia turned around and said, "What ritual?! What are they doing that is so secretive." 

Foxfire sadly nodded and replied, "I know as much as you do. This is big. If we can tell everybody that the Council is doing something behind our backs they will be angry as hell." 

She smiled at him and turned back around when someone started speaking. It was the king. He stood up and his velvet robes pooled onto the floor. "We are well over time. The meeting is adjourned until tomorrow. We will continue discussing this topic then." Everybody picked their things up and filed out the door. 

Acacia spun around and exclaimed, "We have to know what they are doing. They could be doing something illegal. You know how the Council is? They think they have all the power to do anything." 

Foxfire said, "I know. We have to come back tomorrow to find out what they are planning." 

He turned away and started going back to the tunnel. When they reached the end he pressed a secret button and the wall started moving. He carefully stepped out and helped Acacia out.

They were continuing back to their rooms when they heard the sound of glass breaking which was soon followed by screams. Acacia and Foxfire traded glances before sprinting down the hallway and turning corners until they reached the Great Glass Room. The glass chandelier was on the floor and the floor was littered with glass shards. 

Acacia looked up when she hears loud footsteps. In the door was Ronu, the prince of Sal'thar. 




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