You Make Me Go Crazy

A new kid named Cameron Dallas moves in. Dawn is told to show him around the school that Dawn and him go to. Dawn has been bullied ever since she moved to the school and she was scared Cameron might get hurt too. Day after day, Cameron joins a bullying group and ditches Dawn. Everyday she comes home and cries.

"What have I done to deserve this?"

Her only family dies and she has to move in with Cameron.


1. chapter one || "hello"

I walk past the lockers down the halls and roll down my sleeves. I just started cutting last night because a certain someone decided to start hurting me. He ditched me. He's gone now.

This is how it all started...

"You may now kiss the bride!" We were so close to kissing each other. Me and Shawn. Oh how much I loved him. But when I leaned in, I felt nothing. I look up.

"Dawn.. Dawn?" Shawn looks at me. I smile and nod. Then-


"OH FUCK! Why!?" I scream and turn off my alarm. My older brother, Payton, comes running up the stairs like a maniac.

"Is everything okay?" He asks, worried.

"I just had an amazing dream but my-" I looked to my iPhone wasn't there. I looked under my pillow and it was just sitting there, turned off, my music still playing. Then I noticed something. "You son of a bitch!" I get off my bed and run after my brother. "You retarded dildo! You used your phone to wake me up from my probably-never-ever-gonna-happen-in-real-life-but-probably-will DREAM!"

As I chase him around, I grab a pillow from the ground that probably fell when I got up and started to try to target him. He was laughing so hard, he couldn't even see where he was going. Perfect. He gets tired and starts rolling on the ground like a pig rolling in mud. This is just perfect. I just need to get ready for his next move and..... BOOM!

I hit him! YAY! I grab my clothes that I have prepared for myself yesterday and head out the door like nothing has happened and then I go inside the washroom. I change into a white t-shirt and light denim shorts.

I curl my hair into beachy waves and place on a flower crown on my head for accessory. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I apply a bit of foundation and powder and eye liner and mascara. I apply a neutral pink lipstick and head out. Today was going to be pretty hot and school has just started. Last week was the first day of school and I just hate school so much. You'll understand later on.

"Payton! I'm leaving now! Make sure you get to school too!" I yell as I grab a muffin and head out to walk to school. Payton usually starts school at 8:30 but I start at 8 o'clock which I found unfair. On my way to school, I plug in my headphones to my phone and listen to music. Infinity comes up and I start to hum and mentally sing.

How many nights does it take to count the stars?

 That's the time it would take to fix my heart

 Oh, baby, I was there for you

 All I ever wanted was the truth, yeah, yeah

 How many nights have you wished someone would stay?

 Lie awake only hoping they're okay

 I never counted all of mine

If I tried, I know it would feel like infinity

"Nice voice." I hear someone say to me. I turn around to see a guy with hazel eyes, brown hair that was swooped away from his face and a grin plastered on his face.

"Thanks. I didn't notice I was actually singing. I always get carried away when I'm listening to music." I blush and just keep walking. I look at the guy once more, "I better get going. Thanks. Bye!" I run off since I was close to school and it wasn't far. I just walk once I got to school grounds.

I walk in the halls, freshmen hustling around, still looking for their classes and sophomore students standing at their lockers on their phones. I walk to my locker and grab my textbooks for my next class. I had math first and then science. I hated the mornings. As I walk down the hallways, I get glares and hear whispers flying around.

"I heard that her mom left her because she wasn't good enough."

"Someone told me that every football game, she would hide under the bleachers and drink like two bottles of beer and then-"

None of those rumors are true. I was the little loser at my school. No one liked me, they thought I was a slut, a good for nothing, you name it. I never told my brother because I was threatened that if I tell anyone, they'd find a gun and point it at me. This is what I have to go through everyday ever since I moved here. Ever since mom died...

"Yo slut!" I hear someone yell. It was the football team's captain, Chase. He would always abuse me. Physically and verbally. I keep walking down the halls but I knew he would try to get in my way and make me late for class. "When I call your name, you stop. Understand?" he jumps in front of me and I stop and nod. Suddenly, I get shoved into a group of snobby girls that were soon interrupted by me falling into them.

"Go away you bitch!" they yell and start slapping me and kicking me. I fall to the ground and cry for help and try to fight back. The principal comes by and she helps me up to my feet.

"What is all this ruckus about?" she asks sternly.

"She called Alice a bitch and we were just standing up for Alice because that's what stops bullying, right?" Patricia says innocently. A little tear falls down my cheek. I know what the principal will say.

"Dawn, is this true?" she asks. I keep my head low and do nothing. "My office, now!" she screams, veins popping out. I nod and follow her to the office.

"Mrs.Trane, I can explain!" I say as we enter her office.

"I don't want to hear any of your lame excuses!" I nod and slouch in the chair that's placed I front of the principal's desk. "Since you caused this 'incident' I'm going to give you a punishment. The first part of it isn't really a punishment. There is a new kid that joined our school. His name is Cameron Dallas. It's his first time here and joined due to family problems. You will show him around and since his grades from his last school were terrible, you will be his tutor since you're pretty much good at every subject. Your next punishment is you have detention after school to 4 o'clock, so you have about an hour. No phones, books, music, anything that will possibly entertain you."

"When will the new student be here?" I ask, not caring about my detention.

"He will be here any se-" she gets cut off by the door opening to the same guy I met this morning. "There he is. Cameron, this is Dawn. She will be showing you around the school and will help with your grades. Here is your schedule, Cameron. You guys may leave now." She shoo's us away and quickly closes the door behinds us.

"Hey..." I say awkwardly. He gives a genuine smile and we keep walking.

"So, Dawn is your name? Pretty name for a pretty girl," he comments. I feel myself blush and mouth a "thank you" to him.

"May I see your schedule real quick, just to see what classes you might have," I kindly ask. He hands me his schedule. He has almost every period with me except for the last period. We both go for different options. He's in filming while I'm in art. Interesting.

"Uh, Dawn, how come you don't remember me?" He asks out of the blue.

"I don't understand what you're saying," I reply. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever really met him.

"N-never mind," he stutters. We enter our first class and the teacher gets interrupted.

"One second class. We have a new student here. His name is- what's your name?"

"Cameron Dallas," I blurt before Cameron could say anything.

"I wasn't asking you," the teacher grits his teeth. "This is Cameron Dallas, class. You two may sit down now."

Class was boring as always. Just, this time I asked Cameron about about this morning.
"Earlier today, you said something about me not remembering you. What do you mean?"



what is it that Cam will say to Dawn?
Read the next episode to find out!
Ayyeee! So new book! Nobody probably won't be reading my books but WHATEVER!




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