Daddies Little Terror

This is a dark age play story, and if you don't like that kind of stuff, then just don't read it okay? It's so simple. I'll let you know some things for your safety; I don't cuss, out loud or on paper. There WILL be quite a few sexual scenes, and some rape involved. I'm not a very fast writer, so don't expect daily updates, though I'll do my best. If you have any comments ( nice, polite ones only please) or concerns, please comment cause I can't read your minds.

Thanks, and enjoy!


2. 2.

I groaned and rolled over, holding my head in my hands. I waited until the millions of tiny workers pounding away at my head took their freaking lunch break before opening my eye's, slowly clearing away my blurry vision. I stare forward at what seems to be an over sized nursery, looking through what seem to be the bars of a. . .crib? After a few moments, I sit up, confirming that I am in fact in a crib. I start to panic when I realize i'm in a super short black dress with snoopy characters, and nothing underneath. No bra, no panties. The clothes I had been wearing earlier had been thrown across the room, and had landed next to a large dark brown rocking chair. 'Oh, god. Have I been raped?!' I thought, but I didn't feel sore, so I'm holding onto the hope that I haven't. 


I take one more glance around the room, noting the camera in the corner of the room that seemed to follow my every movement, before gripping the bars of the cage and hefting myself up. I pulled my leg over the side of the crib and was just about to swing my other leg over when the door swung open. Zayn walked in, and immediately noticed that he had interrupted my nearly successful escape. He chuckled. " Well, look who's up!" Before I could process anything, he had closed the space between us and picked me up, placing me on his hip. 


I struggled against him, kicking and pushing against his chest with my hands. " Aw. Your so adorable when you think your in control." He cooed. " Why are you doing this?! Who the heck do you think you are?!" I raise my voice to almost shout. " Young lady, you will lower voice this minute! I will not tolerate disrespect. Now come on, lets take you downstairs and get you something to eat, okay sweetheart? Your probably just upset because your hungry." He says, carrying me out of the room and down a narrow stairway into a large silver kitchen. 


He sets me down in an overly large high chair, closing the trey part over my lap and strapping me in, blocking any movement.  I continue to shout profanities at him, dropping in a few swear words that i'm sure will only make me get punished more later on here and there, as he prepares something on the counter, ignoring me. Finally turning around, I see he had been getting a bottle of milk ready. I struggle even harder as he approaches me, bottle in hand.


I jerked my head back and forth as he held the nipple up to my lips, not wanting to drink. He grips my jaw firmly in his hand, forcing my mouth open. Once the nipple is between my teeth, he gives the bottle a squeeze, and my mouth is filled with soft, warm liquid. I quickly drank down all the milk, wrinkling my nose in disgust. Once the bottle leaves my lips i'm shouting more swear words at him. I watch as his face becomes angrier by the second, but still I don't stop. Finally, he spins around from putting the empty bottle in the sink and slams his hand down on the counter next to him. I jump in my seat and fall silent.


" Alright, that's it!" He stomps over to where i'm sitting and yanks me out of the chair, causing me to yelp in surprise at his harsh actions. He drags me over to the living from and sits on the couch. In a matter of seconds, my bum is in the air and he's raining down hard smacks. I cry out each time. Finally, after about twenty, he stops and rests his hand on my bum, slowly rubbing and kneading the stinging mounds in his palm. " Now, why are you in this position?" He ask's, raising his hand and leaving it suspended in the air. He brings it down firmly on my left cheek when I don't answer right away.


 A few tears run freely down my cheeks and I couldn't stop them, Zayn had my hands pinned to the small of my back since the fifth spank. " I said, why do you think your in this position? Huh, baby girl?" He questions again. This time I answer, not caring how babyish I sounded. I just wanted the spanking to stop. " Because I was a bad girl and kept swearing?" I tried. He start rubbing his hand over my bum again, which I have to admit felt good since his hand was cold and soothed the burning pain.


" That's right my little bat. You were a naughty girl, and now your being punished. Just ten more, and then we can cuddle and watch movies okay?" And without waiting for an answer, he continued his mission to set my already aching bum on fire. Smack! Smack! Smack! Each spank caused me to kick my legs against the carpet in pain. When he was done, he smoothed my skirt over my bum and sat me up on his lap, rubbing soothing circles in my back and letting me cry into his shirt. After about five minutes, I'd calmed down enough to talk.


" Why are you doing this? I want to go home." I said, bashfully letting go of his (now completely soaked) shirt. He chuckled and placed a kiss on my nose, which I immediately wiped off. He frowned at that, placing another kiss on my nose and gathering my hands in his so I can't wipe it off. " My little vampire, never wipe off one of daddy's kisses. It makes him sad. And this is your home now. I'm doing this because I need a little girl, and I happen to know now after gathering some information about you that you never had a really good childhood, with you mom always in the hospital with cancer and your step dad abusing you, did you my princess of darkness?" His fists clench when he mentions my step dad. 


I pause for a moment to think. He's right. I never really had a good past. But as much as I love the dark pet names he gives me, I need to go home. I shake my head at him. " No, daddy." I say in my most childish voice. His smile lights up the whole room. Maybe if I go along with what he say's, I'll be able to gain enough trust from him to escape. He lets me pick out a movie and we cuddle on the couch until dinner, where he feeds me my favorite meal of ghost shaped mac and cheese. Then, he cuddles with me on his bed while we listen to music and watch scary videos on his laptop.


Or maybe, staying here won't be so bad.







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