Dear diary

Diary sad helpless alone


1. 5. December

Dear diary.

Today I made one more of my stupid decisions. I chose to give him what he wanted, then he ignored me, told me I wasn't worth it. I've only known this guy in 2 weeks.. How can I already love him, how could he already love me? Well, I guess he didn't.

This isn't the first time, this have happen before, not just once or twice, more than that. Too many times, I can't do this anymore. They use me, and I'm dumb enough to believe and trust in them.. It must be me there's something wrong with.. Cause not all boys are the same, right? Doesn't matter if they're not either, cause no matter what, I am still the one stupid enough to fall in love that quick.. I hate myself for that.

The only thing I want is love.

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