The comfort book

Depressed? Stressed? Have anxiety? Paranoia? Suicidal thoughts? A disorder? Well this book is for you! It contains comforting scenery, poems and quotes.


2. Comfort techniques

 close your eyes and breathe.

Feel your diaphragm as you breathe in and out.

Now relax the tension in your face.

Relax your shoulders.

Shrug your shoulders.

Lay down and roll your eyes up as they are shut.

Imagine you are looking at the center of your forehead.

Breathe feeling your stomach and or chest expand.

Imagine any tension or pain floating away.

Tense and untense leg muscles.

Scrunch up your nose and let the tension go.

Get Plato or something squishy and roll it in your hands. 

Get a stress ball and squeeze it tightly, then letting it go.

Get a smooth rock in your hand and feel the texture. 

Feel the coldness or warmth of the rock.

Spray some vanilla,cinnamon,brown sugar, or other scent that may soothe you in the room you are in.

Light a candle.

Get some beads or hard beans and put them into a container. Dip your hands in the container, feeling the beads, beans. 

Get soft material and feel it with your hand. ( carrying a small patch of soft material wherever you go is a good idea, so you can pull it out when you need to.) 

Play your head on a fuzzy pillow/object.

Put on fuzzy socks.

Dim the lighting in the room you are in.

Put on some chapstick and focus on rubbing your lips together. 

Get a makeup or paintbrush and swipe it across your hand gently.

Imagine your mouth in warmth.


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