The comfort book

Depressed? Stressed? Have anxiety? Paranoia? Suicidal thoughts? A disorder? Well this book is for you! It contains comforting scenery, poems and quotes.


1. Comfort imagery

   Streets covered in a thin layer of white, sparkly snow.

  Sunshine and warm weather kissing your face smoothly.

  Beautiful yellow daisies with the sun shing down on them, and you can sort of see through the long petals. 

  Sitting down on thick, soft, green, flourished grass.

  Touching the thick, soft, green, flourished grass..making the smoothness of the grass tickle your fingers.

   The warm, cool, wind floating through the crisp air.

  Sun rays falling delicately on the Earth's surface. 

   Smiles floating through the air.

   Joyful spirits gather around a Christmas tree.

  People of all ages lye hands on a person in prayer, healing.

   A church steeple with beautiful glass stained windows.

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