Dear Michael,


1. Dear Michael,

Hi Michael, I'm sure you don't know who I am, as there is many people in this school, but I've seen you.

Not creepily, but you've caught my eye in the hallway once or twice and I've seen right through you.

I know that you aren't happy with all your "friends", and want nothing to do with them.

I know that you're different, and I've seen the abundance of band bracelets on your arms. Might I say, nice choices.

I'm in a few of your classes when you aren't with your friends, and you look... lonely. And sad. I wish I could be there for you. However, you're the most popular boy in school. I am an outcast. It would be bad for you.

I'm writing this for you so you can give me a change. I am like you. I am a bit different, however. But this is not the time. Right now is introductions.

I know you don't know who I am. I won't tell you my name, so lets use codenames, shall we? Those are fun.

If I write to you, in the off-chance that you read these and not share them to your friends, I hope to see change in you. Maybe then I could change.

Sometimes these messages won't even be about rants. Sometime, I want to get to know you, and your background story.

With Much Love,


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