Pretender ~ H.S

pretender /prɪˈtɛndə/ noun : a person who pretends, especially for a dishonest purpose


2. TWO


I often worked alone. I had been alone for a while now in my life so it just came naturally to me, even in regards to criminal plans and missions. I set off for the Sinclair Hotel, knowing exactly where Harry Styles would be at nine o'clock which gave me the chance to get those papers.

Hacking the CCTV had been only to easy and had gained me information of his arrival and which room he was in and who exactly was guarding him and the rest of the band which had come along to. It didn't bother me that they would all be in the building tonight as not only had I hacked the CCTV but the Hotel's booking and planning database where they had pretty much recorded everything they would be doing and when. It was all for security purposes but to read it just made me laugh, they were making it all so easy for me.

At nine they would be scheduled to still be at dinner in the Hotel's elaborate restaurant, along with a few of their permanent security people or minders as they actually called them. For me all I had to cross was a few CCTV cameras which I would have to disable and a security person who would no doubt be hanging around in the direction of the boys sleeping quarters, where the papers would be.

I packed everything I needed into the pockets of my black denim jacket. That's what I loved about this jacket, you could store things easily in the inside pockets out of sight.I also wore some skinny, black jeans and underneath my jacket a grey t-shirt just to slightly break the black theme. My lips were painted black as always, my eyes made up so that they popped out. This was the sort of look I went for every day, dark and mysterious with that little bit of stunning in it.

Billy insisted on knowing what I was doing and walked me so far as the end of the road before I got frustrated at him teasing me and told him to piss off.

"Catch you later, Jen Jen!" he called over his shoulder with his usual smirk. I hated him calling me that so just glared after him.

Once he was gone I focused on my mission, briskly walking in the direction of the the Sinclair Hotel. It really was not that far and as I glanced down at my watch I had plenty of time to spare. By the time of my arrival they should be down at dinner already which will give me the chance to get exactly what I have set out to retrieve.

As the hotel loomed into sight a small smile cracked onto my lips. Down to business, I thought to myself, slipping my way down an alleyway which I knew led to the back of the hotel - my entrance in. I made my way noiselessly to the back where disgustingly smelly bins sat and all the opposite of glamour was in comparison to the front of the building. Of course no one would be here, it wasn't fit for the wealthy peoples eyes who were staying here.

There were two doors at the back, one led to the kitchen, the other led to a store room of some sort. The second door was my way in. I disabled the security cameras which my special gadget from outside the door before I even entered the room. Once inside the building I put away my device but knew that I would need it very soon so kept it in an easy place to draw it out from.

The store room was cluttered and messy, old filing cabinets stuffed with papers regarding the hotel were littered everywhere. I took no interest in them though. Harry Styles' papers were the ones which I was interested in finding. With this thought in mind I set off, picking the lock of the door out into the hotel. I had already studied the whole ground plan so knew exactly where to go.

Checking the coast was clear, which it was, I slipped from the room in the direction of where I knew there was an elevator. I took a path which I knew I could stay out of direct line of the camera and not once did I meet anyone. Safely to the lift I checked off different stages in my head that were in place for the plan. Getting inside the building without being intercepted was the first and that was completed.

Now on to stage two, getting into Harry Styles' room. I smiled to myself as the lift rose. Nothing about this was scary, nothing felt like it would go wrong. I had confidence in what I was doing and I wasn't about it let anything defeat me. The lift pinged and with a purposeful air I walked down the corridor, inside my pocket disabling all the security cameras with a few codes, all without looking.

I smiled at the security man stood pacing occasionally, along the corridor where the two rooms the One Direction boys had were. This was all part of the plan. It was like hiding in plain sight. I pretended to have a purpose in this corridor other than stealing papers and kept up that cover.

The security man took this cover and smiled back as I continued on my way towards a room which was supposedly mine but actually wasn't. All part of the plan. I slipped my lock picking device into room 11's lock and undid it with ease. As far as the security guard knew this was my room.

I walked into it, knowing this was actually empty which was why I had chosen this one. I pulled out my device from my pocket and looked down at the little screen. I promptly disabled the whole floors security cameras and all those which were on the outside of the building. With this now completed I shifted over to the window.

Time for some climbing I thought to myself with a smirk on my face. The security guard would not suspect anyone to be coming from the outside of Harry's room into it. I pulled back the window to open it as far as it would go, hoisting myself up and out onto the thin ledge. This was the only part of the plan that I didn't know too well how it was going to pan out but I dealt with it with confidence.

I scaled the wall, careful to keep secure on the ledge as I started to make my way towards my destination. I had to pass two rooms before Harry Styles' but I was safe because the two rooms belonged to the other One Direction boys so no one would be in them either.

The wind was cold and icy against my skin causing me to get goose bumps erupting on my skin but I ignored the temperature. Nothing as simple as the temperature was going to stop me from completing my job.I quickened my pace as I had pretty much mastered a good technique to get along the ledge, reaching the window into Harry Styles' room in a matter of minutes. I smirked as I opened the window from the outside, I had a gadget for that task, it was pretty nifty really.

Pulling back the window so I could enter I made sure I was perfectly quiet as of course the security man would have ears and I didn't much want to be caught by him. I moved swiftly but with skill as I scanned with my eyes for where the papers would be. This was something I didn't know. Stage one and two were completed and were easy but stage three was unpredictable and was loosely planned.

What if he didn't have the right papers with him? I instantly banished that thought. Stop, Jennifer, don't think like that. I mentally scolded myself for my negative thoughts and focused. Papers? Where would Harry Styles' keep important papers. 

I looked around the twin bedroom and my eyes then fell on a briefcase tucked below the bed. I smiled to myself. Hello, papers. I quickly made my way over to it, taking it out and carefully slipping it onto the bed. Harry Styles was printed in gold lettering in the top right corner which confirmed for this was his. This is when I set eyes on the password key lock. Damn. I stared at it as I cracked a smile again. You can do this, Jennifer.

I got to work on it, using my lock picking device to aid me and finally clicking the padlock and yanking it off. Who needs a code? I almost laughed but of course I didn't as I needed to be extra quiet. I instead started to rummage through the papers. Barnes had spoken to me before I left this evening, describing exactly which papers I needed. I flicked through them. Where oh where are you you bank details?

I started to get aggravated as I was slowly reaching the bottom. I had to find them soon. I needed them. I kept flicking when finally I caught sight of what I needed. I pulled them from the briefcase quickly and shut the lid more noisily than anticipated.


I heard voices suddenly. What? Two voices... but there was only one guard. I was frozen but that was the worst thing that I could have done. Everything I learned seemed to have gone out of my head for the first time ever. Move, Jennifer, get out. But something inside me had rooted me down to the spot. Why now after several years of being one of the best of Barnes' criminals do I decide to make a mistake on a mission? And a very stupid mistake I had made.

The door quickly clicked open and the voices got louder as two men walked into the room. Why are they back from dinner? Fuck. I shoved the papers into my pocket in such a state of panic and irritation in myself as the men turned their heads and their eyes snapped on to me as the door closed behind them. They stared at me in surprise and confusion and then the anger was starting to show through. Shit.I hadn't got away in time.

This mission was one of the simplest ones and I had been caught.

I had been caught for the first time ever in my life.

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