Pretender ~ H.S

pretender /prɪˈtɛndə/ noun : a person who pretends, especially for a dishonest purpose


1. ONE


"Barnes wants to see you!" Billy barked at me from across the room. I snapped my eyes up from lighting my cigarette as I watched the roughly shaven man lean against the door frame. He was chewing his gum, his expression not one of disgust or one of liking, just something in between.

"What's he want me for?" I questioned him, flicking the lighter and igniting the end of my cigarette like I had originally been trying to do before being interrupted. I took in a drag letting the nicotine fill me up before I blew out smoke into the air and fixed Billy with a look. He just stood and watched me for a while, not answering.

I took a another puff, holding the cigarette between my slightly parted black painted lips as Billy walked briskly to stand in front of me. I stood to face him. With two fingers I pulled away the cigarette and blew the smoke into his face. It swirled around him, distorting his facial features for a moment before he shifted away the smog with his hand.

"Smoking will kill you," he stated as though he thought I would listen to him. I laughed a short and contemptuous laugh.

"Death to us all then," I replied with a sly smile as he took the cigarette from me, twirling it so he could take his own drag.

He blew the smoke into my face just like I had done with him and I laughed again, coldly this time. I then asked, trying to get to the point of why he was in the room,"So, what does he want?"

"Something about a little job," he replied vaguely but with the sense of knowing more than he was letting on.

I studied his face which was pulled into a smirk. I made my stare more prominent but he did not elaborate on what he had said.

"Where is he then?" I asked, rolling my eyes. I would just have to find out myself what was going on.

"Lounge," he said jerking his head out of the room. I nodded in a mere form of thanks, making to step around him but he held out a hand to stop me. I fixed him with a questioning look. "I always wonder, why is it you he chooses first for his dirty work?"

I sniffed as though about to laugh and pushed some hair back from my face. "Maybe I'm just the best out of you all," I mused and tilted my head slightly to the side, studying Billy's smirking face. "Or you're all usually piss ass drunk or high, I'm the only one who's sane!"

He rolled his eyes, chuckling deeply. "That's pretty true." He paused for a second. "You're hardly sane though."

I poked my tongue out at him, giving a look between amusement and annoyance. He winked and tried to grip my tongue between his fingers. "Watch what you're doing with that thing!" he joked and wiggled his eyebrows, "I might just take it into my possession."

I played along, winking as I said, "come at me, you little shit."

He stepped forward as though to try something and I just shoved my hand out to meet his approaching face, pushing him away.

"I better go and see, Barnes," I told him starting to try to get away. He flicked me in the back and I raised my eyebrows at him over my shoulder.

"Changing the subject, are we darling?" He sneered at me, dropping the cigarette and stamping on it.

I just rolled my eyes, shooting him a look over my shoulder as I went through the door. "As if I was being serious 'darling'!" I called back at him, mocking his use of 'darling'. I heard him laughing to himself. We both knew that it was all a joke anyway, it was all just a bit of harmless fun.

I strode my way down the corridor of the dark house as I passed rooms from which smoke could be seen swimming inside of and the smell of alcohol and sweat was prominent in the air. I called this place my home, whatever home was. From the age of 14 I had found myself here, led by Billy who had found me homeless on the street, stealing cigarettes and money from passers by. I was then let into the world of the gang which the house was home to and here I am still, now at 18. Assassinations, drug dealings, theft, scandals. This was what the gang was all about. Everything that was considered bad in the world, you could find a rooting here.

And Barnes the leader with his plans always led the pack, enrolling gang members to different criminal tasks he wanted done. The purpose for it all, to cause pain, to cause chaos or to gain information to black mail or for some other use.  And of course there was always money or other benefits as he said.

I was a part of this, bound to loyalty to the gang. This was my life, how I made any way of living. I don't love it but there is nothing else for me. This life chose me and I went along with it. It is both something I despise but find somewhat meaningless benefits from. What else is there for me? Death or this? This life is more exciting that death itself.

"Billy said you wanted to see me," I spoke loudly as I walked on through to the lounge in which Barnes and his most trustful assassin X sat on a sofa, drinking from large bottles.

I stood before them arms crossed, a stern look set onto my face. Barnes looked up with a snide grin on his face. "Jennifer, how lovely of you to join us." The happiness wasn't there but there was just a dash of gratitude that I'd turned up, after all he did want me to do something for him. 

I said nothing, waiting to be filled in with what I had to do. An assassination, theft, fraud? What would it be this time? There were many answers. I fixed him with a wondering look and he smiled, his lips curving into such a shape of evilness that it scared even me the slightest bit even if there was not many things in the world which scared me anymore. You become less scared of criminals when you are one. 

"I have a job for you, a little theft I might say," he spoke up and I nodded at him, already letting my mind set itself for my task.

X pulled out something from his pocket and held it out to me. I took it quickly from him and he stared soullessly at me. X always had that expression about him, like all emotions had been deleted from him.

I looked down at the photo which I had been given - my target - his face vaguely rung a bell somewhere in my brain.

"Know who that is?" Barnes questioned me as I studied his curly locked head and green eyes. I seemed to remember he was a famous face.

"Some famous guy," I replied and met Barnes's eyes again.

He laughed once in a harsh way. "This some famous guy is Harry Styles, part of the world wide known band One Direction."

I nodded,  now making the connection and securing all the information about him I knew so far into my brain.

"We need something from him or more to the point we're thinking we would like something from him," Barnes continued on and I could see where this was going. A famous guy probably had a lot of money and Barnes had mentioned theft.

"Steal his money," I stated, not questioned. Barnes nodded with a slight smile.

"His bank details will do," he replied more specifically about my task, "all the papers you can get."

I nodded to show he was understood and plans were already formulating in my head.

"The target is to be at the Sinclair Hotel, not far from here, tonight," Barnes spoke up and I latched onto the information. That didn't give me long for a plan. "All you need to do is get into his room and steal those papers."

I smiled at him as I assured him, "sounds easy enough."

Barnes half made a nod of admiration but was quick not to be seen to actually have shown a kind emotion. "Be warned though, the band is protected by a lot of security." I knew this already so just nodded my head at him. It was nothing I couldn't handle.

"I'll have the papers to you by 12 for sure," I informed Barnes with an almost excited smile. The prospect of danger tonight gave me an adrenaline rush, this was what I liked best - crime.  It was just natural now, being a criminal, I had been taught to be one. 

"Good luck," Barnes called dryly as I was exiting the room, seeming to think it was time to get to planning, not that it needed much planning. As if I needed luck either? What was going to go wrong? This was going to be easy as after all it was just a little theft. 

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