Trust Me


1. Why Me?

 It was a horrible, dark day; at least for me. I dashed outside to play in the snow. My best friend was waiting.

"Let's go to the creek." Kyle smiled as we went on our way.

As we reached the creek, the water was frozen solid and the grass was as well.

"Ah, I love Winter." Kyle smiled.

"Me too." I smiled and stepped on the ice.

"Let's ice skate!" Kyle said and slid on the ice into the woods.

"Wait for me!" I said and went after him.

As I reached the end of the ice, I noticed Kyle was nowhere to be seen. I tried to find him, but it was no use. After an hour of searching, I assumed he went home. As I walked home, I thought about how magical Christmas is. I walked through the front door and called mom and dad.

No answer.

"Are you guys here?" I called. 

I wandered into the kitchen to get lunch. Mom and dad were probably asleep. I opened the cupboard to see a red liquid leaking.

"Food coloring spilled." I sighed and closed the cabinet. My dog rushed into the kitchen, barked, and ran into the living room.

"Was is it, boy?" I asked and followed him. As I entered the living room, a big, red, pool of blood was on the floor. In the blood was mom and dad, lying dead. I gasped.

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