Minecraft Adventures #1

A boy joins a server but somethings wrong there is terror everywhere he must join forces and defeat evil once and for all!


1. The server.

 One day a Stevie457 joined a server. There was a LOT of loading.finally he dropped down on a block. All though all the trees where gone he happened to find a chest. He open the chest when... a dark figure jumped out of nowhere and attacked him. "Please stop!" Stevie said but the figure acted as if it didn't here a thing at all. With all his strength he managed to get the figure off of him. He removed the cloak and he saw a... you guessed it a PLAYER! "Why did you attack me?" said Stevie the player replied with a raspy "I was sent to kill all noobs." Stevie replied "NOOBS?!?!" "I JUST DEFEATED YOU!" there was a long silence but then the player responded "There have been problems in this server with noobs, I'm very sorry and I will lead you to the nearest refugee camp" Stevie was very baffled and said "ok??"




                                                   THE END (of chapter 1)!!!                                                                                                      


           By: 11 yr. old Samuel D Staich.

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