The Magic book


1. the doll

In a dusty old library in pinpoint, where no one dared to step foot, was a special book that could create anything you wished for.  The library was up for sale, but nobody wanted it.  It was mysteriously dark and shadowy.

A brave, clever girl called poppy stared at the sign, as she stopped and scratched her head. Then she walked home and started typing on her pc. ‘library in pinpoint’ she typed.

The next day poppy bought the library .  She was very excited and went there first thing to clean it out.  The first item she saw out of the corner of her eye was a wish book. She checked the tag and it said DO NOT OPEN.

She was interested in what could be inside.She read the back page of the book and it said to wish for any thing you want.  
She took A toy unicorn from her pocket so poppy said "i wish for this unicorn to come to life" zap a light appeared a real, live unicorn swished its majestic, mane and kicked her hoof up.

Poppy gasped.  She was astounded that it had actually worked.  Now she could enter the World’s Best book Competition. Her face lit up but Just then the unicorn shot past and cut her hand with its horn.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Joey, poppys  friend.poppy said ‘Can you please go get a bandage for me? 

When Joey left poppy, looked at the book. and said to her self "how could some one make  such a magic book. well "turn me into a doll"
zap a light appeared she was a doll.

When Joey came back he shouted over to poppy, but there was no response. He stood there, blinking in disbelief. “poppy?”  He exclaimed “Oh poppy, can you hear me?”  In the chair where poppy had been sitting, sat a life-sized doll,  in poppy`s white coat. She couldn't move or talk, she could only sit and blink. Joey stared.puzzled? 

Joey thought for a second. he pulled  the book out of her pocket and flipped to a page.  He said easy enough "i wish for poppy to come back to life" zap a light appeared...........

By Nicole Harkins

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