17 year old Jayca michaels goes on a summer vacation to Hollywood and get in unforgettable accident. the only thing jayca remembers is her name and the accident. She also remember someone named Marcus.in a search for her memory,jayca begens to wonder if it worth remembering.


2. the ride

I gave the cashier a twenty for gas and went back outside and put gas in my black Chevrolet. the sun was getting bright so i put on a pair of sunglasses and pushed a strand of hair out of my face.i looked around and saw a guy with a black shirt on and his hair was a light brown color. Tearing my eyes away from him I climbed back in my car but didn't move quite just yet.I took a deep breath and tighten my grip on the stirring wheel before starting the car.I looked in the review mirror to see if the guy in the black shirt was still standing there and he was.I shook my head and drove off debating on rather what I did was smart or stupid.I wasn't sure because it looked like he was following me.I looked in the review mirror again and he had his hand out the window and was pointing infront of us.Wait, how did he know i was-

                        My head hit the stirring wheel and then flung back to hit the back of the seat from the impact of a truck hitting me from in front.

                      Why was everything spinning,i thought.Then i realized it wasn't everything, just my car. I pressed my foot to the break as hard as i could but the car wouldn't stop.I undid my seat belt and jumped out of the car. I hit my head on a rock and i felt sick.i think i screamed but i wasnt sure.i saw a pair of feet but my vision getting blurry.i was getting tired and the last thing i heard was"marcus,what the heck,man!"

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