17 year old Jayca michaels goes on a summer vacation to Hollywood and get in unforgettable accident. the only thing jayca remembers is her name and the accident. She also remember someone named Marcus.in a search for her memory,jayca begens to wonder if it worth remembering.


4. The note

I was finally getting released from the hospital. I still couldn't remember much, but I could remember my childhood up to last year, so they let me go. 

I walked out the hospital and took a seat in my hired car, not feeling quite at home, but it was a car on the same. But before I sat out of the corner of my eye I saw a peice of paper lodged in the window. It was a note.

Hesistating, I reached my hand out, drawing it back when I lost the confidence, but I quickly gained it again.

Snatching the note off the sill I held it in my hand as I drove home, anxiously waiting to see what was inside. I entered the drive and hopped out of the door, quickly locking it before entering my house and sliding down the other side of the closed door. I ripped the letter open and entered the kitchen as I slid the letter out the envelope, holding my breath. I unfolded it and immediatly began to read, my eyes going back and forth as I scanned the paper. It read:

Dear Jayca,

If you want to know what really happened to you last week, come to the park in the center square, next to the town center, for 8:00pm. Find the middle of the tunnel of trees and there a man will be there with another note. Take it and don't read it until tomorrow. Don't ask any questions either, yet.

That's all for now.

-Anonymous :-/


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