17 year old Jayca michaels goes on a summer vacation to Hollywood and get in unforgettable accident. the only thing jayca remembers is her name and the accident. She also remember someone named Marcus.in a search for her memory,jayca begens to wonder if it worth remembering.


3. The hospital

Everything was dark. I couldn't see. It was just dark. I placed my hand over my eyes to make sure they were open and their was nothing over them. I screamed. Nothing was covering my eyes. Nothing at all. I was blind.

    Oh my God. This can't be happening, not to me, not to me. Oh God, please not me.

    I heard someone come into the room,"She awake!" I heard a guy yell. I felt a hand on my shoulders. I screamed again."Why can't I see?!"

 "Miss, you need to stop screaming. My name is Dr. Brentwood. Can you tell me your name? Do you remember?"he asked, trying to calm me down.

     "Umm,"name name name, what is it!!??


   " My name is Jayca Michaels, I think." I said, my voice still shaky.The docotor smiled."that's great" he said."that's all i'm gonna ask you right know.you should eat and get more sleep."

 I nodded,but i was every hunger, so i just took a nap.

  *an hour later*

  when i woke up i heard someone in the room."hello?" i said

  "good,your awake.can you see anything?" Dr.Brentwood,said

"no."i said and started crying.

"calm down,it will only last for a day or two.i promise.i do have a few questions for you though.Do you remember anything at all?"

 i shook my head."wait,i remember the name marcus.but thats it."i wipped my face with the back of my hand.


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