17 year old Jayca michaels goes on a summer vacation to Hollywood and get in unforgettable accident. the only thing jayca remembers is her name and the accident. She also remember someone named Marcus.in a search for her memory,jayca begens to wonder if it worth remembering.


5. Park

 I rubbed my hand together then stuck them into the pockets of my jacket. I tilted my head back and looked up at the tunnel of trees. " Hello." I spun around, there was a man in a black shirt and jeans and in his hand was a note.I leaned forward and took it,"Thanks," I said with small smile all he did was nod. "Do you now how gave this to you?" I asked holding the note up before sticking it in my pocket.

 "Nope,a guy told my to give the note to a blonde chick in the tree tunnel."he shrugged "anyway.see ya." then he walked away. I sighed and walked to the park and sat down on one of the swings and brought the note out of my pocket.

  Someone put there hand with a rag that smelled like bleach and alcohol over my mouth and I dropped the note.I tried to scream but kept breathing in the stuff on the rag. I jerked my elbow back and hit he in the stomach.He groaned and he moved his hand but it was to late I had already breathe the stuff and I fell back against him.

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