17 year old Jayca michaels goes on a summer vacation to Hollywood and get in unforgettable accident. the only thing jayca remembers is her name and the accident. She also remember someone named Marcus.in a search for her memory,jayca begens to wonder if it worth remembering.


6. Park P.O.V Aiden

   I watched as she put her hand in her pocket and then she took a deep breathe before tilting her head back. My breathe caught as her hair fell from her face. She's beautiful,but as long as Marcus is out there, she's in danger. Brent walks up behind her and says something,I can't tell what though. He must have scared her, because she spins around fast. They talk for a few minutes and then he walks away.

   Jayca stands in there for a second looking around before finally walking out of the tree tunnel and to the park swings. I take a deep breath and for a second i forget why I'm here in the first place, that is until she pulls the note out of her pocket.

    "Damn it,I told you not to read it till to tomorrow." I whisper to myself as I strode toward the swings  while pour the chloroform on the rag I had in case this happened. I placed the rag over her mouth. Jayca struggles against me,her elbow rams into my stomach causing me to lose my grip but it already to late and she passes out.

  I just gave douche bag and bad first impression and new meaning,i though as I carry her to the truck.

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