Warriors RP

Scarkit was born with a large scar on his left shoulder, with very little fur to cover it up. As he grows slowly and painfully from kit to apprentice, he learns the cruelty that clan life can bring, but his undying loyalty and quiet courage bring him a few friends along the way. The teasing towards his scarred side never truly did seam to cease, but what no cat would ever have foretold, not even Starclan, is that his scar has a very special power. Whenever troubled cats come to him and place their paw over his scar, he sees into the darkest spots of their mind. This can be very helpful, especially when it involves the she-cat he loves to death. But when Scarpaw is called to be a medicine cat, he must learn to push away the feelings of love, or break the warrior code.


2. by AThousandMidnightTheories

[Silverkit - short silver tabby fur, green eyes, white paws, she-cat; Silverleap

Mother is Rosesweet(reddish brown fur and green eyes), father is Pinestep(dark gray fur and amber-green eyes). Litter mates are

Fernkit(gray fur and amber eyes, she-cat; Fernfoot) and Mothkit(brown tabby fur and green eyes, she-cat; Mothflight).

Silverkit watched as Scarkit huddled far away from his siblings in the corner of the nursery. She looked over at her mother. “Rosesweet?”


 “Why doesn’t anyone ever play with Scarkit?”

    Rosesweet looked up from grooming her reddish-brown pelt, gazing at her daughter with startled green eyes, then glancing at the dark-furred kit in the corner. “I don’t know, dear. I suppose they’re just afraid of that scar of his. Why don’t you go over and ask him to play?”

    Silverkit squeaked. “Me?”

    Rosesweet purred. “Why not? You don’t seem afraid of the scar like the others. Go on, ask him to play.”

    Silverkit looked over at Scarkit, who was curled into a fluffy gray ball against the nursery wall. “O-okay.” she said nervously. She stood and slowly padded over to the lone kit. The other kits in the nursery paused to watch her, but she ignored them, shoving her nervousness away.

    Once she had reached Scarkit’s side, she stood for a moment, unsure of what to do. Finally, she stretched out a paw and gently poked him.

    Scarkit jumped, uncoiling from his ball of loneliness and springing to his paws. Silverkit squealed, jumping back. Behind her, the other kits let out amused meows.

    Scarkit gaped at Silverkit, blue eyes wide and angry. “What do you want?”

    Silverkit blinked, suddenly unsure. “Um...I just...I was wondering if you wanted to play moss-ball with me? I have a really good clump of moss that we can use...”

    Scarkit just stared at her in shock. “You...you want to play with me?”

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