I loved her now i love him

One day a boy loved a girl or he though now he loves this boy a beauitful boy he would say he became friends with him then one day they became more than friends


3. Wow

Ryder held Owens hand filled with tears in his eyes. "Why would she do such a thing your an amazing guy" Owen smiled slightly then starting thinking about that kiss. He remember how he felt millions of butterfly's and felt like he was with someone he have loved for ages... They walked hand in hand and talked for a will then Ryder stoped and looked at Owen. "I love you so much Owen and if you don't feel that way I understand. I just needed to tell you that before i lost you i have been messaging you for days with no awnser and was getting worried so I had to come and see you. And then I ran into you which felt better."

"i'm sorry you feel i don't love you"

"you always said you loved girls and only girls." Ryder sighed

"that was before you" Owen smiled and kissed Ryder again but more power and pashien. Then Ryder kissed back rapping his arms around Owens waist Owen rappng his arms around Ryders neck. Then the both smiled in the kiss. "I love you Ryder, I have for a will"



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