I loved her now i love him

One day a boy loved a girl or he though now he loves this boy a beauitful boy he would say he became friends with him then one day they became more than friends


2. Him


He went for a walk and ran into a boy he looked cute to his liking. The boy walked up to him. "hey i'm looking for a boy named Owen Charles." Owen looked at him. "um thats me" he said then started to bite his lip. "oh thank god i have been looking for you im Ryder Stingling." he looked at him then remember "RYDER" he smiled "i remember from on Movellas that guy I would talk to all the time i sorta liked you at the moment then... wow i can't...." then Ryder kissed him. Owen paused for a minute then kissed back closing his eyes. Ryder pulled away "i always loved you and always wanted to meet you. and know i do" he smiled then frowned "i almost forgot you..." "we're not together anymore" Ryder smiled again and hugged Owen tightly.

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