I loved her now i love him

One day a boy loved a girl or he though now he loves this boy a beauitful boy he would say he became friends with him then one day they became more than friends


1. Her

One day Owen was walking in town and found his girlfriend Kaley. 

(her^) She was beauitful. The most beauitful girl he had ever met. He loved her. He walked up to her and hugged her. She hugged back and sighed. "Owen" she pulled away and looked upset. "I'm sorry but i can't be with you anymore. its not you its me i promise" she looked up at him then kissed him on the cheek.

"but..." he was speechless. So he ran of as fast as he could tears running down his face. "but i loved you" he whisperes will he runs. Soon he was at home he ran to his room and throw himself on the bed. He cried for hours then got a message from her. 

Kaley-Im sorry'

He didnt awnser he throw his phone and went to his mirror. "why me" he cried "i did nothing to deserve this. I loved her she said she loved me back. Now shes gone" He looked at the mirror once more then rubbed his eyes roughly and then went out for a walk...

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