Christmas Cheer

A collection of Jalex Christmas stories!


2. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Alex felt unsettled as he waited for Jack, there was a funny feeling in his chest that he couldn’t place. Like someone had filled him up with butterflies and he wasn’t sure if he was shaking because of the cold or nerves. He just pulled his jacket tighter and continued to stare up the road waiting for Jack to appear, they’d arranged to meet at the Mall as Alex had a bit of a surprise for his boyfriend of four months. Alex shivered again as he waited, it was nearly Christmas and the Baltimore weather had taken a turn for freezing.

Alex had always loved Christmas, ever since he was a child. The decorations everywhere, the smell of cinnamon and spices that just seemed to fill the air and just all the happiness the time of year seemed to bring. To him it was the best thing ever, except for Jack of course.

Finally the boy in question arrived, wrapped up tightly in his coat with a fluffy purple hat pulled over his ears.

Jack greeted Alex with a kiss, like he always did, bringing warmth back to Alex’s cold skin. Once Jack pulled away Alex’s cheeks were no longer just flushed with cold and they were both smiling.

“What lovely surprise is the Mall going to bring?” Jack asked, looking unsure at the many shoppers walking past with bags and bags of late Christmas presents.

“Come on and you’ll find out,” Alex said, grabbing hold of Jack’s hand.

Alex lead Jack past the shops and the many people lining the streets, the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air and the threat of show in the air. It was truly beginning to feel like Christmas.

Jack had no idea what Alex was planning, he just hoped it wasn’t going to be shopping. Being dragged from store to store wasn’t exactly his idea of fun. Luckily for Jack, Alex’s idea came apparent as something came into view.

“We’re going ice skating?”

Alex beamed, nodding his head. He was so excited and Jack just wanted to kiss him, he looked so adorable.

“You know I’m going to end up on my ass right?” Jack said.

“Hey, it’ll be fun!” Alex exclaimed, pulling Jack toward the entrance.

“You’re not the one that’s going to end up with a broken butt,” Jack grumbled.

Alex just laughed as they reached the reception, handing the money over to the lady behind the counter. She handed them their skates, saying how nice to was to see a couple out for a date.  

Alex blushed scarlet and handed Jack his skates, Jack wrapping his arms around the smaller boy and placing a kiss on his cheek. Alex blushed again and Jack felt the boy shiver in his arms, they hadn’t even made it to the ice yet.

“Here, I think you need this more than me.”

Jack pulled off his purple fluffy hat and put it on Alex instead.

“Jack.. But it’s your favourite,” Alex said, pulling the hat down over his ears.

“No, you’re my favourite,” Jack replied.

Alex smiled, so wide his dimples appeared before standing on tiptoes to kiss Jack’s nose.


It took them a few minutes but finally they were both wearing ice skates and wobbling about.

“How are you suppose to walk in these?” Jack asked, holding onto a wall just to stay upright.

“You’re not suppose to walk, you’re suppose to skate,” Alex replied, stumbling his way over to Jack.   

They both made their way over to the edge of the rink but before they attempted to get onto the ice Jack took Alex’s hand. Looking at the boy, who was still smiling like a kid at Christmas, it made Jack’s heart hammer against his chest and his knees feel weak.

They both took the first step onto the ice together and somehow both managed to stay standing. Jack was clinging to Alex as they edged their way around the rink.

“See, this isn’t so hard,” Alex said, starting to get the hang of it.

“You would say that,” Jack replied, wobbling so much he didn’t know how he was still on his feet.

“Come here, I’ll help you.”

Alex took Jack’s hands away from the rail that he was clinging to and started pulling him more onto the ice.

“Alex, are you sure about this?” Jack asked, his feet sliding about all over the place.

“You’ll be fine, just slowly push one foot in front of the other,” Alex instructed.

Jack did what he was told and slowly began moving across the ice, even if he was still clinging onto Alex’s hands.

“You’re doing it! Now just let go of me,” Alex said.

“No way! I’ll fall!”

“No you won’t, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.”

Jack looked at Alex at still smiling, his cheeks flushed from the cold and eye shining. He slowly loosened his grip on Alex’s hands until he was standing on his own.

“See you’re doing it!” Alex cheered.

Jack tried to move forward and wobbled, Alex held his arms out like a parent encouraging their child to walk toward them. This made Jack think about one day having children with Alex, the thought making him smile.

“What you smiling for?” Alex teased.

“Oh just you,” Jack replied, deciding now was not the time to spit out the fact he’d thought about settling down with Alex one day.

“Get over here and kiss me.”

Jack was happy to oblige and went to skate over to Alex only to wobbled and fall back on his butt.


“Maybe you need a little more practise,” Alex laughed, skating over to help Jack up.

“Yeah maybe,” Jack replied as Alex pulled him upright, even on his feet again he was sliding, Alex’s arm going around his waist just to keep him upright.

“Do I get that kiss now?” Alex asked.

“I suppose so.”

Jack’s hands went to Alex’s face, tilting his chin up before pressing their cold lips together. The kiss may have been short but the same butterflies and fireworks still came. They may have only been dating for a few months but there was an undeniable spark between them, that neither could ignore.

“Ready to try again?” Alex asked, tugging on Jack’s hands.

“I’m not sure my butt can take it.”

Alex just laughed.

“I’ll keep hold of you this time, I won’t let you fall,” Alex said.

So they started moving again, Alex skating slowly backward and pulled Jack along. It was then the speaker crackled into life and a familiar tune blasted into the air.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s only one thing I need,” Alex began to sing along.

“I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know, make me wish come true. All I want for Christmas is youuuuu.”

Alex continued singing, swaying slowly on the ice as a sort of dance. Jack was still clinging to his boyfriend’s hands as not to fall but found himself slowly swaying to the sound of Alex’s voice.

“I don’t need to hang my stocking, there on the fireplace. Santa Claus won’t make me happy, with a toy on Christmas day.”

They were dancing there on the ice, Alex’s voice the only thing that mattered. That was until Jack wobbled again, one foot sliding away and sending him falling to the ice again, pulling Alex crashing down with him. They both lay on the ice, the cold seeping into their clothes and soaking them through.

“I just want you for my own, more than anyone could know. Make my wish come true, baby all I want for Christmas is you.”

Alex finished singing with them still lying on the ice, Jack leaning over to kiss him. Everything forgotten the moment their lips touched, the cold, the pain from landing on the ice and even the stares from those around them. All that mattered was each other and as Alex pulled away, still staring at Jack’s eyes he knew then that it was true. Those feelings that made his heart beat faster and made his thoughts a mess whenever Jack was around, he could finally put the words to everything he felt. But before he could say them Jack was moving, carefully standing up on the ice again and pulling Alex up with him.

“You okay?” Jack asked, his hands rubbing Alex’s arms.

Alex hadn’t even noticed he was shivering again.

“Yes, amazing,” Alex replied.

“You feel oddly good for someone who just landed on their ass,” Jack laughed.

Alex just shrugged and laughed, he tugged on Jack’s hands again so they started skating across the ice once again.

“You want to keep going?” Jack asked, he thought crashing to the floor may have changed Alex’s mind about their date.

“Of course, you need to learn to stay on your feet,” Alex teased.

Jack just rolled his eyes and let Alex continue to pull him around.


They started on the ice until they were frozen and Jack felt thoroughly beaten and bruised. By the time they got back onto solid ground again it was starting to get dark, the sun fading and the whole skying going deep blue.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Alex asked, staring up as the stars started to appear.

“Yes I’d say so,” Jack replied, but he wasn’t looking at the stars, no he was looking at Alex.

“I don’t know about you but I’m freezing, fancy a hot chocolate?” Jack asked, seeing a small cafe around the corner.

“I’d love one,” Alex replied.

So Jack took Alex’s hand and started walking over toward the cafe, Alex was still shivering and the purple hat that was still on his head was slightly lopsided. Alex continued to hum along to the Christmas songs that were playing as Jack pushed open the door of the coffee shop, both of them being met with a blast of hot air.

They were greeted by a lovely older lady who took their orders before ushering them over to a small couch in front of a roaring fire.

“This is nice,” Alex smiled.
Having stripped of his wet coat and hat he was curled up with Jack on the couch. Jack’s arm wrapped tightly around his waist as they huddled in front of the fire, trying to regain the warm in their fingers and toes.

Jack just hummed in reply and placed a kiss on Alex’s cool cheek. A few minutes past before the lady returned with their drinks, two hot chocolates piled high with cream and marshmallows.

“This isn’t nice,” Jack said, sipping his hot chocolate, one arm still wrapped around Alex.


“No, this is perfect.”

Alex beamed, his eyes lighting up like the stars he loved so much. Jack was right he was perfect.

“Jack, I love you.”

Those feelings Alex had felt since the first time they’d kissed, it was love, it just took him awhile to find the words. And as it said them his voice was sleepy and his body cold but as they sat there by the fire the moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I love you too Alex.”

It was the first time they’d said the words, though they’d always felt it. It was the perfect end to their date and would make the holiday feel just that little bit more special. knowing they already had everything could ever want for Christmas.

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