The Revenge

Ella McGee is a bullied girl. She can't stand it. Until one day, she tries to kill the bullys.


6. Chapter 6

I felt bored. So, I decide too give my revenge to…Autumn Keys. She left me alone. I can’t stand it anymore. I need to kill her! She was born to die!!!!


She was at her house. Reading some books. I make everything in her room float. She was screaming. Suddenly, it stopped floating. I went to her. ‘Ella?’ she said. ‘Hi, old friend’ I said. She ran away with a book. ‘Dad…we need to go to the Volcano.’ She said fast. Her dad asked ‘Why?’ ‘It doesn’t matter!’ she scream. Both of them went to the car. They were driving real fast. I float the car but it kept moving. I feel something is pulling my foot and I fell down on the floor. But I kept chasing the car. I know how make me fell down. It’s Autumn! She also have black magic powers! That means she was holding the black magic book. Oh no! She’s going to throw the book in the volcano! I’ll die! I have to stop this!


I make the car slow but it went faster. They reach Goat Rocks. They went out from the car. I freeze both of them but Autumn manage to let herself free. She fly fast to the top of the mountain. I chase her. She use her power to push me. I fly again. Me and her reach the top. She was going to throw the book in the lava hole. But I pull her hair. She fell down. ‘I knew you will do this when I move! I felt glad I took this book! I’ll fight you and I’ll stop you from killing the TENTEENGIRLS.’ Autumn said while standing up. She was still holding the book.


‘All of the TENTEENGIRLS are dead you maniac! I put my revenge to them!’ I said while laughing.


Autumn: What is wrong with you?

Ella: I’m fine.

Autumn: You’re not you!

Ella: I’m just the same! Now, Autumn Keys, I also have a revenge on you!

Autumn: What is my fault?

Ella: You leave me just like that!

Autumn: I didn’t! I can’t stand being bullied!

Ella: That’s it!

I punch her face. She then kick my stomach but I hold her foot and tried to break it. I tried to punch her but she dodges it. She slaps me. I choke her. She then punches my fore head until I fell down. I stand up and I push her. She fell down from the mountain. She came back, flying. She again tried to throw the book, I quickly to the book from her. I freeze her and tried to throw her into the volcano.


Autumn: You can kill me. But I have to tell you something.

Ella: What coward?

Autumn: What will you get if you put revenge to someone? Maybe, you can let out your stress. But when you let out the stress, you’ll regret. I know in your heart…you don’t want to kill the TENTEENGIRLS but your angriness, make you loose control. You kill 10 people! And now you want to kill your own friend?

Ella: What is wrong with me? I’m so sorry.


I put her down.


Ella: I’m a crazy girl!

Autumn: You’re not! You only felt mad and didn’t think about kindness.

Ella: I…I…can’t believe. I did this. I kill the TENTEENGIRLS. I promise myself to make them into good girls not kill them! I’m useless. This is what happened to someone that come close to me. They’ll die or even hurt. Autumn…that’s why I don’t want you to leave me. And how could you know I was going to do this?

Autumn: Before going to prom, me and Gary went to a place that can now the future. It says you will use black magic powers to kill the TENTEENGIRLS. I then…took the book. So you wouldn’t use the black magic. But you memorize the ways. I felt guilty. Why didn’t I just agree to use the good magic to turn the TENTEENGIRLS into good peoples?

Ella: It’s not your fault. It’s mine. Autumn I want to die!

Autumn: No, Ella! We can fix this!

Ella: No! We can’t! I’m permanently have evil black magic powers. I only can die! If I’m alive I’ll harm someone else!

Autumn: No!

Ella: I’m sorry. Bye.

I quickly throw the book in the lava hole. Suddenly a chain came out. It was stuck at my foot. It then, pull me into the lava hole. I was falling into the lava. I felt make skin rottening. I also can’t breathe. I saw Autumn was crying her teardrops fall on my nose. Suddenly, I’m floating. Black dust came out from my body. The chains also let me go. I’m flying out from the lava hole. It put me on the floor gently.

‘I’m alive!’ I said. ‘I’m not mute anymore!’ I said. ‘The power gave you a gift!’ autumn said. Both of us hug. We then stop hugging.


‘We need to stop everything!’ I said. She nodded her head. ‘Let me do it.’





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