The Revenge

Ella McGee is a bullied girl. She can't stand it. Until one day, she tries to kill the bullys.


5. Chapter 5

I really felt weird…I’m in a grave!  I quickly came out from there. I can stand up!!!!!! My neck kind of hurts! I think it’s broken. ‘Ouch!’ I said. Wait…I have a voice!  HOORAY!!


   I need to try my powers. Let’s fly…to Spectra Wolf’s house. I float myself to Spectra Wolf’s house. The Revenge is coming!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha….


    I look at the window she was playing with her laptop. ‘Why is it so hot?????’ she said. I need to make myself wet!!

She went to the bathroom. I followed her. She was in bathtub but…she is wearing cloths…I’m really glad. I turn the shower off. She felt weird. She turn it back on. But I turn the water into lava. She screams out loud. She get out from the bathtub. I went in the bathroom. ‘Mute????’ she screams. ‘You’re floating? That’s impossible!’ she said. ‘Nothing is impossible!’ I said. ‘You have a voice?’ she felt shock. She tried to ran away to the door but I make her freeze. I turn off the Lava Shower because the lava is spilling out from the tub. I put her gently into the lava tub. I unfreeze her. She was screaming because she’s drowning. I hear no screaming. I quickly took her out from the tub. Her skin was burned and bloody. I get out from that damned house!


   Next is…Rebecca Steel. This will be a really good and nice revenge.


    I went to her house. Her house was renovating. They are going to build a little house. There were stakes and ropes. Some of the stakes are standing and the others are on the floor. Well above the house…is her room. I also can see her because there’s a window. I got it! I just need to push her from the window and she fell down and she’ll be stab by a stake. This is awesome. I went to her room by go thru only. She was shock to see me. ‘Are you come here for revenge?’ she asked. ‘I am.’ I said. She felt shock. I make her follow my instructions. ‘Jump from the window and fell on the stake. Die!’ I said to her. She only follows. She jump from the window and stabbed by a stake. Her family was screaming when they saw her dead.








      I went to Venus House. She was alone in her house. She was watching TV.  I went to her house. She was shock to see me. ‘Ella…the mute girl???’ she asked. ‘Yup.’ I said. ‘How the hell did you just talk?’ Venus asked weirdly. I saw a big closet. There was nails on it. ‘None of that matters!!!’ I scream. I push her to the closet.  The nails fell down on her head. All of it stabbed at her head. I get out from the house with happiness. ‘Donna Waters and Abbey N. Crow are next. The other ones I’ll do it tomorrow.’ I said to myself.


Donna Waters was at a glass store. It’ll be great!


      She went to the upstairs where no one is there. It’s just her and me. I went in. ‘Surprise!!’ I scream. ‘Mute??’ Donna quickly ran away. ‘Help there’s a ghost!!!’ Donna scream. I threw some glass things to her but she manages to dodge it. I throw every glass at her but she can dodge it. ‘You missed!’ scream Donna to me. I make all the pieces from the broken glasses and stab them at her chest. She screams. Then, I also throw the pieces to her eyes because she threw salt at my eyes. It’s her turn to feel the pain. But her pain is painer. It’ll teach her a lesson. I went away. It’s Abbey’s turn.


       She was in his boyfriend’s car. They were driving at the silent street. I went in front of them. They stop the car. ‘What the hell?’ his boyfriend said. ‘It’s Ella. She’s a ghost! Just keep moving, babe.’ Said Abbey out loud. He drive the car and tried to hit me. I use my power. I turn the car upside down and cut it in half. When it fell on the street, I make it on fire. I left it on fire.





      I went back to my grave to go to sleep. I can’t go in the morning. My skin will burn! I only left Gina, Cleo, Claudia, Laura and Lady Frankie. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can’t wait!


The next day,

     ‘La…la…la…la. Having Fun killing someone!’ I said proudly. It’s 8.00 p.m. It’s really a good time to kill Gina and Cleo. Both of them are at the shopping mall. It’s going to be fun.


     They want to go to the elevator. I quickly put a sign telling them that the elevator is broken. But it’s not. They’re at the 11th floor. So they need to use the creepy stairs. It’ll be perfect! Both of them went to the stairs. ‘This will take forever!’ shout Cleo. Gina lead first. It was like a long time they were at the stairs. Cleo stopped for awhile. Gina kept moving. She’s so far away from Cleo. I quickly went in front of her. She felt shock…like always. ‘Mute?’ she said. I didn’t say anything. I freeze her. Then I push her. Behind her, There was a very sharp handrail. So, the handrail stabbed her. I heard Cleo calling her name. I hide. She screams when she saw Gina’s dead body. She ran away downstairs. I fly and chase her. ‘Ella Ghost!!!’ she scream out loud. There was a door, she run away to it. She open the door and went out. But I kept chasing her. I saw a big electric box. I opened it. I push her into it. I turn on the electricity. She was screaming so loud. She stop screaming…because she’s dead!!!


  Next is Claudia Vondergeist. She’s at the swimming pool. I went to her. ‘This is my illusion. Hi Mute!’ she said laughing. ‘Hi’ I said. ‘You can talk? This is my illusion. Whatever!’ she said. She dive into the pool. I chain her foot using my powers. She was screaming ‘Help!!’ I make a lot of piranhas in the pool. The piranhas all eat her. I went away to Laura’s house.


She was going to the refrigerator. She open the refrigerator. Her refrigerator was SOOOOO big! I think she fits in there. That’s it! I have a great idea.


I went to her. She screams ‘Mute Revenge!!!’ I push her into the refrigerator. I close the refrigerator door tightly. The refrigerator has a temperature controller. It was only 1 Celsius. I turn it into -32.

I run to the window when her mother came. She went to the refrigerator and open the refrigerator door. A lot of water came out and Laura was frozen in an ice cube. Her mother scream out loud.


All her family tried to pull her out from the refrigerator but it was a failure. She was too heavy. The ice cube fell on the floor and broke into pieces. Just like Laura is. She’s also broke into pieces. All her family cry because she’s dead.


The last one,

Lady Frankie Spencer. She was at her washing machine. She was also holding a chemistry acid. I went to her. She said ‘So why do you came here suicide girl?’ She wasn’t afraid of me…at all. ‘To kill you!!!’ I scream. Her eyes rolled when she hear me talking. I make her freeze. I make the chemistry acid into more. I open the washing machine door and throw the chemistry acids. I push her into the washing machine. I close the washing machine door and turn the machine ‘on’. She was spinnimg around & around and also screaming because the acids make her skin bleed and burned. I went out and saw her maid screaming when she saw her dead body in a washing machine.




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