The Revenge

Ella McGee is a bullied girl. She can't stand it. Until one day, she tries to kill the bullys.


4. Chapter 4

Useless Monday,

Everyone was shock seeing my hair red as blood and wavy. ‘Is that you, Ella?’ Autumn asked. I nodded my head. She screams excitedly. ‘You look different but beautiful. Well, I just look nerdy and the same.’ She said. The TENTEENGIRLS were walking at the corridor…flipping their hairs. They look disgusting. I don’t think their pretty; Autumn is prettier, happier and better! Suddenly Gina Yelps the girl who is clever in the group accidently drop a book at the floor. I felt strange cause she didn’t notice. I went to it and took it. It was her diary! I can’t read it! I need to respect someone’s diary. I also have a diary and it’s so secret no one knows. Autumn is the only one who knows and read it. The TENTEENGIRLS can’t read it especially Lady Frankie cause she will know I have a crush on her boyfriend Elvis. Laura Vamps saw me holding her diary. She asks all of them to stop walking. The TENTEENGIRLS felt weird. ‘Gina! I think you just lost your thing!’ Laura said with disgustness. Gina looked at me and felt shock. She screams ‘My Diary!!’ out loud. She went to me and took the diary from me. ‘You skank!!’ she screams. I was going to give the book to her. I wish I could explain to her. I only look at the floor pretend that I’m guilty…but I’m not! I went back to my locker to take my books and my diary. Suddenly Claudia and Cleo push me to the floor. I was going to take my diary but Gina take it from my locker. ‘Everyone!! Do you want me to read Ella’s diary.’ Said Gina out loud. Everyone was screaming ‘Yes!!’ I can’t do anything cause’ Cleo and Claudia were holding my hands so hard…I can’t let myself go!!!

Elvis was walking at the corridor. Oh my god! He’s going to hear what Gina is going to say. ‘18th July 2015. Like always, been bullied by the TENCRAPGIRLS! First, Spectra Werewolf put weird paint at my freaking face. Then, Rebecca Stinks make me and Autumn tripped at the canteen by putting olive oil on the floor. After then, Venus McDonald Duck, mad at me cause’ I didn’t borrow any presents. It’s just a small thing, does she really need to put the cake at my face! Fourth, Donna Water of the stinky drain, asked me to cook fried chicken for her! The chicken was a little overcook and she throws salt at my eyes. I’m glad she’s banned from cooking class. I hate the TENTEENGIRLS! Especially, Lady Frankie. But I have a crush on her boyfriend Elvis. He was a nice guy and always helps me. How can a nice guy dating be with a bad girl? I don’t understand the world is so weird.’ Gina quickly finishes reading. ‘How dare you call my friends like that!’ Gina scream. All of them started to punch me and kicking me. Autumn was going to help me but she also got punched. Miss Jude was at the corridor. She quickly screams at the TENTEENGIRLS. ‘Stop it!!’ she scream. The TENTEENGIRLS stopped. Miss Jude scream  ‘What is wrong with all of you? 8 hours detention!’ All the TENTEENGIRLS sigh. ‘Listen Ella, you will never get Elvis! Until you die!’ scream Lady Frankie at me. Elvis didn’t smile at me anymore. He only went away from me. I really want to cry. My secret, it’s revealed. He already know. Can I stop it? I wish the time could go backwards. I wish I didn’t create a diary or even borrow it to school.


Stupid Tuesday,

      I was just walking to school, alone. Autumn didn’t come to school because she’s ill. Suddenly, Cleo McNeil pulls me to a room. She tied my hand with a rope. All the TENTEENGIRLS were in there. I shook my head a bunch of times to ask them to let me go.


  There was a table full with food like sauce, ketchup and more. There was also a bowl.


   ‘Oh, Ella. I think you’re hungry. Let me give you some food!’ said Cleo. She took the bowl and put ketchup, ice cream, sauce, mint flakes, Cheeros in it. She asks me to eat. I only shook my head. ‘Eat it mute!’ she screams while slapping my face. I nod my head. She took a little bit of the food using a spoon. She put the spoon in my mouth. It taste awful!! I tried to let myself free but Cleo said ‘You’re not going anywhere until this food is done.’ I stayed like a long time in that room. Until they let me go. When I came out from the room, I fainted. The teachers take me to the School Sick Room. The doctor said I was food poisoned. The TENTEENGIRLS must be giving me expired food. I didn’t go to school for two days. I’m really glad I am free do anything at home.



   ‘See? We only left Claudia, Laura and Lady Frankie. Why don’t you move to somewhere else? I think Lady Frankie will bully us even worse because she’s the captain of the group. Let’s stop all of this in a good way. Black Magic can turn wrong.’ Said Autumn. ‘Did you find anyone to become your partner for prom tomorrow?’ asked Autumn. I shook my head. ‘A dress?’ asked Autumn. I nodded my head quickly. ‘Great. I already found a partner for prom.’ Autumn said. I felt shock. ‘My partner is Gary Yeomen. The nerd! It’s not logic my partner is a good-looking guy like Elvis.’ She said. My smile turns upside down when she says ‘Elvis’ name. HE still hates me. No matter what. I can’t find a partner for the prom tomorrow. Why is my life is so complicated!!! I went out from the library while putting back the Black Magic Book back where it came from.


  I went to my locker. I saw Elvis and Lady Frankie fighting.


Elvis: You cheated! What kind of girlfriend are you?

Lady Frankie: Cheat? I didn’t, That guy accidently kisses me!

Elvis: Accidently? Accidently? Is that even logic! I know Deuce and you have a relationship! Tell me something that I don’t know! If you don’t tell me, we’re through. You hear me?!!

Lady Frankie: Deuce!

Deuce: What?

Lady Frankie: Just tell him about us.

Deuce: Both of us…we…don’t…we…just…I…love

Elvis: Can you tell me simpler, man?

Deuce: Both of us are boyfriend and girlfriend. This was a secret relationship for the both of us. Sorry, man.

Elvis: [Nod his head] My girlfriend just cheated with my best friend? We’re through Frankie!

Lady Frankie: Baby, but…

Elvis: Don’t call me baby…It’s disgusting. I knew there is something about both of you! I’m enough.


    How could Lady Frankie do that to him? I’m waiting for him to chase me. What am I talking about? I’m daydreaming again. Stop it Ella! It’s weird!


   I didn’t notice Elvis was looking at me, talking to myself. I went away. ‘Ella!’ Elvis called my name. I rolled my eyes. I look back. He was not smiling. Maybe, something important to talk…but what is it? This is getting weird. I went to him with a weird face. ‘Can you go to prom with me?’ he asked. My jaw’s drop widely. Am I dreaming? I need to wake up! ‘Is-this-a-joke?’ I said using signs.  He shook his head. I only nodded my head that means I agree. He started to smile. I just went away with a calm down face. I went to the bathroom starting to hop like a crazy woman. I finally found a partner for prom and the boy is the one that I love. Maybe my life is not that so complicated.


The next day,

    ‘No way!!!’ Autumn scream. I nodded my head. ‘your partner is Elvis Gabrielle? AHHHH!!!! I’m happy for you! I knew that you’re a lucky chick!’ Autumn said while laughing. I only smile. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I can’t wait for tonight.


The Night that I waiting for,

     I was still in my house getting ready. I wore a pink dress and some floral pattern to make it more beautiful. I make a Rope Twisted Updo Style for my hair. I quickly went to mom’s car to go to school.


   The school hall was crowded. Everyone didn’t notice me. I’m glad. I saw Elvis sitting at the table…WAITING FOR ME? I went to him. I sit down in front of him. ‘You look beautiful.’ He said. ‘You-too.’ I said using signs. ‘You mean I look beautiful?’ he asked with his eyebrow raised. I smiled. ‘No-you-look-very-handsome.’ I said using signs. Everything was quiet for a moment. Elvis quickly stop the silence by saying ‘Do you have a boyfriend, before you move here?’ I shook my head. ‘You don’t know what it feels yet when your love just cheated.’ He said with a sad voice. I look at Lady Frankie. She was…smooching and kissing Deuce…and Ew! I don’t want to look at them again. ‘It’s-okay. Don’t-think-love-is-permanent. Sometimes-love-doesn’t-came-true-…-for-me.’ I said using signs. ‘What do you mean love isn’t true for you?’  he asked an ultimate question. I didn’t do anything I only look at the floor and my shoes. Suddenly, Mister Gail call all of us to dance with our partner. I look at Elvis. He only nodded his head. He took my hand. Both of us stand up and started dancing. I can’t look at his face cause I’m so shy. I only look at the floor. Elvis said ‘you didn’t answer my question. Why?’ I shook my head quickly. He stop asking questions. We both only dance happily. It was a wonderful night. I’ll never forget it until I die. I saw lady Frankie was making a mad face at me. I’m shaking.

Well, Autumn is just happy dancing with Gary.



It’s time for the announcement about the Prom King and Prom Queen. ‘Okay, everyone.’ Mister Gail said. ‘This is the announcement about the Prom King and Prom Queen.’ He says again. ‘Prom King is…Elvis Gabrielle!!!’ Mister Gail said out loud. Elvis went up to the stage and put the crown at his head. ‘Prom Queen is………Lady Frankie Spencer?’ Mister Gail said puzzled. Lady Frankie went up to the stage. She only take the crown from Mister Gail. She put it on her head. She was clapping excitedly. ‘Raymond!!!!!!’ scream Mister Gail at him. Raymond is the one who pick the perfect couple to be Prom king and Prom Queen.


Raymond: yes, Mister Gail?

Mister Gail: You sup post to be picking a couple as Prom King and Prom Queen! Not a girl or a guy from a couple!!!

Raymond: I heard you sir! I was going to pick Elvis and Ella but Lady Frankie as me to write Elvis and Lady Frankie. She’s a Lady. I need to respect her. She also pays me a lot of money.

Mister Gail: Fine, whatever.


I’m sup post to be Prom Queen! Oh no!


   I saw Claudia coming at me while holding a bucket. She said ‘Surprised red paint!’ She quickly threw the red paint at me. Every one in the hall some of them laugh, some of them was shock. ‘Ella!!!’ Elvis yell. He drop his crown on the floor. He went to me and said ‘Are you okay?’ I went out from the hall. It was the worst day of my life! I thought it was a perfect day!


The next day,

  I didn’t see Autumn all day. Where is she? Suddenly I saw her not wearing her usual style for school. She was wearing something that is for going to shopping. She wasn’t wearing sneakers. She wears high-heels. She didn’t holding her backpack. She was just holding a purse. ‘Ella…’ Autumn said softly. I look at her. ‘My dad said, I’m moving today.’ She started to cry. I felt shock. ‘I’m here to say bye. I don’t have much time. Can you help to say bye to Miss Smuk, Miss Jude, Mister Gail, Miss Fawn and the other more teacher. Bye, Ella. I’m going to miss you.’ Said Autumn to me. She went out from the school. She quickly went to her father’s car. I chased her. The car started moving. I can’t chase it. It was too fast. Autumn…why????? Why do you leave me?  I cried. I can’t believe I just lost a best friend. This all the TENTEENGIRLS fault! She wouldn’t move away! This is all because of them!!!!!


   I went back to school. Laura Vamps came to me and slap my face. I fell down. She was holding a rope. She tied the rope at my hand. She took me to the school hall. There was a dunk tank on the stage. I tried to let myself free. I did! I ran away but the TENTEENGIRLS blocked the way. Suddenly, one of Lady Frankie’s bodyguards carry me to the dunk tank. He put me in the smelly dunk tank. If only Autumn was here. She can help me.


     ‘Hello everyone in the Hall!’ said Lady Frankie using her microphone. Everyone in the hall was clapping. ‘Today is a fun day! So enjoy the day.’ Said Lady Frankie. ‘Laura and me is going to throw the ball at the target!’ said Lady Frankie. Laura throws the ball at the target. I fell down to the water. Everyone laughs. The bodyguards put me back at my seat. Lady Frankie is next. She throws the ball at the target. I fell down. I noticed the rope is losing. It’s not waterproof! The rope fall off from my hand. There was also a door. I came to it and quickly get out from the dunk tank. I ran away. I also run away from school and went home. Mom was shock to see me went home early. ‘Ella??’ mom asked. I ignored her. I went to the attic. Mom was following me.


     I took a ladder to reach the attic door. I went in the attic. ‘Ella, what the hell are you doing?’ mom asked. I still ignored her. There was a rope in a box. The attic also has a window. Beside the window there was our family picture hung on a nail. I took it and put it in a box. ‘What did you just do to our family picture?’ mom asked. I tied the rope at the nail. I also tied the rope at my neck. ‘Are you killing yourself!!!!!!!!!!!’ mom scream. Mom went to me. ‘Why are you doing this???????’ mom asked while screaming and holding my hand. I kiss her hand. Tears came out from my eyes. I bye to her. NIET GABLOO! I said to myself. I jump out from the window. I still can hear mom scream ‘NOOO!!!’


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