The Revenge

Ella McGee is a bullied girl. She can't stand it. Until one day, she tries to kill the bullys.


3. Chapter 3

3 months later…We went to the library. You know us nerds, reading books. Then I saw a book. It’s glowing. I quickly took it. The cover book writes “Black Magic”. I open the book. It writes “Open page 88, then you’ll have power to rule this goddamn world.”

I read the page 88. It writes you will have power if you said the word ‘NIET GABLOO’. It also writes there are two ways to have the power


In the good way: Say the word and then nick your index finger. In the bad way: Say the word and then hang yourself

If you want to stop the power, you have to throw this book in a volcano. Only someone who uses this power for a bad way, have a chain stuck to her foot and die with the book.


I’ll do the good way. I’ll change the TENTEENGIRLS into good people. That’ll never cause any trouble. If I do the bad way, trouble will come to say hello!


I went to Autumn. Autumn smiles and said ‘ you found a book! Let me see… A BLACK MAGIC BOOK!’ She felt shocked. I felt nervous and put my index finger at her mouth. Everyone at the library was looking at us. ‘Black Magic?’ Lady Frankie  said. ‘No! What’s wrong with your eardrums! I said a black…guy!’ Autumn said. Suddenly Venus said ‘Listen Keys, I know your white but you don’t need to be racist! Cause I’m black!’ ‘Who says I’m racist! My ex-boyfriend in middle school is black too!’ Autumn explain nervously. ‘Whatever.’ Abbey said. ‘Let’s-go-there-.’ I said using signs. Both of us went there where no one is reading books there. I was going to tell her something but she started screaming ‘Are you crazy? Did someone blow up your brain? You’re an intelligent girl! You know how to think? You’re not an animal! This out of hand! It’s dangerous! I disagree!’ I sighed while hitting my forehead using my hand. ‘You-don’t-get-it-because-I-didn’t-say-anything! I’ve-an-idea-!’ I said using signs. ‘What kind of idea? Let me guess a dangerous one? Listen, I’m not a dumb monkey! I know what’s your idea! You want to use a black magic to the TENTEENGIRLS!’ Autumn said with an I-knew-it voice. I nod my head and said ‘But...-We’re-revenge-them-using-good-powers!’ ‘That doesn’t sound like revenge to me! I’m sorry, I don’t care about it because I’m moving next month.’ Said Autumn. My jaw’s drop widely. ‘Who’s-going-to-be-my-friend-?’ ‘I don’t know, I’m enough being bullied. My father was so mad but the one that bullied me is a lady, my dad would be sued! I’m so glad my dad decides to move! We’ve been bullied like 3 months! Remember 2 months ago!’


Flashback of 2 months ago,

Autumn and I was at the canteen walking to a table. We were holding a tray full with food. We walk by at the TENTEENGIRLS’ table. Suddenly, Rebecca Steel, the daughter of a robot scientist makes us tripped by putting oil on the floor. I felt ashamed because the whole people in the canteen laughed. I went to the toilet fast. I stomp my foot a lot of times. Autumn was following me to the toilet. ‘I’ve been in this school for only one month and been bullied!’ Autumn scream. ‘I-hate-them-!’ I said with signs. ‘I bet tomorrow wouldn’t be a bad day!’ Autumn said while folding her arms.


The next day,

‘Hey nerds!’ suddenly Venus scream to us. Venus is the only black girl in the group. So, she has a high-pitched and annoying voice.


‘What?’ Autumn asked furiously. ‘Today is my birthday! Did you bring gifts?’ she asked. Autumn nodded her head. She unzips her backpack and gave her the gift. It was an eye shadow palette. ‘How about you mute?’ Venus asked. I shook my head while looking at the floor. I forgot! Autumn already told me yesterday! How could I forget?


‘You amnesia mute girl!’ she said while crying, tears falling down from her eyes. She went to his boyfriend and hugs him with sadness. His boyfriend is a jock! He has abs! Yes, the toughest guy in the whole school. ‘ I don’t know what is wrong with you Ella! Maybe that’s what mute people are made for!! Broking someone’s heart!’ her boyfriend or Victor said. Suddenly, Elvis or I’ll say Lady Frankie Spencer’s boyfriend came and asked ‘What’s going on?’ ‘That mute girl didn’t bring my gift!!!!’ shout Venus out loud. ‘It’s just a gift what’s the problem? It’s not important!! You’re not the boss of her! I think saying ‘Happy Birthday’ is a gift.’ Explain Elvis while looking at me…SMILING!! I smiled back and said ‘Happy-Birthday-Venus, may-your-wish-come-true!!!’ using signs. Venus makes a mad face at me and slaps my face. She went to the bathroom.


‘Everything will be fine…’ Elvis said to me. I felt shy but I tried to smile. ‘Thank-you-.’ I said using signs. He only nodded his head. Suddenly, Lady Frankie come to him and pull his hand to take him somewhere that I don’t care!


My cheeks still hurt! I think it turn red. She slap so hard like I’m buzzy bee flying around her. It was Mathematic class. So, I went to the class with Autumn. Autumn didn’t say anything when Venus and I were fighting. She said in the group Venus is the most she hates, second Lady Frankie.


After school,

It was Venus birthday celebration at the corridor. Everyone in the school was all there. ‘Let’s go home! We don’t have time with her crap!’ Autumn said. Venus was holding a microphone and she was looking at me…with a happy face? Suddenly she called me to come and stand beside her. There was big table in front of her. It was full of food but there were two layer cakes? She’s a one hungry monster! She said ‘This is Ella McGee. I want to say thank you for giving me a simple gift and that is saying Happy Birthday! Maybe Elvis is right, saying Happy Birthday is a gift.’ with a smile. I was shocked to hear that!!


She said ‘Here’s your gift!’ She gave me a layer of her cake. Suddenly she pushes the cake to my face. There was a lot of cake at my face. I can’t see anything some of the frostings went to my eyes. I can still hear people laughing at me. I tried to walk but I fell down. Everyone’s laughs were getting higher. I felt so glad Autumn came to me. Both of us went to the toilet like always.


I decided not to come to school tomorrow.


Frustrated Monday,

‘No-Wayyy!!!’ I scream using signs to Autumn. ‘Don’t be so shocked! I know in cooking class you need to be in a group with Donna Waters. She’s a good cooker, I think you both will get an ‘A’.’ Autumn tried to calm me. I only shook my head. I hate her! She’s a queen bee! She’ll make me o the cooking’s while she busy nail polishing her freaking nails! Suddenly, Miss Jude, our cooking teacher said ‘Girls, cooking class is waiting!’ to us. I only swallow my saliva a bunch of times. In the class, Donna Waters were polishing her nails. Like I said! ‘You girls please go to your groups.’ Miss Jude said. I went to sit beside Donna. ‘I can believe I’m stuck with you shy cat mute girl!!’ she said but she wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at her hideous nails!! She thinks her nails are so cute! How come a girl polishes her nail with a lot of colours! It’s weird. ‘Okay everyone today we’re going to make, tacos and burgers. Doesn’t that sound fun?’ Miss Jude said. Everyone shout ‘Hooray!!’  Except Donna and me. I can’t talk! But Donna can! She was busy looking at her nails. Then she says ‘That doesn’t sound fun to me! It’s simple and generic! I don’t like it! I want to skip class!!!’ she scream while hitting the table with her hands. ‘Calm down, Miss Waters.’ Said Miss Jude with panic. Miss Waters? I know she’s Donald Trump’s granddaughter…but I think you should call her Miss Weirdo! Hahaha…that sounds better. ‘How about…I mean what do you want to cook?’ asked Miss Jude. ‘Nothing!!! I don’t want to cook any crap today!!!’ she scream and still looking at her nails. What is really good with her nails?


‘What’s your favourite food?’ Miss Jude asked while stepping backwards. ‘Fried Chicken…’ she said. ‘Do you want to cook that?’ Miss Jude asked. She nodded her head.

Come on! Fried Chicken isn’t that hard to cook! No wonder she nodded her head! Queen Bee!! I hate her but I still love Donald Trump’s books and her beautiful daughter Ivanka Trump, or I’ll say Donna’s mother.

‘Okay, everyone. Donna and Ella are going to make Fried Chicken while you all make Tacos and burgers! It’s that okay?’ said Miss Jude excitedly. Everyone nod his or her heads.

I felt relieved because I’m going to make something easy today and…of course she ask me to do it by myself while she busy eating it!! I just want to strangle her right now!! ‘Ella! You need to go to the canteen to ask chickens. I nodded my head and went to the canteen.


A few minutes later,

I went back to the class. I went to the table where Donna busies sitting doing nothing. There was a big plate with vegetables and fruits. Beside the table, there were salt, pepper and mint flakes. ‘Help-me’ I said using signs. She says ‘I don’t care! You need to do it for me!! Slave!’ while making a mad face at me. Then, she continues looking at her nails!! I went to Miss Jude that was busy teaching the class. ‘Where’s-the-oven?’ ‘It’s in the school store.’ She says. I went to the store to get the oven. Then, I came back to class. I search for a plug to plug the oven. There was a plug…beside…Elvis. Ella! Stop Daydreaming!!! I quickly went to the plug. Elvis only smiles at me…I smile with a fake smile because Miss Jude is shouting his name but he didn’t notice so…I point my index finger to Miss Jude. He felt shock when Miss Jude scolding him. It was so funny and awkward. I wish his my boyfriend. He’s with the wrong girl. LADY FRANKIE SPENCER!!!

When I fried the chicken, I wait a few minutes. Until I fell asleep. Suddenly, I hear Miss Jude scream my name. I quickly wake up. ‘Did you finish cook the chickens?’ Miss Jude. I quickly went to the oven and turn it off. When I took out the chickens from the oven, it was a little overcook. Elvis said ‘It smell delicious. Can I have some?’ I smiled while shook my head. I quickly took the chickens to the table. Then, I put some carrots, onions and more! I put some pepper and salt. Mint flakes kind of weird with chickens. Whatever! I quickly gave the plate to Donna. Donna only makes a disgust face at the food. ‘It’s overcook! I don’t want it! You stupid mute!’ she scream. Suddenly she took the salt and throws the salts to me. The salts went to my eyes. It hurts so badly! I only hit the table a few times. I only close my eyes and my hands are also at my eyes. I accidently fell down on the floor. Donna is the only one was laughing. The rest of them are not because they’re my friends. The other TENTEENGIRLS didn’t take cooking class. Donna is the only one. ‘Waters! How dare you do that! Elvis! Go to the headmaster office and take a first aid-kit!’ scream Miss Jude. Elvis nodded his head and went to the Headmaster’s office. ‘Did you just call me Waters? I think you should call me Miss Waters!’ Donna said. ‘I am not afraid with you Donald Trump’s naughty-queen bee granddaughter! You’re just a student! You disgrace the Trump family’s name!!’ said Miss Jude. Suddenly Miss Jude came to me and helps me to stand up. ‘Donna Waters! You’re banned to be in my class! You’re just an embarrassing thing!!’ Miss Jude say out loud. Donna started to cry. ‘Fine!!’ Donna scream. ‘You’re a worse teacher!!’ she continues saying. She then took her bag and went out from the class. Elvis went to the class with a first aid-kit. ‘Ella sit down.’  Miss Jude said. I sit down on my chair. Elvis put the first aid-kit on the table and opened it. Elvis took out a medicine that can heal my pain. He put it in my eyes. I stomped my foot at the floor. It’s making my eyes even more pain. ‘Ella, open your eyes.’ Miss Jude said. I open my eyes. ‘Oh my god! It’s red!’ Autumn scream. The rest of them were busy making tacos but Autumn took their attentions to me. ‘I think we should put water in her eyes.’ Mike said, a friend of mine. ‘You’re right.’ Miss Jude said. ‘Gimme your water bottle.’ Elvis said. Mike lends his water bottle at Elvis. Then, Elvis poured the water at my eyes. I wish I scream but I don’t have a voice so I only cry. ‘Next time, pour it gently dude!’ Mike said. ‘If you’re smart enough then do it coward!’ Elvis said. ‘Both of you please stop it!’ scream Miss Jude. ‘Ella are you okay?’ asked Miss Jude. I shook my head. ‘We need to put a bandage at your eyes but you need to rest at home. I shook my head quickly. ‘You don’t want a bandage at your eyes? You just want to go home?’ 2 questions in one time from Miss Jude. ‘I-don’t-want-to-go-home. I-want-to-stay-at-school!’ ‘You can’t! It’ hard for being in class with a bandage at your eyes! If you want to stay at school…you can rest at the School Sick Room.’ Miss Jude said. I nodded my head. Miss Jude put a bandage at my eyes and sends me to the School Sick Room. I sleep in the room.


The next day,

‘I-just-buy-a-new-novel-that-was-written-by-Stephen-King!’ ‘What is it?’ Autumn asked. I showed her the book. She screams ‘FINDERS KEEPERS!!!’ excitedly. ‘I really want this book so freaking bad. Stephen King’s books are awesome. I have a collection of his books. I only don’t have “The Shining”, “Carrie”, “The Stand”, “The Green Mile”, “The Dead Zone”, “Pet Sematary”, “The SHAWSHANK Redemption” and “Misery”. I already watched them. I love so much The Dark Tower series, it’s the best!’ explain Autumn excitedly. I only smiled. ‘You know, I’m so mad because that Donna Waters threw salt at your eyes. What the heck? She thinks she’s a pharaoh or a Cleopatra in Egypt?’ Autumn said while dancing like an Egyptian. I only smile. She is a funny friend. ‘Ha-ha… really funny!!’ Suddenly Donna said. ‘It’s all your fault McGee! I was banned in cooking class! It’s my dream being a cooker!!!’ scream Donna. ‘First, you deserve from being banned in cooking class. Second, You didn’t even cook! All you care is your stupid nails!! They don’t look beautiful it look weird and hideous!’ autumn said it bravely. She’s so brave even if she’s been bullied. I wish I’m like her. Brave enough to tell mom and dad what happened at school.

Everyone was looking at us. Donna cover-lined it.

‘Your green sparkling nails are more hideous then mine!’ Donna said while walking away from us. ‘But I’m not wearing any nail polish.’ Autumn said awkwardly. Everyone at the corridor doing back his or her business. ‘It’s Science Class. Come let’s go.’ Autumn says with boringness. We both hate science.


YEAH!!! Miss Smuk didn’t come today because she went back to Germany because her mother ask her to come home so…Mister Azalea was in our class…sleeping because he is a Physical Education teacher how could he teach us science?


Everyone in the class was so noisy. They even play with the potions! Suddenly, Abbey N. Crow came to me, holding a green potion. ‘Your hair look messy today. You want me to help? This potion can! I used it just now, my hair look very new. You want to try Ella?’ said Abbey happily while smiling like joker at me. I nodded my head. She poured the potion at my hair. Suddenly my hair turn curly and big. Everyone laughed at me. Abbey is the one who is laughing so hard, she also cried because it was so funny for her. I’m glad next week is Spring Break. I can fix my hair!


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