The Shopping Mall Massacre



5. To the Shopping Mall



‘This is weird!’ I said. ‘Why?’ Simon asked.

‘We got a DNA of a kid but my sister said the killer that calls is a guy!’ I said. This is mind-blowing! I hate it! ‘I think the guy just pranked your sister.’ Simon said. ‘I almost forgot to tell you! There were weird writings at my Hotel room. It writes, “Your blood should be on the floor”, “I have a mood to kill all of you”, “Want to die? If you want to, let me help you die” and “ isn’t it fun to die…” When the killer called my sister he said “isn’t it fun to die…” So, I think he’s the killer too.’ I explained. ‘Maybe we have two suspects.’ Simon said. I sighed.





‘I want 3McChickens. 1 big French-fries.

3 medium soft drinks.’ I said. ‘ How much?’

I asked. ‘$ 9.63’ he said. I unzip my purse and took out some money from it. Then, I gave the money to the guy.


6 minutes later,

The food was done. The food was put on a tray. I just took the tray to the table, where Zoe and May sits.


    We ate and laughed a lot. 30 minutes later, we went back to the hotel.


    When we were walking back to the hotel, I saw Harry crying…? We all went to him. ‘Harry what’s the matter?’ May asked. ‘The killer kills my brother! That killer is a freaking bastard! He’s a slut! He’s a moron! I will never, ever, ever going to forgive him! He’s just bunch of crap!!!!’ he scream. ‘ Where is him?’ Zoe asked. ‘I buried him at the graveyard.’ He said. ‘I felt so sorry of you.’ I said. ‘Thanks for the money, yesterday.’ He said. ‘ Your welcome.’ I said. ‘Come on, let’s g back to the hotel. We’re going to shop a lot of things!’ Zoe said. ‘Bye, Harry.’ I said.



  In the room,

‘Told you!’ May said to me. ‘Told what?’ I asked.

‘Harry’s brother isn’t the killer!’ May said. ‘You win this time!’ I said. ‘ I can’t wait to go to shopping mall. I want to buy high heels, boots, T-shirts and dresses. AHHH!!! Can’t wait!’ I said. ‘I want to buy make-ups, eye shadows, lipsticks and foundations, contour kits and more!’ May said happily. ‘I’m going to buy some foods, decorations for my room, pillows, teddy bears and more!’ Zoe said. ‘I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!’ all of us said at the same time. We laughed. After that, all of us take a bath.



Both of us went to each house that is near the shopping mall. There were 5 houses.

1st house:

‘Do you have a son?’ I asked. ‘No, I’m single. Want to hang out?’ he said. GROSS! ‘NOO!’ I said.


2nd house:

‘Do you have a child?’ I asked. ‘I do! They all are girls.’ He said. ‘Never mind.’ I said.


3rd house:

‘Can you tell me about your kids.’ I said. ‘Sure. I have two kids. They are twins. They are boys.’ He said. ‘What are their names?’ I asked. ‘Heath Adams and Jordan Adams.’ He said. That was a close one!  ‘Never mind.’ I said


4th house:

‘Do you have a kid?’ I asked. ‘I do. They all already graduated.’ He said. ‘Never mind’ I said again


5th house:

‘What’s your kid’s name?’ I asked. ‘KEVIN, TIM, STUART, CARL, JERRY AND BOB ’. I sighed

‘I gave up!’ Simon said. ‘No!! We’re not giving up! No matter what! We need to search this kid in every house!’ I said. Simon only nodded his head. ‘This party ain’t over yet!’ I said.




All of us were ready to go to the shopping mall. May was wearing a cute plain purple dress. She tied a red ribbon at her blonde curly hair. She is also with a side ponytail. She wears green high heels. There’s also a red slid bag hanged at her shoulder. Zoe is with her short wavy red hair. She wears a turquoise tanks and wears white-black leggings.  She wears sneakers and just holding a white and green purse. I am with plaits because it will be beautiful with my brown hair. I am wearing light blue jeans and white tanks. I matched my white tanks with a white cloth jacket. All of us were excited. Awesome!!!!


At the shopping mall,

We went to the Make Up Store first. It’s May’s idea.




May ran into the store. ‘Do you have a basket?’ May asked the woman that is at the counter. She nodded her head and showed her the basket. 

‘This the list for my make up things’ May said.


Foundation (Olay or make up forever) Concealer (Clinique or L’Oreal Paris) Contour Kit Highlights  (Smash box) Eye shadows palette Lipstick (orange, red and pink) False eyelashes Eyebrow pencils (Yellow) Lip liner Eyeliner (Maybelline) Nail polishes (All colours)


‘These are a lot of things to buy.’ I said. ‘ Come on, let’s go!!!’ May said. She was only look at the things and she quickly took it. She didn’t follow the list. She buy a foundation brand name NAPS! She didn’t buy Olay or L’Oreal Paris. Whatever! It’s her make up things. She finally finished shopping her make up things. She went to the counter and the price is $465.89! It’s fine. At least, she’s afforded to buy it!



We went to the dress store.


The black and pink dress is adorable!!! All of the dresses are beautiful. I want all of it!

I picked the black-pink dress, fluffy green dress, dark blue dress, white-yellow dress and more! I’m in heaven! Everything is awesome!! I want all of them.




We went to Super Target. Zoe buys a lot of food such as CHEEZELS, TWISTIES, TWIGIES, and ICE-CREAM AND MORE. Next, we went to the decoration store. Zoe buys some beautiful floral wallpaper. She also buys a pillow that is an owl! It’s so cute!!!


Like 4 hours later,

We went dinner at Old Time White Coffee. ‘ I can’t believe we’re going back to the hotel after this dinner.’ May said with a frown. ‘Good things need to end no matter what.’ I said. ‘So, May just enjoy your delicious chicken, Okay?’ Zoe said. May only nodded her head. Where is Hilary?




‘I’m not giving up yet!!’ I said out loud. Simon was making a mad face at me. ‘Hilary, this is enough!! Where never going to find that kid!’ Simon said. ‘Stop giving up so fast! IT’s only 4 hours!’ I said. ‘Okay!’ Simon said.


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