The Shopping Mall Massacre



6. There's a killer!??!?!?!?!??!?


‘Come on, let’s go home.’ I said. When we were on the way to the hotel. Suddenly, all the lights at the shopping mall turned off with no reason. I heard someone scream. I think it was May. So, I said ‘May stop panicking!’ I said. ‘I didn’t scream just now!’ May said. ‘Then, who the hell just scream like an idiot?’ I asked. ‘It was I…’ Zoe said. Well, that was unexpected.

‘We can just get out from here. Let’s just use our cell phones as a flashlight ‘ I got all I need when I got you and I...’ Zoe sing song “Flashlight- Jessie J” ‘that was so 2015!!’ May said. ‘Who cares! It’s still my Jam’ Zoe said. ‘Guys, we’re almost at the door. Let anyone else freak out or screaming but we need to get out from here’ I said.


We arrived at the automatic sliding door. It was close. It’s broken. We tried to open it but it’s stuck!! ‘We are trapped!! There’s no other way out!!’ I said. ‘Call, Hilary.’ May said. I checked my cell phone but there’s n line or Wi-Fi. Life will be the worst without a Wi-Fi. Suddenly a guy that was running everywhere came to us and said ‘we’re doomed! The battery pizza cutter is going to kill us!!’ He went away. ‘CRAP!!!’ all of us said at once. ‘MOMMMY! I need my mommy!!’ May scream. ‘If only we get out from this Shopping Mall real fast!! HILARY!! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!!!’ I Said. ‘Let’s try to hit the door with something hard!’ Zoe said. ‘It’s plastic!!’ I said.


‘We got to figure out something.’ May said. ‘Figure out what? There’s nothing to do! All that matters that we’re alive!’ Zoe said. ‘How about we go to the 11th floor?’ I said. ‘There’s nothing at the 11th floor! And it’s so dark right now!’ Zoe said. ‘It’s not that dark. I can see your face without using a light!’ May said. ‘The bodyguards stay at the 11th floor! They have a security system. They also have a controller for the door! But I don’t know what happened to them. Come on! Guys, do you want to get out from here?’ I said. They nodded their heads. ‘Then come on!’ I said.


Both of them only followed me to the elevator. We went in the elevator. May pushed the button 11. ‘Just don’t freak out.’ I said. They again nodded their big heads. The elevator door opened. I’m shaking. What weird things would happen? I feel there’s a lump in my throat. I want to scream out loud.


There was a door in front of us. Zoe opened it. We didn’t see any bodyguards. The security system only make a weird sounds that are so loud. The controller for the door is broken. Maybe…. The killer broke it with his battery pizza cutter thing. There was a closet behind me. I opened it and…all of us scream out loud.


IT’S THE BODYGUARDS DEAD BODY!! There was a lot of blood at their chests. I quickly close the closet’s door with a panic deep breath. I saw a kid standing beside Zoe holding a battery pizza cutter. ‘ZOE!!!!’ I scream. Zoe was extremely shocked and quickly ran to me. ‘We meet again, Idiots!!’ he screams. He chased us. All of us ran back to the elevator. May accidently tripped at the floor. I helped her. Zoe already went to the elevator but she pushed the open door button. May and me quickly ran and get in to the elevator. Zoe quickly pushed the close door button. The door closed slowly until the kid manages to chase us. The door was almost closed but the kid put his hand between the doors. He tried to push the door opened. Zoe tried to push the close door button a few times while May is screaming out loud. I kick the kid’s hand. I kick his hand a few times than the hand wasn’t stuck at the door anymore. We are in the elevator safely. ‘That was a nightmare! We need to warn everyone that is stuck in this shopping mall.’ I said. Zoe nodded her head. May was crying. ‘May, stop crying! We don’t need to panic! Panic isn’t the key for us to get out from here! Our key is to kill the battery pizza cutter killer.’ I said. ‘We’re just bunch of girls and teenagers! We don’t fight bad guys! We only cared about looks, books and that what is a girl made! They don’t this kind of things!’ Zoe said. ‘Who says girls can’t be like boys? Like an example: Hilary! She’s stronger than boys! She won Jujitsu and Kung Fu. She fought a boy!! Who says girls are just pretty things? That is wrong!!

Wrong, wrong, wrong! W-R…’ I didn’t finished my sentence Zoe said ‘that’s enough! We get it. You kind of being over-the-top.’ I only shut up. The elevator door opened. Some of the people already lying down on the floor…BLOODY! Some of the people where running in panic because the kid. The kid is already downstairs. Maybe, he ran using the stairs. Whatever! We need to run!


‘We need to go to a weapon store!’ I said. ‘Okay’ May said. Everyone was running like cowards!!


The kid was so cruel! He just kills anyone that is in front of him! NO matter who it is! Even an old man! All of us ran as fast as we can. The kid saw us. HE chases us. We all ran as fast as we can. HE was running so fast. He almost nicks May’s thighs with his battery pizza cutter. ‘What do we do?’ Zoe said. ‘Throw something!’ I said. There was a flowerpot beside May. May quickly took it and throws it at him. Bull’s-eye! She throws it right to his damn little head! We ran to the weapon store.


At the weapon store,

May took a lot of knives. Zoe took a sword. I took a big sniper.


‘Come on, let’s go!’ I said. We went to another place. We hide somewhere in a room.


When we went into the room,

There was someone else. It was a guy. He was kneeling at the ground. I asked ‘Who are you?’ at him. He said ‘Harry James Macleod.’ to me. ‘Why are you here?’ May asked.


‘I felt kind of bored. So, I went here. I’m alone. My brother is dead. I also come here to kill the killer. He’s unforgivable!!  My brother didn’t do anything! What is my brother’s fault? What is it?’ He said. Why am I becoming emotional right now? This is weird.


‘Guys, I need to go to the toilet. I want to wash my dirty hands’ May said. ‘Be careful, if the killer attacks you, just use your knife.’ I said.



I went to the door and then get out from the room. There were a lot of people already die. I’m freaking out right now. I can’t breathe!

I only tiptoed to the toilet. I’m scared if the killer comes to me. Calm down May. Finally, I reached the toilet. When I open the toilet door, the killer was there!! He’s busying killing other peoples that are in the toilet! The killer saw me!! I ran away. I was going to go back to the room but the killer will know that Zoe, Holly and Harry are in there! I ran to the elevator. I went in and push the 2nd floor button.


I’m now surviving alone! Great! Zoe, Holly, help me!! I cried. What weird things would happen to them? If only I didn’t go to the toilet! I don’t need to be so hygienic. It’s just dirty hands! I’ve guilt in myself! I can’t forgive myself!! The elevator door opened. There was no killer just a lot of people sitting on the floor having a meeting.


I went to them and asked ‘Where do I find food?’

One of them said ‘Get lost! We’re having a meeting about this killer. After the meeting, will give you food. Now, go away.’


That’s it! I’m enough. I took my knife and pull that guys hand. ‘TELL ME, WHERE IS THE DAMN FOOD?’ I asked. ‘Okay, okay I’ll show you!’ he said. He takes me to a restaurant. He gave me a burger. ‘You can go now!’ I said to him. He ran away from me. That’ll teach him a lesson.


Wait… What is wrong with me?

What have I done? Did I just lose myself? Where is the old me? I don’t have a mood to eat a burger right now! I need to save Holly and Zoe from the killer but…how? I’m a coward!! I ‘m scared of everything. What am I going to do?

Maybe… I can bring them food! I am at a restaurant! I can pick any food for them.


Hot dog for Zoe, Chicken for Holly and Anchovies bun for Harry! Burger for me!!

Okay, now, where should I go?

Downstairs? But there’s a killer?

Do I need to sacrifice myself or just save my life?

This is complicated!! Someone help me!


I think I should sacrifice myself but I can’t do that alone! I need some of these people’s help. Do I need a boy’s help or a girl’s help or all of their help? Okay, I need to tell all of them.


I went to the place where the people are having a meeting. ‘Can I talk? Your meeting is just waste of time!’ I said. ‘ We are wasting time? We are planning what we will do next!’ the leader of them said. ‘Let me guess. Running, Running and running!’ I said. ‘Yup!’ all of them said.

‘You know, running is not the key of surviving. The key of surviving is being brave! Fight the killer and save people that are in trouble! Running is for DAMN COWARDS!! So who is with me?’ I said out loud. All of them rise up their hands except for the leader. ‘Why aren’t you rise up your hands?’ I asked. ‘Fighting the killer? Are you crazy? We’re victims! Not fighters!’ he said. One of them said ‘Denzel, we’re tired of running! It’s time to do new things!’ All of them nodded their heads. ‘So what do you say, Denzel Washington?’ I said with a chuckle. ‘It’s Denzel! Fine, I’ll follow you. Here is a walkie-talkie. How about we divide in to 2 groups?’ said Denzel. I took the walkie-talkie from him and agree dividing us to groups. ‘What’s your name?’ he asks me. ‘My name is Amanda Affleck but people call me May.’ I said. ‘Okay, girls follow May while boys follow me. It’s time to kill a killer!’ he said. 

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